Complete guide, tips and tricks for Pokémon GO [2021]

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More unexpectedly than a working update, the Coronavirus and quarantine have seen a boom in returns and new arrivals in Pokémon GO. To help you, I propose this complete guide which includes tips on how to get started and includes our other guides.

Not without difficulty, in fact, Pokémon GO is a continuously updated title, and returning after time can have something overwhelming.

How to play? Walking, walking, walking again. Only if, of course, it is not prohibited by a government decree. Then turn on your GPS, ready, GO.

  • All the guides
  • Game start
  • Capture
  • Pokémon Box
  • Evolve and empower
  • Points of interest
  • Useful tools
  • The shop
  • Layers
  • The Raid bosses
  • Synchro-adventure
  • Friends and friendship packs
  • Exchanges and struggles
  • AR functionality
  • Optimize experience gain
  • Recurring events

All our guides

In case you need to consult some of our guides quickly, I will provide you with the list immediately. You can still skip this part and go directly to the other sections where we explain how to play and how Pokémon GO works. We recently covered the seventh season of the Battle League, the Legendary March Raids and Season of Legends.

Even more recently we also talked about the Climate week 2021.

Occasional events

Like any self-respecting mobile game, Pokémon GO also has its own timed events. This section is used to summarize which events have occurred or to find those currently in progress!

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  • Guide to the Mega Fight Challenge
  • The week of the Megacompagno challenge
  • Guide to Victini
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  • Unusual egg occurrence
  • Halloween guide and ghost event [2020]
  • Halloween Cup event
  • November 2020 Battle League Guide
  • Animation Week
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  • New Levels, Seasons, Kalos Pokémon
  • December events [2020]
  • Celebration season (legal season)
  • Bonuses and versions of the Kanto Pokémon GO tour
  • How to catch Shiny Celebi
  • 2020 holiday event
  • New year celebrations 2021
  • January events [2021]
  • The Unova event (2021) and its challenges
  • Sinnoh event (2021) and its challenges
  • The Hoenn event (2021) and its challenges
  • The Johto event (2021) and its challenges
  • February and Megaraid events [2021]
  • February GO Rocket Team Event [2021]

Guides must

There are a few things everyone should know, such as how to catch Ditto or how the swaps and evolutions work in the game. Whether you're a novice or a veteran player, a refresher never hurts.

  • Guide to Eggs
  • Raid Boss Guide
  • Guide to Mega Evolutions
  • Team Rocket Leaders Guide
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  • How to catch Ditto
  • GO Battle League Guide
  • Guide to exchanges and evolutions
  • Community Days and how they work
  • Eevee Evolution Guide
  • Pokémon GO Transfer - Home
  • Requirements for new levels over 40

Game start

Once the application is started, you will have an avatar in front of you on a map of the real world. The start of the game will present you with a familiar scene if you have played the main titles, and that sums up the whole spirit of the game a bit. The three starter Pokémon Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle will appear on the map around you.

You can choose which one to capture, or you can walk away from them until they reappear three times for the trio to also add a captive Pikachu.

The choice will not impact on the continuation of the adventure - and indeed, unlike the console titles, all the starters of all the available regions they may be encountered in the wild, in some eggs or in raids. Surprisingly, the mechanics behind the game are to catch Pokémon, as much as possible - especially if they are of the same species.

Doing so will enable you to increase the Trainer level. For some levels the unlocking of particular functions is foreseen: the first is that of Teams at level 3. There are three: Wisdom (blue, with Articuno), Instinct (yellow, Zapdos) and Courage (red, Moltres), and each has its own charismatic leader.

The choice will affect your gameplay only marginally: no advice is particularly useful in this case. We will see how as we advance in the guide.

The capture screen

The capture screen is simple: a Pokémon and the ball to catch it. By holding down on the ball, a white circle will appear with a colored one inside, of a different color according to the difficulty of catching the Pokémon (green = easy, orange = attention, red = difficult).

Launch the ball by swiping your finger across the screen, trying to hit the Pokémon when the colored circle is as narrow as possible.

There are four types of shots, three of which I decided based on the position of the circle: Good, Excellent, Excellent. The fourth type can be applied to each of these by holding down on the ball and shaking it a little before throwing until it starts to spin. The curved ball, as it is called, will slightly increase the chances of capture and the dust obtained, especially if applied to a Good, Excellent or Excellent shot.

