Destiny 2: items on sale by Xur from August 30th

The last appointment in August to buy what he has in store in his Xur catalog, the most anticipated and scariest seller in the entire universe of Destiny 2 which, this time, is on the planet Titan. Let's see together what this week offers, starting from August 30th!

Destiny 2's most terrifying vendor of exotic weapons, armor and engrams has reappeared, Xur, who will be offering these items from August 30th until Tuesday September 3rd (19:00 )! Xur is on Titan this time (you can consult the image below to know the precise position). Here's what Xur sells this week:

  • Wing of the Vigilance (Exotic Pulse Rifle - 29 Legendary Shards).
  • Spata D’Ofide (Exotic Titan Armor - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Safe Aeonic (Exotic Gauntlets for the Titan - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Chromatic Fire (Exotic Warlock Chestpiece - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Exotic Engram (97 legendary fragments).

Here is Xur's position:

Precise location of Xur from August 30th

Destiny 2: all the perks of the weapons and armor on sale by Xur from the 30th of August

Wing of Vigilance - Destiny 2, items for sale by Xur

This weapon is really very strong since the bursts it fires are 5 shots, also it has a really good perk, since every face that your companion is eliminated your health regenerates very quickly. Here is the list of Perks:

  • Hard truth: When an ally is killed, your health regenerates and your movement speed increases.
  • Spiral scratching: slightly increases range and stability - slightly increases handling.
  • Alloy magazine: Charges faster when the magazine is empty.
  • Until the very end: Being the last member of the squad alive improves the performance of the weapon and greatly increases the recovery.
  • Composite football: slightly increases stability - slightly increases handling

Wing of Vigilance - Destiny 2

Spata D'Ofide - Destiny 2, objects for sale by Xur

This Hunter chest is as cool as it is fun to use as its main perk is based on providing two knives per charge, so if you like killing enemies with knives and don't have this particular chest yet, make it yours. Here is the list of perks:

  • Impetus restrained - Hitting non-lethal hits speeds up the charge time until you get a kill.
  • Content compensator - Stable anchor for barrel. • Increases stability. • Moderately controls recoil. • Slightly reduces handling
  • Extended charger - This weapon has a large magazine size, but reloads more slowly. • Significantly increases the charger. • Significantly reduces the reload speed
  • Surging - Reloading immediately after a kill increases weapon damage for a short time.
  • Adjusted stock - This stock makes the weapon more stable but heavier. • Increases stability. • Moderately controls recoil. • Slightly reduces handling.

Spata d’Ofide – Destiny 2

Sicura Eonica - Destiny 2, objects for sale by Xur

This piece of Exotic armor for the Titan class is one of the worst and, moreover, you can easily obtain it by completing the campaign of the DLC “The Curse of Osiris”, so our advice is to avoid this purchase. Here is the list of perks:

  • Eonic energy - Summoning a Barricade grants the following abilities to nearby Aeonic Cult allies: Grenade Energy to Warlocks, Barricade Energy to Titans, Dodge Energy to Hunters. Other allies receive a portion of the shared energy.
  • Mobility improvement change - Increased mobility.
  • Modification of plastic steel reinforcement - Increased resilience.
  • Impact induction - Dealing damage with a melee attack reduces grenade recovery.
  • Special Ammo Seeker - Increases the chances of finding special ammo after each kill.

Sicura Eonica – Destiny 2

Chromatic Fire - Destiny 2, items for sale by Xur

This Warlock armor was added through the Forsaken DLC and is primarily useful when fighting large groups of enemies at the same time. Our advice is to make it yours because it could be really useful on several occasions, but now let's take a look at the list of perks:

  • Crystalline transistor - Precision kills with kinetic weapons create an elemental blast. The element will match that of your equipped subclass.
  • Mobility improvement change - Increased mobility.
  • Restoration change - Increased health recovery.
  • Anti-jerk for automatic rifles - Reduces stagger from enemy fire while aiming with an auto rifle and a lasgun.
  • Primary Ammo Seeker - Increases the chances of finding primary ammo after each kill.

Chromatic Fire - Destiny 2

Here's what Xur offers this week!

What do you think of the armament Xur sold this week? We remind you that an updated guide on all the best weapons of Destiny 2 is available on our site, just click here. Also recently Bungie has "divorced" from Activision, acquiring the rights to Destiny, to know the details click here.

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