Destiny 2 review

The last city on earth has fallen. The fearsome Ghaul is bringing extermination throughout the Cosmodrome. Guardians, are you ready to join forces to stop him? 

Three years ago Bungie hung the adventures of Master Chief to leave for a new journey which, at the time, was only a bet. Three years later we can say that Bungie was right, and his Destiny has succeeded in creating a new MMO universe, played and loved by millions of players. Destiny has grown and developed also thanks to the dedication of the software house that has been able to listen to its community and correct all the various problems over time, and we have had the demonstration in the various major updates of the game. Now after three long years of events, Raids and battles in the Crucible, Destiny's time has come for maturity, with the long-awaited sequel that is already available since last September 8 on PlayStation 4 e Xbox One, and from next 24 October on PC.

Guardians, dust off your gear, we're off to Destiny 2.


Tested Version: PlayStation 4


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There is never peace for the Guardians
one of the substantial changes between the old and the new is the story mode

The last safe city on Earth has fallen by the hand of the fearsome Ghaul, commander of the Red Legion, with the supreme purpose of seizing the powers of the Traveler and depriving of the Luce both the Guardians and their loyal Specters. Without a home, exterminated and exhausted, as survivors we will have to try to get up and find a solution to the threat of Ghaul and his army Before it's too late.
Destiny 2 literally starts with a bang and manages to keep a very high pace during the campaign, already demonstrating in this profile a narrative evolution that has gradually grown from the first chapter to the various expansions. One of the substantial changes between the old and the new is represented by the story mode, which takes a more dynamic approach than the fragmentation of the missions of the first Destiny. Now, while our goal will be to give a "lesson" to Ghaul, putting the Vanguard back on its feet with the help of Cayde-6, Zavala e Ikora Key, we will pass between one mission and another, being also introduced to all the collateral activities such as the Assaults or the Crucible, with a narrative continuity that manages to keep players glued to the screen in the first hours of the game until the end-game.

Between old faces and new entries, the story of Destiny 2 travels between the fascination of fanservice and that of discovery, hitting the target both for longtime fans and for newcomers who decide to embark on this new adventure, perhaps right on PC, where the PC user is orphan of the first chapter.

Even the places we are going to visit will propose new destinations of the Cosmodrome, from Earth Dead Zone, which will also have the honor of hosting the new social hub (where all the preparatory activities can be carried out), a Titan among the ruins of the remains of the Golden Age, to the red forests of Nessus transformed by the Vex into a mechanical world or still Io, with its boundless landscapes and its canyons. The game engine then makes these worlds "magical", which compared to Destiny, this time does not have to take into account the "old gen" thus allowing to create visually fascinating and immersive environments. Each open-world area has distinctive construction elements, and each location is ready to unfold into new and ever-changing areas. Here it is clear right away the titanic work set up by Bungie in creating these new worlds, trying on the one hand to stay in line with the past, but at the same time to push the series to new qualitative heights, succeeding fully. Precisely in this perspective, thanks also to the greater power of the current consoles compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, we find many more events concentrated in open areas, with an almost pitched reach. Always conveyed to the new story there is a change of "artistic" direction in the places we will visit, partly abandoning temples and sanctuaries seen in the first chapter for excellent settings if analyzed in terms of level design, such as bases or ruins, but with a lower scenic impact , although visually, especially in the final parts of the game and in some assaults, Destiny 2 manages to excite and leave you speechless for the composition of the video images, which are further enhanced by the splendid lighting system, which with its changes of light and effects creates a crazy atmosphere. The general performance on both consoles is also good (obviously in their "standard" versions) thanks to a good optimization process, which allows to obtain a full HD resolution (on Xbox One we find the usual variable resolution) and a locked frame rate. at 30, which offers stability and no uncertainty even in the most chaotic and complex phases.

The whole thing would not be complete if to accompany this new journey there were not a soundtrack up to the expectations and adventure. Among the various composers we find again Micheal Salvatori e C. Paul Johnson (already authors of the music of Halo at the time and of the first chapter) who also sign this second episode with an important musical work, which manages to mark every single second of this adventure. Dramatic moments, critical situations and the endless boss fights, every nuance of the game will have its own precise sound and will not struggle to remain impressed in your head during your games.