Also the type of ball has its effectiveness in capturing. Mega ball and Ultra ball will help in this regard, for even greater effectiveness if you use one berry. You can find them in the menu at the bottom left and there are various types.

  • Baccalampon: make it slightly easier to catch a Pokémon. Golden Raspberries further increase the odds.
  • Baccananas: Double the amount of candy obtained by catching a Pokémon. In addition, the Silver Berry will also make it slightly easier to catch the Pokémon.
  • Baccabana: make the Pokémon calmer in capture by holding it steady on the screen. On the other hand, they do not improve the chances of catching or double the candy.

Important Note: If a Pokémon comes out of the ball after you have used a Berry, its effect will wear off, and you will have to use another.

Catching a Pokémon it will earn you candies for that species, experience points and stardust. As for the latter, the base quantity is 100, increased by 25 if the Pokémon is boosted by the current weather (indicated on the map by a transparent ring on the creature). By catching at least one Pokémon per day for 7 days in a row, you will then get a substantial bonus of dust and experience from the catch.

The Pokémon Box

In the center of the main screen of the game (the one with the map and your character) you will see a button with a Pokéball icon. Clicking it will open the main menu. Let's start with the Pokémon button on the left: it will allow you to access the Pokémon Box.

Any Pokémon caught will end up here. At the top, in brackets under the heading "Pokémon", the current number and the maximum number of Pokémon that you can keep at the same time. It will initially be quite low, but can be expanded according to your needs. To have enough Pokémon to face any raid boss it is recommended to have at least 200 spaces.

The search bar at the top and the button at the bottom right will be very useful for you filter your box when it is well populated. In the search bar you can search not only by writing a name, but also a maximum of Battle Points (pl-xxxx), a type of Pokémon (Grass) or move (@erba), those that are evolvable (evolve) and so on. Tap on a Pokémon to consult its details.

Evolve and empower

All the Pokémon you catch will have an assigned Battle Point (PL) value, which can be consulted above in the details of each of them. They represent the power of the Pokémon, and in some cases they can help you determine its stats even before you catch it. Beware of catching though, because the higher they are, the harder it will be to land one.

The evolution, another of the bases of the Pokémon world, is completely reimagined in GO via a candy system. These are obtained precisely by capturing Pokémon, and each species needs a different amount to evolve.

There are ways to maximize the achievement and we will get to them later, for now just know that the minimum wage is 3 for each capture if it is a basic form (like the three initials mentioned above).

You will be able to consult how many candies are needed to evolve each Pokémon directly on the Evolve button on its details screen. Some require the use of special tools, which you can get from Pokéstops. Then there is the Mega Evolution, a temporary evolution lasting 8 hours and which requires special Mega Energy to perform. It also only works on certain Pokémon.

Evolving will increase that Pokémon's CP, as well the Boost button just above that to evolve. To "upgrade" is meant to level up the Pokémon, using Stardust and candies of its kind. This will increase their PL while also improving their stats.

It is not necessary to upgrade all Pokémon to progress in the adventure, and indeed it is recommended to do so only according to your needs.

Points of interest

On the map, your eye will fall on some particular structures, which fall under the generic name of "points of interest". They represent monuments, plaques or real world landmarks of any (or almost) type. You will see two types.

The basic one is the Pokéstop, a small structure with a cube on top: by clicking on it and turning the photo with the swipe of a finger you will get useful tools for your adventure including berries.

A Pokéstop that you have never used will appear with a white circle around it. Others may appear black and behave strangely as if in a spasm. In the latter case, accessing it will trigger a special meeting with a member of the GO Rocket team - but the feature will be unlocked later in the game.

The second type of point of interest is much more conspicuous, and has a sort of round platform. I'm Gyms: each of them can accommodate six people per team, and obviously not permanently.

Already from the map, the color of the team that is currently hosted will be clearly visible, and the members of the other two can attack to conquer it. Gyms also have a photo disc that you can spin around to get tools - you'll get more if the Gym is your color.

Leaving Pokémon in defense of a Gym will do you earn Pokémonete, the in-game currency of Pokémon GO. You will gain one every ten minutes of defense, for a maximum of 50 per day after about 8 hours and 20 minutes.

It seems like a little, but you can earn 1500 coins in a month - more than enough to buy an Ultra Pack from the shop, full of useful items.

Even if you have multiple Pokémon in defense in multiple Gyms at the same time, the daily limit amounts to 50 coins. They will be yours once the Pokémon are back in your box, broken down according to the length of stay of each.

