Destiny 2 Special, an introductory guide on how to get started

Intro to Destiny 2 - Shared Accounts and Progress

Understand how to get started to play Destiny 2 it wasn't easy at all. I was there, inert in front of the screen for the review of Shadowkeep, to fix the endless list of companies. A universe of possibilities unfolded as much in front of me as to veterans and simple curious, now motivated more than ever by the existence of the free-to-play version, Destiny 2 New Light.

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Destiny 2 FAQ - 10 Things to Know and Know guide how to start the adventure on Destiny 2 it is aimed precisely at newbies, or simply at the new Titans, Hunters or Warlocks to whom one of the three available slots can be assigned. Bungie's title features a cross-save function, where to collect the progress of the game on the various platforms there is the account. Each of them can hold up to three distinct Guardians, which consequently correspond to three different games. Campaigns and various types of progress at the level of in-game activities are linked to the single Guardian, but it is good to highlight the presence of numerous elements related to the account.

The inventory, as well as the number of Glimmer, Legendary Shards, Luminous Dust etc. is shared by all the Guardians, which also have the option of passing Specters, Goshawks, ships and above all weapons - unlike armor, which is unique for each class - through the Deposit. As there are no usage requirements, a lv. 900 weapon can be safely equipped and used by a newly created Guardian, of lv. 750. In common are also the progress in the level of the season pass and certain achievements, such as those related to obtaining some weapons.

Including the first three historical expansions (The Red War, The Curse of Osiris and the Warring Mind), even the owners of the New Light version alone will have a lot to do.

Which class to choose in Destiny 2 - Guardians

You know, life is a succession of choices. And that of the class is often a worry for the gamer, who in this case, however, finds himself a significantly sweetened pill.

The important thing is not who to be, but how you want to play

Destiny 2 proposes three distinct classes - Titan, Hunter and Sorcerer -, where the clear invitation is to have one per slot. A variety of gameplay also supported by the presence of three sub-classes, one for each element - of the Void, Arc and Solar -. From the character management menu it is possible to change the sub-class at any time, as well as i three branches available for each of them, which can modify the actual abilities. Each of the Guardians can also count on the choice of three types of grenades and glides, which together with the peculiar skill of the class open up to a wide range of different playing styles.

The choice of the Titan or the Sorcerer winks at a style of play oriented towards collaboration with other players. The former can in fact evoke a large shield capable of withstanding a good number of blows; the second has available a source, which within its range can - depending on the choice made in the menu - heal or amplify the damage of all Guardians. As a peculiar skill the Hunter can instead rely on a real dodge, where the most useful effects in terms of cooperation are to be found among those of the Supers. Devastating finishing moves often able to turn the tide of clashes.

Titan, Hunter or Warlock makes no difference. We can do and get our asses striped, anywhere and anyway.

Destiny 2 What to Do - Activities

Okay, I picked the class and I'm done the tutorial. I arrived at the last city, the Tower - the real hub of the game - and talked to all the available NPCs to receive a myriad of different quests. What do you do now?

With or without expansions, you have to play endlessly

Regardless of the possession of Shadowkeep and Forsaken, the two paid expansions - which mostly add new campaigns and businesses, as well as season passes -, the possible activities are many, and feasible right away. Understanding how to start your Destiny 2 adventure without a shred of getting started guide can be confusing. But whether it's PvE, PvP or simple story / campaign progress, can also be tackled alone or in a cooperative, being left with nothing to do is and will be practically impossible, however. Also accomplice the contribution of new activities and free content, like the recent Festival of the Lost for Halloween.

Through the various business Introduction you can get to know what the Bungie title has to offer. In addition to campaigns, there are a long line of feats around the galaxy, many of which lead to bothdeepening of the lore that to obtain specific weapons. PvE lovers can try their hand at various Assaults, Incursions and Raids, that allow you to team up with other Guardians against AI controlled monsters and aliens. PvP fanatics, on the other hand, can blame themselves through one of the many modes of the Crucible - the section dedicated to clashes between players - or of Gambit, which turns out to be a mix of PvE and PvP.

The galaxy is large, and offers activities for all types of palates. The progression will happen regardless of what you decide to start with.

Destiny 2 Progression - Levels and In-Game Purchases

Start one new game on Destiny 2 implies finding yourself with a Guardian of lv. 750, having in front of you a universe of distinct possibilities. However, whether you undertake PvP, PvE or simple campaigns, the common denominator will always be level and loot farming.

In the Bungie title the amount of your power level is not given by the progress in the game in the classic sense, but by the Average levels of equipped weapons and armor pieces. During the game you will find equipment of increasing level, where the "soft cap" is set at 900. Once that level is reached, proceeding further will be much more difficult. XP earned by fighting and generally completing Quests and Bounties instead they are linked to the Seasons. Advances in the above reserve specific rewards for both New Light users and Shadowkeep and / or Forsaken owners.

