Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

In this guide we will discover together where to find all the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

The new title developed by CD Projekt RED has finally arrived on the market after 8 years of waiting. If you have followed the related events a bit, you will know that the game has not been spared some controversies related to its last generation console versions. It seems, in fact, that there are several bugs and graphics issues on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Hoping that the Polish software house will be able to solve everything in a short time with a patch, we advise you not to give up and to be captivated by the complex setting of Cyberpunk 2077: in this guide we will explain how and where to find all the best weapons in the game. Strength and courage, Samurai.

A world of weapons

To know where to find the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 you will need to carefully explore the game world. CD Projekt RED paid particular attention to the setting, drawing inspiration from William Gibson's novels, which you may remember for the beautiful Neuromancer. As in any self-respecting role-playing game, It will be possible to obtain new pieces of equipment by purchasing them at the shops, obtaining them by solving some secondary mission or simply collecting them from the corpses of the opponents.

However, there are also some weapons that can be obtained in a little more particular way. We anticipate that, if you continue reading, you could obviously find spoilers related to settings and some missions, so be warned.

Fenrir - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

Fenrir is one of the best Iconic weapons in the game and you will find it already in the first act. Its main feature is that it has a high probability of cause Fire damage to opponents, and that makes it perfect for the more challenging Act I battles. You can find it during l'incarico Sacrum Profaneum, near the warehouse where you will meet the monk.

Kongou - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

Kongou is a bouncy effect weapon. In all senses. Power pistols can usually bounce bullets off surfaces, provided you have equipped a cyberware that allows you to unlock this feature. Well, Kongou allows you to do everything without right away, and turns out to be splendidly versatile. You can find it in Yorinobu's attic on the nightstand during The Heist mission in Act I.

Lizzie - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

Lizzie is a very high rate of fire pistol. Fires an extra bullet for each shot and can be loaded to fire a roster of bullets all at once. It can also cause fire damage, even if the percentage is very low. With all the cartridges you will consume on the enemy, however, we are sure that this percentage will rise dramatically. You will find it in Judi's lair at Lizzie's bar, before returning after the Automatic Love mission.

Cocktail Stick - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

Cocktail Stick is a sword that you will find in the early stages of Cyberpunk 2077. This is a pink katana. It has no special perk or elemental damage bonuses, but it can inflict Bleed and has very high critical damage. Plus it's pink, so it's automatically fun to use to decapitate enemies. You'll find her in the Clouds VIP area during the Automatic Love quest in Act II, in the dressing room before reaching Woodman. 

Skippy - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

Skippy is… Well, Skippy is. This particular smart weapon is smart for real. In the sense that he will talk a lot, as well as directing bullets at your targets without you having to aim continuously. It will also have an automatic fire function which will allow you to target both the head and the lower parts of the body, should you want to opt for a not too lethal approach. During the shootings, Skippy will be very talkative and funny, but above all he will adapt to your level. Hence, it is a useful weapon at any time of the adventure. You can find it in an alley in The Den, southeast of Corpo Plaza.

Widow Maker - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons 

Widow Maker is one of the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. It belongs to the category of intelligent weapons, a type of rifle capable of firing through walls and covers. The peculiarity of Widow Maker is that of fire not one, but two bullets through the walls, causing for more Chemical damage and poisoning the adversaries. You can find it in the Raffen Scav hideout during the Ghost Town mission, on Nash's corpse.

Cotton Mouth - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons 

Cotton Mouth is another of Cyberpunk 2077's best weapons. It is a close combat weapon that you will find in the opening moments of the title. This is a truly wondrous weapon, given that deals both Electric and Chemical damage, plus it has the ability to cause Shock and Poison status to opponents. This is not a lethal weapon, so it's great if you don't want to kill the target in question. It can be found on Finger's bed during the Disasterpiece mission in Act 2.

Scalpel - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

Katanas are certainly among the best weapons of Cyberpunk 2077. Among these, the Scalpel is particularly useful, as it will cause Electrical damage and will have a high chance of dealing critical damage. To get the most out of the Scalper katana it would be good to have Sandevistian cyberware equipped. When active, your chances of critically striking will increase and you will also cause Bleeding to the opponents. You can find it by completing the Big In Japan side quest.

Tsumetogi - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

The Tsumetogi is another Katana very similar to the Scalpel. Again you will be able to cause electrical damage and also shock damage to opponents. With the Tsumetogi, however, the consumption of Stamina will be halved. It will also grant you resistance to Electric-type damage and enhance your "non-standard" attacks, such as charged ones. You can find it on the table in the room where you will talk to the Tyger Claws bosses, during the Pisces Side mission, required to complete Judy's story arc.

Overwatch - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

The Overwatch is arguably one of Cyberpunk 2077's best weapons. It is definitely the best sniper rifle. In addition to guaranteeing very high damage, it is also equipped with a silencer that will allow you to stay hidden for a long time. Its critical damage is very high and headshots will take more than double the hit points from opponents. This weapon is capable of taking out multiple enemies at a time with a single blow. You can get it by completing the Rider's on the Storm side mission in the Panama story arc.

Tinker Bell - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

Tinker Bell is one of the best non-lethal weapons by Cyberpuntk 2077. Deals very high Electric damage and has a wide chance to shock opponents. Using a powerful attack we can even have a high probability of knocking out the opponent in a single hit. You can find her in The Hunt assignment in River's story arc, more precisely in the secret room of the Peter Pan farm. You will have to find the appropriate switch to reach it.

Crash - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

Crash combines the power of a revolver with the rate of fire of an automatic rifle. This weapon is capable of taking down even the most powerful opponents, since, if you hold the trigger, it will unload the entire magazine on the enemy. It is certainly one of the best options if you want to opt for a decidedly versatile approach. You will get it by completing River's story arc, which begins with I fought the Law.

Malorian Arm 3516 - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

The Malorian Arm 3516 is truly one of Cyberpunk 2077's best and most iconic weapons. This is Johnny Silverhand's gun, played by Keanu Reeves. You can use it already during the campaign and you will realize how powerful it is, but it will be possible to find it permanently even later. In addition to inflicting very high damage - even of the Thermal type - it will recharge very quickly and will have four slots for modifications. You can get it from Grayson's body in the "Chippin" assignment..

Apparition - Cyberpunk 2077: where to find the best weapons

Apparition is one of the most powerful guns of Cyberpunk 2077. It has no particular characteristics, nor does it deal elemental damage of any kind, but its potency will increase when your health is low. Charged shots will be more powerful. Plus, you can reload much faster. To get it you will have to complete the Warpigs assignment and collect it from a corpse, but it appears to be only available to characters who have chosen the Guild path.

Down with the Corporations

Well, here we are at the end of this guide on where to find all the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. The title is causing a lot of talk about itself these days, mostly due to the questionable state in which its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were released. Still, it seems that the content is not lacking. In this regard, you can take a look at some of our other solutions or advice on how to create your own character.

Perhaps the real next-gen started like this, in a somewhat peculiar year that caused a lot of problems for developers. You are testing the new CD Projekt RED title? Let us know in the comments and stay on the Holygamerz pages for any interesting news on the world of video games. 

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