Communities implement it as a good practice to let each Trainer be able to guarantee the maximum daily amount of Pokémonetis. Be generous, don't you gain much from winning the maximum of 20 contemporary gyms that you are allowed?

Useful tools

As already mentioned there are various tools which you can get in Pokémon GO. From the Pokéstop and photo discs of the Gyms, as well as to the completion of a GO Rocket raid or fight, you can first of all obtain, in addition to the berries, also important Potions and Revitalizers of all kinds.

In fact, after raid battles or against the GO Rocket team, your Pokémon will not return to health (as happens for example after PvP battles), and you will have to treat them by hand.

Of course, not all the most useful tools can be obtained so commonly. The following tools can be obtained leveling up, or from certain field research, timed or special as a reward. Let's first look at those that will allow you to obtain direct benefits.

  • Fortunuovo: a particular egg that will allow you to get double the normal experience points for half an hour (except for events that extend its duration). Its effect is valid whenever you gain XP points. You can activate more than one and accumulate its duration.
  • Star piece: described as a fragment of a beautiful gem, activating one will multiply the amount of stardust obtained by 1.5 times normal, for half an hour (barring events). However, the effect does not apply to dust earned in some ways, such as special research missions. More than one can be activated and their duration accumulated.

Then there are tools to attract Pokémon to a specific location. Most are not obtainable from the map: you will have to purchase them, or complete certain research missions.

  • Aroma: a scent that will attract more Pokémon than normal to your location for 60 minutes, barring events such as Community Day. During some of these events they may also attract a particular type of Pokémon more than the rest.
    The effect differs depending on whether you move or not. In the latter case, one Pokémon will be attracted per minute, but if you stand still you will attract one every 5 minutes or so.
  • Surprise Package: a special package obtainable only by transferring Pokémon to Pokémon Home or Let's GO (N. Switch). It functions as an Aroma, and will only attract the Mythological Pokémon Meltan to your location. It works for 60 minutes, attracting about one Meltan per minute.
  • Esca module: similar to an Aroma, this item will also attract Pokémon, but it can only be installed on a Pokéstop.
    Once used, for 30 minutes it will attract more Pokémon to that Stop. The basic type will attract Pokémon similar to those already on the map, but there are others.
    - Magnetic: Attracts Steel and Electric-type Pokémon. Near a Magnetic module you can also evolve Eevee into Leafeon.
    - Glacial: Attracts Ice and Water-type Pokémon. Near the Ice module you can evolve Eevee into Glaceon.
    - Sylvester: Attracts Grass and Bug-type Pokémon. Staying within the range of a Pokéstop with this active module you can evolve Magneton and Nosepass into Magnezone and Probopass respectively.

Finally some are obtainable evolutionary tools. Again, not all of them will be released from points of interest or raid bosses. However, each of these Pokémon also needs a certain number of candies to evolve (in parentheses).

  • Dragon Scale: Seadra -> Kingdra [100]
  • Rock of the King: Slowpoke -> Slowking [50]; Poliwhirl -> Politoed [100]
  • Metal blanket: Scyther -> Scizor [50]; Onix -> Steelix [50]
  • Pietrasolare: Gloom -> Bellossom [100]; Sunkern -> Sunflora [50]
  • Upgrade: Porygon -> Porygon2 [50]

Sinnoh stone and Unova stone

These two Stones are special evolutionary tools, obtainable from the weekly pack (after completing at least one field research for 7 days in a row) or from the GO Battle League rewards.
They evolve with these some Pokémon discovered respectively, in fact, in the regions of Sinnoh and Unova. The list follows.

Sinnoh stone

They all also need 100 candies

  • Sneasel -> Weavile
  • Electabuzz -> Electivire
  • Rhydon -> Rhyperior
  • Magmar -> Magmortar
  • Misdreavus -> Mismagius
  • Roselia -> Roserade
  • Murkrow -> Honchcrow
  • Porygon2 -> Porygon-Z
  • Togetic -> Togekiss
  • Gligar -> Gliscor
  • Dusclops -> Dusknoir
  • Piloswine -> Mamoswine
  • Aipom -> Ambipom
  • Yanma -> Yanmega
  • Tangela -> Tangrowth
  • Lickitung -> Lickylicky
  • Kirlia -> Gallade
  • Snorunt -> Froslass

Unova stone

Everyone (except Munna) even needs 100 candies

  • Pansear -> Simisear
  • Pansage -> Simisage
  • Panpour -> Simipour
  • Lampent -> Chandelure
  • Minccino -> Cinccino
  • Eelektrik -> Eelektross [not released]
  • Munna -> Musharna [50, not released]

The shop

The Pokémon GO store, which you can access from the Pokéball menu, collects various useful items that you can buy in exchange for Pokémonete or real currency. It is not essential to spend money to progress in the game. As mentioned, in fact, proper management of shifts in the Gym with your community will help you to set aside Pokémonete in abundance.

