Dark Souls 2, the latest madness: you can play upside down (literally)

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The games produced by FromSoftware they have a reputation for being very complex titles. Of course, Dark Souls 2 is no exception, which like any other title from the Japanese developer still requires a certain dedication before fully mastering its mechanics. The game has been available for about 8 years now and we are sure that all the great fans of the series are now able to defeat it with their eyes closed. However, if someone is looking for an additional challenge, perhaps this mod comes at just the right time.

Called Upside Down, this mod takes over the entire gaming world of Dark Souls 2 and turns it upside down, literally. As you can see from the gamepaly movie that you find a little further down, the title is played exclusively backwards. “Traverse Drangleic from a new perspective,” reads the mod description.

The video, on the other hand, makes us understand right away what we are getting into. This is a mod that offers a completely different level of challenge compared to the original version. However, we must put our hands forward: if the experiment is certainly interesting, it will be less interesting to play it. From the very first images, in fact, it can be seen how it is actually practically complicated to try to hold up a long game session set up in this way.

  • If you want to give this mod a try, please download it from Nexus and follow the installation guide. We clearly don't expect anyone to actually complete the game with this mod, but never say never. On the other hand, the beauty of FromSoftware is not only having created a sort of videogame genre, but also that of having contributed to the birth of a community capable of embarking on truly memorable feats, even in the name of altruism. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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