Being now a predominantly free-to-play title, the presence of in-game purchases through Eververse is and remains absolutely inevitable. Through the Luminous Dust and above all the Silver it is possible to buy a large number of objects, mostly aesthetic, impossible to obtain in other ways. Although the purchase of Engrams formally allows you to get your hands on a greater number of weapons (especially exotic), Destiny 2 does not appear to be a pay-to-win title, however. Those same weapons and armor obtainable through Engrams they can still be found by playing, albeit over longer periods of time.

Destiny 2 pay-to-win? More no than yes.

The best weapons in Destiny 2 - The tools of the guardian

It is difficult - if not impossible - to write an introductory guide to the best weapons in Destiny 2, but one thing is certain. A rarer weapon is not necessarily better or more powerful than a more common one. Just like the other types of equipment - armor, Specters, Sparrows, ships -, weapons are mainly divided into three types of rarities:

  • Rare (blue): except for the white or green ones - early game, non-droppable -, they are the most common ones. Useful to equip if they are of a higher level than those currently in possession, otherwise the advice is to dismantle them, so as to obtain Lumen and various materials.
  • Legendary (purple): Difficult to find at the beginning, as you progress in the game they will become more common, although not as common as Rare ones. Among them are many unique weapons, which rival (and sometimes surpass) the Exotics in terms of power and utility. Very famous and popular - and all too common in PvP - are those that can be obtained by completing long Quests in the Crucible, such as Randy's Ascetic, Revoker and Throwing Knife.
  • Exotic (yellow): they are often the most difficult to obtain, and in most cases also the strongest. It is no coincidence that it is possible to equip only one at a time, in the face of the three weapon slots available. Like the Legendary ones, they can be obtained both through specific Quests, and as random drops (albeit much rarer).

The stats - stability, accuracy, impact etc - of the basic weapons are fixed, but they can change depending on the perk of the weapon. Some of them can be changed through Modification, others are instead fixed and linked to the single procedural generation of the object. While Exotic weapons feature unique abilities, Legendary and Rare ones can have different perks. Different types of sights, bullets and extra skills that can change a lot the profile of the weapon, as well as its applications. Unlike the use against monsters and aliens, for example, explosive bullets turn out to be rather ineffective in PvP.

Being able to equip only one weapon and one piece of exotic armor at a time forces you to think about the style of play to adopt.

Cooperation on Destiny 2 - Clans and groups

Being a lone Guardian certainly has its charm. Wandering death machines in pursuit of fame, glory or just loot. Yet it is equally true that there can be nothing better than building memories and accomplishing feats together with your friends. There is a limit to what one person can do: and the Raids are structurally proof of this.

Of course, around the Internet or among your gamer acquaintances you will certainly be able to pick up five other unfortunates with whom to form a group and leave for a Raid. but yet the most effective and profitable way to play alongside other Guardians it remains to connect to the Bungie site, where it is possible both looking for a Clan and founding one. These are communities founded and managed by users, through which it becomes easy and intuitive to communicate and collaborate with other players in all kinds of in-game activities.

Clan name, motto, description, emblem, registration method (open, upon approval or by invitation). There are numerous options related to the creation and management of the Clan, which, net of its functions, however, has some advantages linked to simple membership. Even playing individually, completing Quests etc. Clan members can level it up over time. Through the Banner, progressing in this direction it will be possible to access the Clan bonuses, which will affect all members, without distinction. Unity is strength, especially between Guardians.

The desire to build memories of memorable feats also passes through the pursuit of the best loot.

Farm XP / XP and Exotics on Destiny 2 - Bonus Track

I admit, I'm one of the many players animated by healthy - well yes - greed. I split in two to be able to complete the Exotic Quest for the Whisper of the Worm. An admirable heavy sniper rifle that, after 15 minutes of use, ended up in the Depot to keep company with many other trophies, in the form of pieces of equipment.

I don't think anyone likes it the countdown of the Seasons. Have limited time to reach a certain level and stock up on rewards before it's too late. On Destiny 2 we are at the Season of the Timeless, but the rule is always the same. The best way to go up by PE is devote himself to the completion of the Bounties. Whether you're planning to PvP slaughter with other Guardians or embark on a daring Raid against the Vex, a healthy dose of optional daily and weekly goals it will always be a winning choice.

Kill a certain number of enemies with a certain weapon, loot a specific number of crates around a planet ... Make sure you receive extra XP - as well as Lumen and other materials - for some actions that we would have taken regardless it will be decisive in the long run. As well as the weekly visit to xur, a must for any loot-hungry Guardian. The mysterious salesman will change locations and Exotic merchandise every week, selling from time to time an Engram, a weapon and a piece of armor - one per class - in exchange for Legendary Shards.

One of the most popular methods to farm XP (but also Vex series equipment) are the Raids against the known cybernetic aliens. Not without first stocking up on themed Bounties from Ikora Rey in town, of course.

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