Let's start by taking i Special, Ultra and Adventure packages, which are periodically renewed alternating with the Community Day pack. Naturally, the higher cost of the Ultra and Adventure packs is accompanied by a greater quantity of useful tools inside them.
From time to time, a pack with one or more remote raid tickets and a Beginners pack also appear - to be purchased in exchange for real currency instead of with Pokémonete.

The instruments inside the packs they can be purchased (in exchange for Pokémonete) also separately. These are mainly Incubators and Super Incubators, Fortunuova, Star Pieces and Pokéballs.
In the shop you can also buy remote raid tickets (100 each or a pack of 3 for 240 coins), stickers for friendship packs (in groups of 10 or 30), bag and Pokémon box spaces (both expand by 50 spaces for a cost of 200 coins). Finally, once a year, you can use 1000 coins to purchase a Team Medallion and change the chosen team.

A brief mention to the Shop, which you can also access from the Manager profile. It allows you to purchase (and wear) particular items of clothing, accessories or poses. However, keep in mind that some are very expensive in terms of Pokémonete, in the face of almost no practical utility (but do you really want to miss a Meltan hat?).

Tickets for special events

In the days immediately preceding a Community Day, it appears in the Store a special ticket dedicated to the same Community. At the price of 0.99 € you will unlock a short timed mission that will reward you with some items and bonuses - nothing substantial.

Tickets for special events, such as for preview searches. For about € 8,99 you can access this research (which will remain available until you complete it) and get a particular Pokémon before its release, as well as a medal that will appear on your Trainer profile and other bonuses such as poses or clothes.

Even the purchase of these two types of special tickets will not upset your gaming experience. Then no: it is absolutely not essential to buy them, because everything they give preview access to will be available to everyone sooner or later (save for any poses or outfits, again: not essential to progressing the experience).


There are 50 levels in all in Pokémon GO. 40 are reachable by only obtaining experience points, and from time to time (as evident in the table) they will reward you by unlocking features or new items.

On the other hand, things get significantly complicated beyond level 40, an old limit that has recently been expanded. Not only will you need even more experience for the next one, but you will also need to complete specific missions to prove that you really are the best. At the end of your path you will unlock an exclusive jacket for your avatar.

The Raid bosses

From level 5 onwards, the gyms come alive. In fact, during the day you might see an egg on top of a Gym, which hatching will reveal a particular Pokémon. It is a RAID, which is home to a particular or stronger Pokémon. There are four different levels - 1, 3, 5 and Mega.

While for the former you should be able to get by on your own, for all the others you will have to ask for help from one or more friends. In any case, it is a fight against the Pokémon boss in co-op with other players.

Open the Surroundings bar at the bottom right, and choose the "Raid" menu to consult all those nearby. Each one will bring back the photo disk of the Gym where you can find it, the level and the time remaining before the raid expires. Clicking on it will show you on the map the gym where you can go to face it.

However, to tackle the raids you will need some special tickets. There are three types:

  • Raid ticket: you will only get one per day by turning the Gym Photo Disc or accessing it while a raid is in progress (except special events). You can only have one on the stock exchange at a time.
  • Premium Battle Ticket: they are obtained from some special research or in the field, or by purchasing them in the Shop for 100 coins each. As long as your bag is not full there is no limit to how many you can carry.
  • Remote raid ticket: pink in color, they are currently only obtainable when purchased in the shop - again for 100 coins each, or three for 240 coins. Three is the maximum number that can be held on the stock exchange at the same time.

With the implementation of remote raids the requirement to be in the immediate vicinity of a Gym to participate in raids has been removed. The remote passes will allow you to participate in a raid in any Gym appears in your Surroundings menu, or alternatively to be invited by those who in turn see the raid in that menu or are near the Gym.

