Death Stranding 2, that's why Kojima rewrote the plot during the Covid

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During The Game Award 2022, one of the titles that most exalted viewers was undoubtedly Death Stranding 2. The sequel to the dystopian future conceived by Hideo Kojima was shown in a long trailer that was able to introduce many of the elements that we will see in the next effort of the visionary author. However, one of the Japanese game designer's concerns is precisely related to his ability to anticipate the future with his works.

Precisely because of the issues of extreme confinement and loneliness dealt with in the first chapter, in fact, the world described by Kojima and his Kojima Productions immediately made us think of the pandemic in which we have found ourselves during the last two years. Precisely for this reason, the author, despite the Death Stranding 2 plot having already been largely completed, decided to rewrite it in the Covid period.

In fact, the author told Geoff Keighley's microphones that he no longer wanted to “predict the future”. For this reason, Kojima would have decided to rewrite the plot of Death Stranding 2. It is still very early to have a clear vision of what the narration of this new chapter will be, however, the trailer focuses mainly on the figure of BB and Fragile , fleeing one of the underground bases we're familiar with from the first Death Stranding (which you can buy the Director's Cut of on Amazon). We have seen many familiar faces in addition to what, presumably, will be the villain of the second chapter.

Kojima concluded by stating that the Death Stranding 2 trailer hides many elements intended for viewer analysis. In fact, the author has expressed the wish that everyone should stop searching for these details and discuss them among themselves. The game does not yet have a release date but it is already one of the most anticipated titles of the near future and we are sure that Kojima will be able to keep the hype of the fans high around his new effort.

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