Destiny 2: items on sale from Xur from today January 17th

New appointment to buy what he has in store in his Xur catalog, the most anticipated and scariest seller in the entire universe of Destiny 2. Let's see together what he offers this week, starting from January 17th

Destiny 2's most terrifying vendor of exotic weapons, armor and engrams has reappeared: xur, that will offer these items from January 17rd, until Tuesday 21th (18:00 )! Xur is located on Nessus (below you can see the image of the precise location). Here's what Xur sells this week:

  • Colonia (Exotic Grenade Launcher - 29 Legendary Shards).
  • Promessa di Shinobu (Hunter Gauntlets - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Mask of the Dumbledore (Exotic Helmet for the Titan - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Boots of the Moonfaction (Long Exotic Pants for the Sorcerer - 23 legendary fragments).
  • Exotic Engram (97 legendary fragments).

Here is Xur's position:

Location of Xur from January 17 - Destiny 2

Destiny 2: all the perks of the weapons and armor on sale by Xur from January 17rd

Cologne - Destiny 2, items for sale by Xur

Colonia is a grenade launcher introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion. Its Exotic perk, “Insectoid Grenades”, causes missed hits to transform into tiny robots that track down nearby enemies. This weapon is extremely fun to use and very strong in PvP, so if you haven't already, grab it without thinking twice! Here is the list of perks:

  • Insectoid grenades - The grenades of this weapon are insect-like robots that chase the enemy and explode in its proximity.
  • Linear compensator - The launch tube of this weapon is well balanced. • Slightly increases bullet speed • Slightly increases impact area • Slightly increases stability.
  • High speed bullets - The bullets of this weapon are particularly light and fast. • Increases bullet speed. • Increases reload speed
  • Colonial service - Insectoid grenades quickly replenish the magazine from spare ammo when Colony is not equipped.
  • Composite football - This weapon has a versatile dual function butt. • Slightly increases stability. • Slightly increases handling.

Colonia – Destiny 2

Shinobu Promise - Destiny 2, items for sale from Xur

This Exotic is aimed at all those users who like to have an extra grenade in the "Blaster" class. Its exotic perk, in fact, improves the nefarious grenade, adding one to our inventory. Here is the list of perks:

  • New tricks - Upgrade the Nasty Grenade and earn an additional Nasty Grenade. Nasty Grenade replenishes its charge when it damages enemies.
  • Mobility improvement change - Increased mobility.
  • Impetuous transfer - Dealing damage with a grenade reduces melee recovery.
  • Special Ammo Seeker - Increases the chances of finding special ammo after each kill. 

Promessa di Shinobu – Destiny 2

Mask of the Dumbledore - Destiny 2, items for sale by Xur

This is a really great Exotic for the titan, and while it can come in handy with the Sentinel subclass, it will give you the extra energy on damage regardless of the subclass. This makes it great when you suffer a lot of damage, so our advice is to take it with your eyes closed. Here is the list of perks:

  • Creepy face - Grants skill energy when you take damage. When badly injured, fully restore health after each kill.
  • Mobility improvement change - Increased mobility.
  • Restoration change - Increased health recovery.
  • Aim some Pulse Rifles - Improved target acquisition, accuracy and aiming speed of Pulse Rifles.
  • Special Ammo Seeker - Increases the chances of finding special ammo after each kill.

Mask of the Dumbledore - Destiny 2

Boots of the Moonfaction - Destiny 2, items for sale by Xur

These boots for the Warlock are very powerful as their Exotic perk allows you to reload your allies' weapons and make weapons more effective at long range. This is one of the most powerful Exotic armor pieces for the Warlock class, so grab them now! Here is the list of perks:

  • Alchemical engravings - Your Sources automatically reload allies' weapons. The Amplifying Source makes weapons more effective at long range.
  • Mobility improvement change - Increased mobility.
  • Modification of plastic steel reinforcement - Increased resilience.
  • Extension - Reduces melee recovery when using class skills.
  • Seeker of primary ammo - Increases the chances of finding primary ammo after each kill.

Boots of the Moonfaction - Destiny 2

Here's what Xur offers this week!

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