There is though a maximum of 10 people who can participate in the same raid using a remote pass, whether they are invited or see the Gym. To get around this, if you have more players than the limit allowed you can split into multiple lobbies - keeping in mind that the inviter can leave the lobby without wasting the pass if the fight hasn't started yet.

Completing a raid will reward you with items, stardust and experience points in varying amounts - and megaenergy in the case of the Megaraid. You can also capture the boss, using special Premier balls that you will get, also in variable quantities and usable only to capture that boss.

The amount of ball is decided by the contribution in terms of damage, by your belonging (or not) to the team with the numerical majority and by the level of friendship with the other Coaches present.

There is also a fourth type of raid, which is currently not available as a containment measure for lockdown gatherings. It is about the EX raid(clusive).

Unlike normal ones, to participate you will first have to take part with other people in a raid held in a Gym that has the EX Raid Gym tag. Once done, you could get a special EX Raid Pass: you can only use it in that gym and at the specified date and time, to face a special boss.

  • Raid Boss Guide

Guide to Adventure Sync: what it is and how to use it

The situation is this: you have an entire egg box to hatch, and little battery. The continuous data and GPS connection required by Pokémon GO is in fact used to weigh down the battery of a phone not a little, and keeping the game constantly open (as much as you like) will drain it. During the first few levels you will be more likely to do this, but what if you don't want to always keep your eyes on the screen?

The answer is Adventure Sync. This special feature will allow Pokémon GO to "Track" your movements even when the app is not open. "Plot" in quotation marks, because in reality it will only take into account the kilometers traveled.

On the other hand, it relies on external apps, which will certainly take into account your path: if it bothers you, the functionality can of course be deactivated.

In preparation for using Adventure Sync, you will first need to download Google Fit if you are on Android, Apple Health on iOS.
- For Google Fit, open the application and log in with the same Google account you use for Pokémon GO. In the main menu, click on Profile at the bottom right, then at the top right on the Settings wheel. Find the wording “Manage linked apps”, and make sure Pokémon GO is in the list. If you don't see it, you will probably need to activate the feature on your GO first and then come back here.
- For Apple Health, after opening the app click on your profile picture and look for the App item in the Privacy menu. Make sure the connection to Pokémon GO is listed, and again: if not, you probably need to go to GO first.

So let's move on to Pokémon GO. From the usual Pokéball menu, access the top right at Settings of the game, and search for Adventure Sync. Click on Activate! in the popup that will appear on the screen, then on Ok. Done! Adventure Sync is ready, scrolling a little further down in the Settings menu you can choose which features to activate.

Adventure Sync: Distance will keep track of the distance you have walked with the feature turned on. "Fortune Sync: Surroundings" should warn you if a Pokémon that you haven't registered in your Pokédex is detected nearby.

Important note for Samsung users: no, Samsung Health is not compatible with Adventure Sync.
In addition, two important steps for Adventure Sync to work properly. First, the game shouldn't even be left running in the background. Second, the phone must not be in power saving mode.

Advantages of Adventure Sync they are not limited to counting the distance the eggs hatch and the distance it takes for the buddy Pokémon to find candy. If you can walk with the feature active for at least 5km you will receive items as a reward - mainly Pokéballs.

Walking 25km you will receive instead of Megaball and a special 5km egg with a limited pool of Pokémon inside, and having reached at least 50km you will get Ultraball and a special 10km egg (also with a limited pool of Pokémon).

Social functionality: friends, friendship packs

Level 10 brings with it very important features. They all fall into the "social" categorization, and will specifically link you to other Trainers. By clicking on the thumbnail of your avatar at the bottom left, swipe left (or click on the tab at the top right) to open the Friends menu.

On this screen, you can first view all your friends from Pokémon GO. Let's move first on "Add friends". In the screen that opens you can use the white bar to enter a friend's code, or share your code or copy it to the phone's clipboard with the buttons just above.

The tab at the top right will finally open your camera: if your friend is in front of you you can scan his QR code instead, or by clicking on “My QR code” to make your friend appear because he scans it.

You can also connect your Pokémon GO account to your Facebook account. In this case, you will be able to add all friends of the social platform who use Pokémon GO without having to request their code.

But what do you do with friends in Pokémon GO?

The most basic functionality is that ofsending Friendship Packsto. These are packets that you can collect from Pokéstops and send them. Each contains items, stardust, experience points and in some cases even stickers to send with the package. Opening a friend pack is considered "interacting" with a friend: you can only send one pack per day to each friend.

