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Create an e-commerce and thus start a sell online it can only be a good idea for companies that want to be competitive, e-commerce is in fact able to open up really huge business horizons, but what are the fundamental steps to network an e-commerce that can prove to be performing?

Leaving aside the phases that concern the company in the strict sense, therefore the opening of the VAT number, the registration with the reference Chamber of Commerce, the management of the warehouse and so on, let's focus on e-commerce from a technical point of view. .

Buy hosting and domain

First of all, to put an e-commerce online, you have to buy the domain and its space hosting: the domain is essentially the name of the website (the domain of this site is, for example, ""), while the hosting is the server space on which the site will be placed.

The purchase of the domain and the server space is, in almost all cases, carried out jointly, certainly a very practical and cost-effective operation.

There would be an alternative, that is to place your site on proprietary servers, however there are very few companies that opt ​​for this possibility, to save money, of course, but also because by purchasing a hosting you are exempt from any obligation of nature. technique, and this is no small feat.

Choose a quality CMS like Magento

The second, important step in networking an e-commerce is the choice of CMS.

Today all Internet sites, not just those dedicated to electronic commerce, are structured thanks to CMS, or gods content management systems that allow you to manage the control panel in a complete and functional way.

The great, very important peculiarity of the CMS is that of allowing to administer the site in all its aspects even to those who have no competence in terms of programming codes, consequently it can be said that today the production of content and in general the management of a site can also be run by anyone who is not a technician in the strict sense.

Magento is one of the most popular and appreciated CMS for e-commerce, for many reasons: its ease of use is maximum, it is very efficient in terms of SEO, it offers multiple customization functions, it is constantly improved with new updates and so on.

Structuring the new e-commerce using Magento, therefore, can only be a good idea, and it is interesting to underline that specialized companies such as offer the possibility of purchasing special hosting for e-commerce in which the installation of this CMS can take place with a simple click, in the name of maximum practicality.

Ensure full compliance with legal obligations

Businesses that operate online via e-commerce must be perfectly fine in line with the provisions of the law: on the site, first of all, all the company data must be indicated, therefore the company address, VAT number, company name and so on, furthermore the site must be in line with the provisions of the GDPR, the European regulation that makes mandatory the publication of specific information in order to protect privacy.

In light of this, therefore, it can only be good advice to be supported by a professional, to be sure that the new e-commerce is also flawless in terms of legal obligations.

Produce the content

The last step, probably the most laborious of all, corresponds to the content production of the new site.

E-commerce sites are particularly rich in texts: in addition to "basic" content, such as the descriptions of the various categories, it is also advisable to include texts in the individual product sheets, so it is clear that the work to be done is very full-bodied.

Obviously, even with regard to the production of content, quality must be taken care of in the best possible way, also for SEO purposes, consequently it is important to entrust this task to expert figures, therefore to some copywriter who have already had the opportunity to write texts for e-commerce, perhaps belonging to the same product category.

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