Air of novelty
Having an open world experience with MMO influences, Destiny 2 always reserves something for us to do

But now let's talk about all the news that find their place in this awaited sequel. As we have seen the main story has many changes and tweaks that make it more enjoyable in every aspect. But not only. Living an open world experience with MMO influences, the world of Destiny 2 always reserves something for us to do around every corner. For example the Public Events, now, they are well marked on the map (which will now be viewable without any kind of limitation, with the possibility of setting goals), with start times that allow us to better organize our raids and obtain rewards, which could become better if heroic mode is activated, taking certain actions depending on the event itself. Always around the planets, in addition to the story missions, it will be possible to participate in the new ones Adventures, secondary quests that will allow us to obtain numerous equipment, or the renewed ones Patrols, essential to quickly increase the reputation of the various factions and obtain rewards.
Now in the planets it will be possible to inspect the Lost Sectors, a sort of mini-dungeon in which we will have to face some bosses, ready to "drop" juicy gifts.
Destiny 2 says goodbye to bounties, the old reward system, in favor of Milestones. This new "reward" allows you to follow various daily or weekly challenges, each of which will reward the player with items essential for the leveling up of their character. Not only that, each planet, activities such as assaults or the Crucible will have sub-challenges that will be reset daily and will allow you to get reputation points.

Also in this case, the neural integration between game and challenge is well thought out and pushes players, for example, to switch from one subclass to another, or use certain weapons to overcome them, so as not to fossilize on a certain build. .

Hunter, Titan or Sorcerer? To you the choice
the progressive search for pieces with increasing values ​​will be the primary purpose of the end-game

The 3 classes have also undergone numerous tweaks, starting from the introduction of a new development system through branches which allows you to customize the various sub-classes more depending on the perks used. Hunter, Titan and Sorcerer return, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, they present themselves today in a more versatile way, allowing you to choose the type of approach to the game and giving additional skills that can balance some shortcomings. For example, the sorcerer will be able to devote himself to the care of his team or use a sort of drone (shared with the whole team) that will provide additional firepower, or the Titan, able to evoke an energy shield that transforms it into the perfect tank. Only by trying the various combinations that the game offers you, and with a lot of patience, will it be possible to find the ideal set-up, for both the PVE and the PVP part. We do not dwell too much on what is the basic gameplay of Destiny, which without too many words, despite the changes remains roughly the same as seen in the first chapter, as well as the command scheme relies again on the one already tested and which follows the button scheme of modern FPS, with the possibility of customizing (also in this case) the configuration of the keys at will, for example to better adapt it to the competitive one than the PVE.

Closely related to the story, the arrival of Ghaul and the disappearance of the Light, who managed the powers and growth of his character, in Destiny 2 it is replaced by Power, a value that collects 3 statistics such as Resilience (damage resistance), Mobility (agility) e Recovery (health restoration). Each of these values ​​can be changed depending on the equipment fitted, and in turn they will change the basic statistics of the various classes, a bit like they did in the past.

The progression of the character will be marked by the continuous upgrade of the equipment, and the progressive search for pieces with increasing values ​​will be the primary purpose of the end-game. Participate in activities such as i Night falls (more difficult variants of Assaults with modifiers varying from week to week) or the Raids they will be used to "overcome" the various level caps sown on our growth path, so as to obtain better drops and Engrams, and why not hope for luck and peck Exotic equipment. Compared to Destiny we have noticed a better algorithm in the generation of rare loot, which makes growth less unnerving than in the past, a plus for those players who don't have much time to devote to these activities. There is not even a new Infusion system, now limited to weapons of the same category, a fundamental step to increase the level of Strength of your equipment, in addition to finding the introduction of Courage, unique changes that can be applied either to increase the Power again, one of the base values ​​or change the element of the weapon. They make their entrance Rainbow Engrams, obtainable once the character has reached level 20 and contain rare rewards such as new Emotes, spaceships or skins for the Goshawk. Just about these Engrams the presence of microtransitions should be noted that allow, by putting your wallet in your hand, to buy currency to spend in-game through the store. It should be noted that these are rewards that do not directly affect the gameplay, going to avert any danger of pay-to-win situations. Moreover, playing regularly, you will not struggle to get several without having to shell out more money.

Mon amour crucible
the initial offering of this second chapter is more than satisfactory as a new beginning

Destiny 2 does not live on PVE alone and the Crucible is one of the most played activities of the series. Here too there is no shortage of news, and they all start from the downsizing of the teams, now consisting of only 4 members per team. Whether you choose friendly matches or ranked matches, this major change of course has allowed Bungie to go and review certain match mechanics.