The concept of interaction also extends to other features, specifically raids, fights and exchanges. These last two features can be accessed from each friend's screen - which you can consult from the friends list.

Exchanges can only be used within a certain distance, except for events. Battles can only be played remotely with friends with whom you have reached the maximum friendship level.

Friendship levels are earned with the aforementioned daily interactions, for a total of 90 days required to reach the final level. Succeeding in doing so will give you benefits such as, importantly, an increase in the stats for your Pokémon and Premier ball obtained when participating in a raid together.

Trade and struggle

For exchanges, please refer to our specific guide. We limit ourselves here to summarize the main features.

Under normal conditions you can only trade within a distance no more than 100 meters from each other, regardless of friendship level. Trading costs a fixed amount of stardust, which varies according to the Pokémon and friendship level.

In addition, in Pokémon GO, the exchange is "one-way", and you will not be able to get back a Pokémon already exchanged or give away one obtained from an exchange.

At any time you can challenge another Trainer in a friendly fight, via the very explicit button on his details screen. You need to be in co-presence to challenge a friend in a fight, unless you are Best friends (four hearts): once you have reached this goal, you can challenge yourself from any distance. Choose a league (Mega, Ultra, Master) based on the maximum number of LP you want to use and make your own rules.

There is of course also the possibility of taking part in ranked fights. From the Pokéball menu, press the Fight button: you will access the game screen GO Battle League. Also for this we have a dedicated guide to which we refer. Suffice it to say that this is a real challenge in most cases, and that it will reward you with stardust, Pokémon and objects of all kinds.

Research missions

From the map, click on the binoculars icon at the bottom right. You will then access the search menu, which can be mainly of two types.

Field research can be obtained by flipping Pokéstops (not Gyms photo discs). You can hold a maximum of three field searches, including daily bonus searches (one per day) but not AR scan searches.

The first Field Mission you complete during the day will award you a stamp, visible at the top of the Field Missions screen.

Completing one mission per day for seven days (not necessarily in a row) will unlock a special package, from which you will each time get experience points, stardust and an encounter with a particular Pokémon. You may also get a Unova or Sinnoh stone.

Le AR scan missions they will require you to walk around the actual counterpart of the point of interest in the game. They can be obtained from Pokéstop whose disc bears the appropriate wording, as well as - exclusively for this type of missions - also from Gyms bearing the wording "AR Scan".

Special researches they are instead real storylines, which in a certain sense tell an internal lore to Pokémon GO. Once unlocked they will remain available until you complete all the steps, eventually rewarding you with a special Pokémon. In most cases it is a mythological one (at the moment Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Victini).

Some special missions are dedicated to the GO Rocket team. Missions of this type unlock periodically and automatically, but you will not be able to access the new mission if you have not completed the previous one. This differentiates them from normal special searches, which instead can all be active at the same time.

A space should also be dedicated to Today section. This summarizes the currently active bonuses (for example for an event) and the limited-time research missions.

Even in the absence of these there will be a lot of important information: you will know at a glance, for example, how many and which Pokémon you have left to defend a Gym, and how many coins you have obtained that day.

AR (augmented reality) features

A distinctive element of Pokémon GO is the ability to use the phone's camera for Augmented Reality. This will place the Pokémon in the space in front of you and you can interact with it.

You can use the feature while capturing, for an even more immersive experience - but beware, the Pokémon may escape before you even attempt to throw a ball.

Any Pokémon in the box can be brought out of his Pokéball by clicking on the camera icon in its details screen. Placing the device vertically perpendicular to the ground will help it detect the surface, especially when outdoors.

Once out of the ball you can take a picture to any Pokémon in the box. When you do this, in some cases it may appear as a surprise encounter (or “photobomb”) Smeargle, or in others if there are particular events going on.

In this case you will find the photobomb in the first of the photos taken of any Pokémon, and exiting the screen you will see the Pokémon appear on the map at your location.

The Companion Pokémon

To make full use of this functionality is above all the so-called Companion Pokémon. By clicking on the thumbnail of your avatar and then on the avatar, or on the circle just next to it, you will access the box (if the circle is empty) and you will be able to select a Pokémon. From that moment on, he will be your Companion.

Just like friends will have a friendship indicator in hearts, which increases by a certain amount every day. Than the interactions decide that you can consult a little further down on the Companion screen.

Feed him, walk with him, flip new Pokéstops to make him grow - remembering that you can only walk with him after getting at least the first heart and giving him three berries to eat.

