Disney Infinity Review

What happens when one of the most famous production houses in the world decides to put all its intellectual properties in a box, mix them well and create a video game? From this mix, after three years of development by Avalanche Software, it was born Disney Infinity, the definitive game for every lover of the Disney universe, finally landed on the shelves last September 5th.
Infinity is THE absolute Disney game in many ways, starting with the possibility of mixing all the biggest IPs present and past, like Wreck-It Ralph or Jack Skellington, with future ones like Frozen, and the new Marvel and Lucas Arts purchases; up to a rich and deep and expandable editor from output to output.
Yes, because the Disney Infinity adventure does not stop after completing the game but is expandable in many different ways, turning the title into a platform for the next Disney games.

Tested Version: PlayStation 3

The Game comes to life

In all game versions there is everything you need to fully enjoy, and get to know, the world of Disney Infinity. In the Starter Pack, in addition to the game disc, we find the Door to the World, a special base on which we could place one of the three "starting" figurines depicting three heroes of the Disney universe: Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga , the gigantic James P. Sullivan, called Sulley from Monsters University and the Herculean Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles. The contents of the Starter Pack are closed by a special transparent token, containing the three worlds of the heroes, and an Extra Power Token (which we will discuss below).
By connecting the Door of the World to our console, unfortunately only via USB, we will be immediately catapulted into the Toy Box, a real theater and stage of Infinity; after an introduction of which we do not anticipate anything in order not to ruin the magic, we will be asked to place one of the figurines on the magic door. So we see our character come to life on screen, as Activision's Skylanders did for the first time two years ago but, unlike Spyro's little monsters, this time we're talking about Disney heroes, so everything is surrounded by a halo of magic and a light veil of nostalgia.
From the Toy Box we can at any time, after placing the transparent pawn mentioned above, travel to one of the three basic worlds of Disney Infinity: each of them is a game in its own right, lasting about ten hours, set in the universe of the character himself. We will therefore find ourselves attending the courses of Monsters University in the company of Sulley (and why not, also with Mike and Randall if we decide to buy their respective statuettes as I did, ndGuido) and find ourselves involved in a tournament between universities, made up of jokes, paintball and bike racing. Or we can join Mr. Incredible and his family (sold separately) to defend Metroville from Syndrome and his androids, amidst explosions and ferocious, action-packed combat with almost no respite. Finally we will be able to sail to the Caribbean in the company of Jack Sparrow in search of a mysterious treasure, after having bought a suitable ship, we will find ourselves facing Davy Jones' fish men with sword slashes, pistol shots and explosive grenades. Each adventure is a game in its own right, with few things in common such as the objective list, the exclusive collectibles that can be transferred to the Toy Box and the Special Challenges; all this will make each world a different experience, which can be completed in at least ten hours depending on the player's ability. If we didn't have enough, we will be able to expand our collection of worlds with two extra Playsets, in fact, together with the Starter Pack, on sale in the shops you will find the World of Cars, where the goal is to win as many races as possible and make Radiator Springs the perfect city. , and the World of The Lone Ranger, this summer's Disney movie, where you can ride thoroughbred steeds and shoot outlaw criminals. Each additional Playset contains two characters and a transparent token, the whole works as a physical DLC, but at the same time it is as if it were a new game with its own gameplay and story that is added to Disney Infinity.
Jason Richards, the Lead Designer of Avalanche Software, has assured that Disney Infinity will continue to grow and expand, thanks to the fact that each world works sextant from the others, and when a developer gets an idea about a certain world, it can enter. to be part of the Toy Box, for example in October the Toy Story Playset will arrive in stores, as well as several new characters that will be added to those already available. The only negative note is the presence of only recent films among the playable worlds at the moment, we would not have disdained Playset of Aladdin or The Lion King, but no one knows what Infinity will reveal to us in the coming years and, above all, no one forbids us to create them. ourselves…

Welcome to the Toy Box

... thanks to the Toy Box which, in addition to being the launching pad to the various worlds and the Heroes Gallery (where we will find all the details of our miniatures and extra-power tokens in our possession) is a huge, fully editable sandbox, a direct evolution of the one seen a couple of years ago in the Toy Story 3 video game. If in the game based on the Pixar masterpiece we could limit ourselves to positioning the buildings and modify them as we wanted, the Infinity Toy Box takes a step forward, adding an editor of complete levels and above all the possibility to put your content online with all gaming platforms. It is therefore up to us to use the more than a thousand objects found in the worlds or inside the game box itself to create our world, a bit like in Little Big Planet but much more accessible to players of all ages. The different pieces can fit together thanks to a system of blocks, which will indicate where you can or cannot place the chosen object. Thanks to the useful tutorials, the little ones will learn to give free rein to their imagination, creating levels that can be explored with any character and merging the different worlds together (which with good reason cannot be done in the worlds of the Classic mode), and here is a Perry the Platypus competing aboard Cinderella's carriage against Toy Story's Woody on a weight-propelled Skateboard from The Incredibles. After creating our world, we will be able to submit it to Avalanche Software, which will evaluate if the content is suitable for the Disney audience, and consequently will publish it in a downloadable list from the main game menu; as already said, the platform on which we develop it will be indifferent, if it passes the test, it will be published indiscriminately in each version of the game.
The Toy Box is addictive, grabbing the player in a magical grip as only the Disney universe can do: experimenting with the toys obtained or simply destroying and modifying what one has built, time will pass almost without you noticing. Speaking of environmental changes, the Hexagonal Extra-Power Tokens come into play that allow you to change the textures of objects (for example by giving them the candy theme of Sugar Rush by Wreck-It Ralph) or to add special Toys, such as Stitch's Laser Gun or Abù of Aladdin in elephant version.
The Toy Box is certainly the strong point of Disney Infinity, aware of the fact that thanks to the toys that can be recovered in the various present and future Playsets, it will be able to continue to grow dramatically, increasing the already infinite possibilities of creation.

