Cyberpunk 2077: A mod inserts the Edgerunners cyberpsychosis as part of the gameplay

An new mod transform the experience of cyberpunk 2077 inserting in it the cyberpsychosis and its symptoms. In these days cyberpunk 2077 is back on everyone's lips, repopulating the world built by CD Projekt Red thanks to Edgerunners, the Netflix animated series of the same name. The narrative arc at its heart, among other things, introduced a very interesting dynamic closely related to one of the central elements of the game. Simply installing any new cyber fragment involves not only a improvement of one's personal performance, but also the risk of a real mental rejection, called cyberpsychosis.

cyberpunk 2077

Based on all this, as also reported by GamesRadar, a modder of cyberpunk 2077, Such djkovrik he created the mod Wannabe Edgerunner, which inserts an approach based on this cyberpsychosis into the gaming experience. All through a new system that manages the player's humanity, in the wake of the aforementioned TV series and the board game of cyberpunk 2077, with which you have to deal with during your entire adventure. Thus the effects of the aforementioned psychosis will be permanently under control, with the possibility of managing them through one's own choices.

But when humanity sinks too low, here is the more negative symptoms they will begin to appear on the horizon (in the series, for example, they are apathy and violent anger). Furthermore, the progressive loss of one's humanity will not only be triggered with the aforementioned physical improvements, but also as a result of numerous murders. Even such acts affect one's sanity quite a bit, therefore. Basically freaking out by losing control and killing innocent people, even with improvements on them, will throw the player into a chasm from which it is difficult to return.

In the game of cyberpunk 2077 we will find all this through some visual distortions on screen and debuffs. There are various stages related to cyberpsychosis, and once you pass a certain limit it will be very difficult to put a stop to it. Obviously the trigger of such a reaction depends on the quality of the elements that are added to one's body, and on the use or not of neurobloccanti, available in the mod upon purchase.

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