Among the various benefits, the Companion can bring you some packages from nearby Pokéstop if you are short, and reaching the maximum affinity level ("best companion") will receive a bow and a increase in PL fighting.

By walking together you will also get candies for its species, and if you have already Mega Evolved a Pokémon for that species, you will also get the relative one Mega energy (always if its species can Mega Evolve).

Foto GO expands for the partner. By selecting a spot on the ground you will see it appear, you can feed it berries until it is full and stroke it to make it happy.

Also, if you have friends next to you, you can gather all your Companions together in Group Mode, play with them and take photos. Taking at least one photo per day will also increase the friendship indicator.

How to optimize the earning of experience points

It's important quickly raise your level, because in addition to unlocking items and features it will allow you (if you want it) to upgrade your Pokémon to a new maximum level. There are various ways to gain experience, let's see how to optimize the obtaining. In any case, the Fortunuovo will be your excellent friends.

A fairly common method is to accumulate Pokémon that you already have for the sole purpose of evolve and transfer them afterwards. Evolution will earn you 500 XP, which becomes 1000 with a Fortunuovo active. Evolving a Pokémon into one that you have not yet registered in the Pokédex is worth 1000 experience points in itself, which therefore rise to 2000 with the active egg.

For set aside candy and Pokémon enough (and stardust, as a side effect) find a place with at least two or three Pokéstops on which you can apply a Tinder Module. Even better if it is a route full of these points of interest, and if you also activate a supporting Aroma.

In short, the idea is that of attract Pokémon in large quantities, and take advantage of it to maximize the experience (during or after) with the Fortunuovo.

Currently the two major sources of XP (intended as "basic, without Fortunuovo") are undoubtedly the legendary raids and friendship levels. Completing the first two will reward you with 10.000 XP, while for the friendship levels for the last two (best friends / best friends) you will get 50.000 and 100.000 points.

Therefore, synchronize with as many friends as possible to earn large amounts of points, and try to use Fortunuova for raids especially if you have at least a couple of them planned in the time frame available to you (the legendary hour, for example, would be a great time).

Recurring events: Community Day, featured and more

We close with one mention to events. These are a very important part of the world (in-game and otherwise) of Pokémon GO, designed for bring together groups of people in the name of socialization and a sense of community.

Even during the quarantine period, Niantic has decided not to suspend them completely, favoring more hybrid home / walk solutions. The events we will talk about can therefore still be played from home. However, remember that depending on the area you live in, there may be fewer Pokémon appear than in the city center.

Two types of events are replicated on a weekly basis, the first floor hour and the legendary / mysterious hour. The first takes place every Tuesday from 18 to 19 pm, involving a different Pokémon each week that will overpopulate the map.

At the same time, a different bonus is also active every week, from the double capture experience to the double stardust. At the same time on Wednesday, the legendary (or mythological) on duty will storm the gyms: during the legendary hour he will appear on all those at your disposal until the 60 minutes expire.

On a monthly basis, a long-standing event takes place, the so-called Community Day. For six hours, the appearances of a particular predetermined Pokémon will be much more frequent: the map, the searches and the eggs will have it as the protagonist, and it will be more likely to meet the chromatic version.

By evolving it into its final form for up to two hours at the end of the event, it will also be able to learn an exclusive move - it can no longer be taught to its species in the future (except with a Star Player TM).

Finally, other similar events are raid days and targeted searches. In both cases the theme of the protagonist Pokémon is repeated, which for six hours in the first case and for the whole day in the second will appear respectively in the raids and in a series of timed missions.

If targeted searches are an excellent opportunity to allocate candies and tools, the raid days (lasting six hours despite the name) will allow you to obtain a Pokémon that will often have an exclusive move, and not otherwise obtainable (if not, of new, with an MT Star Player).

For these, moreover, the gyms will give you up to 5 free raid passes, but you can continue to face raids even up to defeating them in every single gym if you want.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Is Pokémon Go worth it in two thousand twenty-one? - Quora.
I measured with Pokemon.
Yes, it clearly is.
In truth, they've added quirks, like pokemon appearing more frequently without requiring a lot of walking, in order that you can play it even in the middle of the pandemic.

Since the CP increases of the power-ups are also proportional through evolutions, you will get exactly the same results for exactly the same amount of stardust and candy whether you power up the Pokemon before or after evolving it.
There should be no difference.

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