With fewer people, the maps are now smaller and the dynamics of the clashes are beneficial, more fluid in terms of teamplay, thus allowing greater organization in setting up strategies on the fly.

Among the modes we have the classic team deathmatch, clash, and its variant Survival, with limited respawns, to which it alternates Supremacy, which in a similar way to Call of Duty Kill Confirmed, will force us to collect a seal dropped by the opponent just killed to get the point. Also revised Control, made much more frenetic with the 2 teams that will start with an outpost already captured, with matches always played on a tightrope and won (or lost) just for a handful of points.
On the other hand, in this new edition, a new modality that makes the verse a Search and destroy, always of the dear Call of Duty. In Countdown the two teams, in alternating phases, will have to infiltrate the opposing base trying to place charges to detonate on some targets, trying to maintain the position until the explosion, while avoiding that the other team defuses the detonators. As you have understood, this modality requires harmony and good coordination among the team members, as well as having limited returns and few attempts available.

Despite a week spent intensely in the game, between Assaults and the Crucible, or having had a taste of the first raid, the very difficult Leviathan (which in these hours has put our nerves to the test with a series of decidedly arduous tests, but with a great desire to complete it), Destiny 2 suffers from the same problems as in the first chapter, related to the chronic repetitiveness of activities, due to its MMO nature.

Bungie has worked hard to include hundreds of things to do, but those who have had problems in Destiny, tired after a while, will find themselves reliving the same situation again.

It is the solitary players who are penalized, who for one reason or another do not have friends with whom to face the most important activities, such as the Cala la Notte or the Incursioni, for which matchmacking will be disabled and we will have to "group" before taking part. In reality, the problem can be circumvented by using the companion app (which is none other than the mobile version of the site made an application) which, through a recruitment system, will make you find players based on your gaming platform so as to be ready for anything, or to the ugly to resort to the various communities scattered around on social networks or in dedicated forums. Also not to be underestimated the new clan management, which allow you to receive rewards dedicated to groups based on the activities carried out by individual members or to participate in the brand new ones Guided Games, currently in beta, but designed to help those players without companions to face the Cala La Notte or the Incursions in a group.

This first week of Destiny has also been undermined by a major error involving a large part of the players, which prevents access to the game and, therefore, makes it unusable. Waiting for a definitive fix, on the Bungie forum A guide has also appeared in the last few hours that allows you to temporarily stop the problem.

Although the issues related to the error Cabbage are absolutely not to be underestimated, in general the quality of the netcode is more than satisfactory, both during the PVE, and in the Crucible, where the cleanliness of the connection is essential, and the cases of lag are really limited to sporadic episodes.

Verdict 8.5 / 10 D1: Who are You? D2: I'm You, but stronger! Comment After 3 years spent with Destiny, Bungie and Activision raise the bar, offering us an even more mammoth and epic adventure. Bungie has shown that it knows how to listen to its community and to correct the game on some less functional choices made in the previous chapter, and the results are there for all to see. A new management of the story (which immediately manages to convince for its epicness), substantial changes to the growth and development of the characters and a revision of the PVP make Destiny 2 a must-try experience today, with the only obligation to do so together. From this point of view Destiny 2, as well as its predecessor, tends to penalize the so-called lone wolves, cutting them off from most of the events such as the Nightfall and the Incursions, fundamental steps for the growth of their characters. even if it seems that something is cooking and that the Guided Games can be the solution for those who do not have friends always ready to patrol the Cosmodrome. Although everything is exciting, well packaged and damn fun to play, there remains the shame of the problems caused by the terrible Cabbage error, which currently makes it impossible for many users to access Destiny, and for an "always on" title it is not a fault recently, even if we trust in Bungie, which as mentioned in the review has already moved to find a solution to the problem. Connection problems aside from the initial offer of this second chapter is more than satisfying as a new beginning. The big deal will now be up to Bungie, who will have to continue in the coming months with the excellent support work done with Destiny, which has allowed him to live and grow, strong and thriving. Given the premises and the ever-increasing quality of the new content, already on trust we can be sure about what we should expect in the future. Pros and cons Dynamic and compelling story management
Hundreds of things to do
Assaults, Raids, PVPs, you will have them for months
Unique experience in company ... x ... a little less alone
x Some server related issues
x Those who did not appreciate the first will find the same defects

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