Destiny 2: items on sale by Xur from April 5th

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First appointment in April to buy what he has in store in his Xur catalog: the most anticipated and scariest seller in the entire universe of Destiny 2 who, this time, returns to the planet Titan. Let's see together what this week offers, starting from April 5th!

Destiny 2's most terrifying vendor of exotic weapons, armor and engrams has reappeared, Xur, who will be offering these items from April 5th through April 9th (19:00 pm )! Xur this time is located on the planet Titan (you can consult the image below to know the precise position). Here's what Xur sells this week:

  • A.D.R.I.A. (Exotic Sniper Rifle - 29 Legendary Shards).
  • Tunic of the Gwishin (Exotic Hunter Chest - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Guards of Antaeus (Exotic Long Pants for the Titan - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Cunning of Winter (Exotic Warlock Gauntlets - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Exotic Engram (97 legendary fragments).

Here is Xur's position:

Precise location of Xur from April 5th

Destiny 2: all the perks of the weapons and armor on sale by Xur from the 5th of April


This sniper rifle is not the best, much less one of the best, but it remains a lot of fun to use and, like any shotgun like this, you need a lot of skills to use it, so if you are looking for a boss-killing sniper, it is not. the best choice. Here is the list of perks:

  • Personal assistant - Aim at an enemy to view their health and other vital information.
  • Extended barrel - Heavy extension for barrel. • Increases range • Reduces handling • Moderately controls recoil.
  • Extended charger - This weapon has a large magazine size, but reloads more slowly. • Significantly increases the charger. • Significantly reduces the reload speed.
  • Target acquired - When Personal Assistant is active, this weapon has better target acquisition and precision hits deal considerably more damage.
  • Short kick - This weapon is particularly easy to handle. • Significantly increases handling.

A.D.R.I.A. – Destiny 2

Tunic of the Gwishin

This makes for a great Exotic for any PvP-loving Hunter as his Exotic Perk allows him to restore more of the Super's energy after each kill with Spectral Blades. Our advice is certainly to take the Gwishin Tunic, now let's see the perks:

  • Wandering Assassin - Each kill with Spectral Blades before becoming invisible restores more Super's energy.
  • Modification of plastic steel reinforcement - Increased resilience.
  • Restoration change - Increased health recovery.
  • Anti-jerk for bow - Reduces enemy fire stagger while aiming a bow.
  • Primary Ammo Seeker - Increases the chances of finding primary ammo after each kill.

Gwishin Vest - Destiny 2

Guards of Antaeus

These boots are an addition to the Forsaken DLC and their Exotic Perk is to deflect enemy projectiles while sliding, providing energy for the Super. While they are cool and flashy, these boots aren't a great buy for this week, but now let's see the list of perks:

  • Reflective fans - Improved glide. Slipping repels incoming bullets. Reflected projectiles provide Super Energy.
  • Mobility improvement change - Increased mobility.
  • Restoration change - Increased health recovery.
  • Extension - Reduces melee recovery when using class skills.
  • Primary Ammo Seeker - Increases the chances of finding primary ammo after each kill.

Guards of Antaeus - Destiny 2

Cunning of Winter

These Exotic Warlock Gauntlets are rarely useful as their Exotic Perk allows for increased damage by eliminating melee enemies. The only usefulness they can have is more evident in PvE. Here is the list of Perks:

Warmongering seal: Eliminating enemies with melee increases their damage dealt.
Edit improvement mobility sectors: Increased mobility.
Modification of plastic steel reinforcement: Increased resilience.
Impact induction: Dealing damage with a melee attack reduces grenade recovery.
Special Ammo Seeker: Increases the chances of finding special ammo after each kill.

Cunning of Winter - Destiny 2

Destiny 2: items on sale by Xur from April 5th

What do you think of the armament Xur sold this week? We remind you that on our site there is an updated guide on all the best weapons of Destiny 2, just click here. Also recently Bungie has "divorced" from Activision, acquiring the rights on Destiny, to know the details click here.

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