Destiny 2 Fortress Mode is Coming!

Years after its official launch, Bungie continues to deliver new content for Destiny 2 fans, as well as fight cheaters by any means available. The arrival of season 19 of the beloved FPS is now imminent and the team wanted to spread a few more details, without however going too far. The new mode, introduced by this new phase of the game, will bring many innovations never seen before in the title and will be able to offer players new alternatives to vary the gameplay.

Destiny 2 (which you can find on Amazon), therefore, will have for the first time a PvPvE mode which will be called Fortress. The team has not released many details regarding this addition, however, we know that we will find ourselves fighting for the challenges that will be entrusted to us by the Empress Caiatl. These will change from time to time and will lead us to clashes with both NPCs and other players divided into teams of three Guardians who will try to obtain the exclusive rewards offered by the mission.

This new mode for Destiny 2, in fact, is structured according to control points that the teams of Guardians will have to conquer if they want to achieve victory. However, it will not be enough to defeat the NPCs that we will find in each point to be conquered, since we will also have to deal with other teams of players who will try to achieve the same goal as us. To leave the mode successfully, therefore, we will also have to defeat the other Guardians and thus allow our team to triumph.

Bungie did not want to release any other information regarding this new Destiny 2 mode but we know that it will arrive with the first Iron Banner of season 19. This indicates that Fortress mode will be available on January 3, 2023. In the few weeks that separate us from the event, it is possible that the team will tease players with a new trailer that can show more details about the new season and the additional content that will arrive with the next season of the FPS. Before that, make sure you are playing the correct version of the title.

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