One, two, four players

Disney Infinity is primarily based on platforming mechanics: in the Playset of the Starter Pack, the player will mainly have to jump, climb and fight the many and different opponents, exploring the vast areas of the game. It will happen that you have to use a car or a helicopter, ride Archie the scary pig, navigate the open sea and use a bike to do stunts, all with proper tutorials and intuitive controls, except for cars. First of all thanks to a driving system not calculated to perfection, followed by a translated tutorial (to activate the turbo press R3, when in reality you have to push it forward ndGuido) the driving of vehicles is rambling and unnerving, at least until you do the but no; obviously we do not know if the same driving defects are also present in the Cars Playset, sold separately, but we will inform you in due course.
Moving on to the multiplayer sector, Infinity is playable in local co-op, in split-screen, two players can fight each other inside the Toy Box using the character they prefer, or they can team up to overcome the adventures of one of the Worlds, but in this case, they will have to use two characters from that universe ; if you intend to face the classic mode with a friend, with your little brother or with your girl who loves disney movies, you will have to recover another figurine sold separately.
In online multiplayer the situation is similar, except that the constraint is extended to the people on your friends list, and the maximum number of players has increased to four, however, the possibility remains to create a track in the Toy Box and compete with three others. friends, even if the figurines belonged to different worlds.

The Talking Toy

The Disney Infinity graphics department is designed to make everything toy, every detail and smallest object is made entirely of toys. The polygonal models of the characters are designed to blend together with the same style, although the atmospheres of the various worlds of the Starter Pack are different. Although not excellent from a qualitative point of view, the result is still pleasant and does not create discomfort, especially for how the toy comes to life from the figurine we placed in the house to the virtual Toy Box in our console. The virtual heroes are rendered almost as good as their physical counterparts: noteworthy, for example, are the movements of Jack Sparrow, who will stagger as if he were always drunk, or the sure-footedness of Barbossa.
Thanks to a chip placed under the base, the statues are transportable in other game versions, maintaining powers and abilities, and even memorizing the level of experience obtained, as indeed the Activision Skylanders: the substantial difference lies in the quality of the figurine. Studied and treated in detail, just think of Mike's braces, the miniatures are masterfully painted and, for Disney fans, they prove to be a collector's item and another game in the game.
A round of applause must certainly be given to the dubbing of the title: in the cast of Infinity there are in fact all the official voice actors of the films present. No change of voice for the characters of Johnny Depp, voiced by the excellent Fabio Boccanera, or for Sulley who keeps the voice of Saverio Indrio; but the care of the dubbing is not limited to the protagonists, even the secondaries have kept the voice actors of their respective films, such as Don Carlton of Monster University.
A great work by Disney performed so as not to break the magic that connects the films to the videogame, all correlated with background songs taken from the works proposed or remastered for the occasion.
The only problem with Infinity from a technical point of view is found in the uploads: although the change between one figurine and another is almost instant, the game offers long loading screens between one world and another, probably due to the vastness of the game areas and the large amount of textures present, nothing tragic but in the long run slightly annoying.

So we come to the prices: although to enjoy the adventures of Disney Infinity you just need the Starter Pack (on sale at € 69,90 for PS3,360, Wii U and € 59,90 for Wii and 3DS) if you want to expand the experience of game you can find two additional Playsets The Lone Ranger and Cars (already mentioned above) at the recommended price of € 29,90 each. There are also two packs of three characters each. always at € 29,90 containing one the enemies (Randall, Davy Jones and Sindrome) and the other friends (Mike, Barbossa and Mrs. Incredibile), in addition to the single characters for € 12,50.
The physical counterparts are closed by the sealed envelope packages containing two extra power tokens at the recommended price of € 4,99.
A nice expense that at least for the miniatures is counterbalanced with the quality of the product, far superior to the competitors: it still remains a good amount for the pockets, and a product that focuses only on a specific target.

Verdict 8/10 A threat to the wallet Comment Disney Infinity hits the target. Capture the little ones and all Disney fans thanks to the figurines and a rich and vast editor. Although not free from defects, the title proves to be a more than excellent alternative to Skylanders, offering much more and much better. In the hours of gameplay I faced, I identified with a monster, I was a superhero and I sailed around the Caribbean. While waiting for the new Playset and characters (above all, Perry the Platypus and Mickey Mouse Apprentice Sorcerer, ndGuido) I will spend my free time between games to explore the features and experiment with new constructions in the Toy Box. The only limit is the imagination ... and the wallet! Pros and cons Virtually infinite
All original voice actors of Disney characters
Addictive Toy Box ... x ... But it might bore the less creative
x Inexplicably long uploads between levels
x Driving system to be reviewed

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