Christmas 2022: the best "cheap" and no longer very young games to give and recover

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The Christmas period, for any self-respecting good gamer, can be summed up, in most cases, in a single but very heavy term: backlog. Let's face it: how many, also caught up in the heat of the moment, accumulate an impressive amount of titles every year, only to then realize they don't have the material time to play them? Between birthday gifts, various discounts and games available through the various subscriptions, finding yourself in the situation of having to "dispose" of an increasingly large number of videogame products that are no longer of the very first hair has become increasingly common. Clearly, this "rule" does not apply to everyone. Knowing how to manage one's "videogame time" is an art, and there are those who manage to extricate themselves without problems in this increasingly threatening and tedious world, grinding various "Mille" and "Platinum" without solutions of continuity.

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Even for these subjects, however, the risk of having lost something along the way is always around the corner. For this reason, also thanks to those (few) days off during the Christmas period, and obviously the inevitable gifts from Santa Claus, it is clear that there is no better time to try to get the videogame masterpiece of the, pass us the expression, “Christmas Past”. Let's start, therefore, in search of the perfect advice to make your gaming Christmas even more magical, with the hope of being able to give you a few hours of extra fun in the company of your favorite gaming platform, whatever it is.

The best games to catch up on Christmas

The King of Christmas: Hades

The first name on the Christmas catch-up list is probably the most "in vogue" of the moment, but it's still on our list of games to absolutely catch up on if you left it behind. We refer to Hades, a small pearl of Supergiant Games which has literally depopulated over the last few months, to the point of becoming a practically essential product. Given its staggered release (first on PC, then on Switch, then on the other consoles) and its high difficulty, many may have "skipped" the title, whose sequel was announced during the TGA of this year, and what better time to give it a chance? To make Hades the first in the standings (attention, it is not a ranking in the strict sense, however, rather it is a list) there is also the fact that, at the moment, the most intriguing version of the game, namely the Nintendo Switch one, is also in strong discount (you can find it for only € 12,99), so you really have no excuse not to embark on an adventure in the company of Zagreus. Trust me!

Catherine: Full Body

Remaining on the subject of "particular" products that have potentially ended up forgotten for most gamers, it is impossible not to mention Catherine: Full Body. The re-edition of the 2011 platform-adventure is a small videogame masterpiece, capable of combining a strong narrative component, breezy and cheeky as never before, with the trappings of a solid, fun and complex video game, which has its roots in a marked punitive vein and bold. Vincent's adventure (we lived it in the Nintendo Switch version) is one of those that you will hardly notice at first glance, but we are sure that it could easily become one of the most fascinating of your gaming life, a small pearl capable of leaving you more of a "something" once you reach the end of the line.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Remaining in the Nintendo house, another title that we warmly recommend to you, also given the very modest cost with which it is possible to find it currently, is Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Also thanks to the great success of its sequel, which arrived in stores a few months ago, there is no better time to let yourself be carried away by this all-Spanish adventure, by Ubisoft Milan. The first Mario + Rabbids is a tough turn-based strategy, not for everyone, which hides its terrible nature under a cheerful and bizarre pigmentation and technical realization. This is a splendid product, in some ways unique, capable of giving so many emotions to those who will have the strength and courage to take it head-on and not let themselves be discouraged by its punitive and ruthless nature.

Judgment: Tak's judgment comes crashing down on Christmas

Let's face it: how nice is it to see the Yakuza series (and its "related" works) finally emerge from the sphere of "niche" products? In recent years, the glorious brand coined by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has carved out an increasingly large market share in Europe as well and in our country, finally shaking off its production identity designed for a specific and less substantial audience. Thanks also to the willingness of the developers to adapt to current times and tastes, without however losing its identity, Yakuza has become an increasingly widespread name in the videogame medium, and much of the credit also comes from the spin-off chapters, which have contributed to make this diffusion path even easier. In this regard, it is impossible not to mention Judgment, the first spin-off chapter of the series, which stars detective Takayuki "Tak" Yagami. With its mix of spectacular Yakuza-style fights and a discreet investigative component, backed by a strong and decisive narrative, Judgment has been able to stand as one of the most intriguing products of recent years and, also considering the steep discounts that they concern at the moment, we strongly advise you to give it a chance, provided, however, that you take into consideration the idea that you will have to dedicate a lot of time to it.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

From fans of the fantasy world and action-tinged role-playing games the first Dragon's Dogma, in the "complete" Dark Arisen version, absolutely could not be missing from our list of Christmas purchases. Capcom's title, courageous and in some ways misunderstood, is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating products of recent years, thanks to its mix of freedom, fulfillment and gaming fun, which helped it become one of the best exponents of the genre. Let me be clear, the title hasn't aged very well, at least on consoles, especially in terms of combat dynamics, but considering the official arrival of the sequel and the fact that, at the moment, it's only sold for €4,99 on the PlayStation Store and on Steam, well, you absolutely can't miss it. So, draw your swords: it's time to go hunting for dragons (and not only).

Dragon's Crown Pro

Staying on the subject of dragons and fantasy, we cannot fail to recommend another product whose origins are rooted in the PlayStation 3 era. We are talking about Dragon’s Crown, in versione Pro, that is the remastered edition for PlayStation 4 Pro which saw the light in 2018, precisely in conjunction with the arrival of the new version of the former Sony flagship. In this version, but also in the original one, Vanillaware's title amazes and captivates both in terms of play and art, placing itself rightfully in the Olympus of the best scrolling action-rpg that we can remember in our memory. If you have never known the brand, or if more simply you are not particularly intrigued by the genre or the graphic style of the game, do yourself a favor and give this little gem a chance, and we are convinced that you will thank us, once you get to the titles of tail.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Souls Suspect is undoubtedly one of the most underrated games ever, even in "economic" terms. Often and willingly (as at the moment) sold at truly ridiculous prices, the Airlight Games title has been able to combine a good story with interesting gameplay dynamics a bit in Sherlock Holmes style, to which the protagonist also refers a lot in the look, resulting in the end of the carousel a solid and satisfying investigative product, net of the various surrounding problems it brings with it. Let me be clear: we are not dealing with a masterpiece and nor did it want to be so in the initial intentions, but also considering the price of around €2 with which it is possible to find it at the moment, we would like to recommend Ronan's adventure and his search for the truth behind a long trail of mysterious murders.

Alien: isolation

Every gamer falls in love sooner or later, and love is even more beautiful when it comes unexpectedly. Despite the absence of a particular link with the Alien film series or with the genre in question, Alien: Isolation was one of the games capable of leaving the most mark on the mind and heart, thanks to a playful structure if we want to be courageous and particular, but which marries perfectly with the ideology at the base of the production, which makes the adventure of the daughter of art Ellen Riplay a unique, exciting and unforgettable journey. Be warned, though: if you're faint of heart, the alien predator that's hunting you might make you take a few too many hits... but isn't the Christmas period also made for scares under the covers?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The “strength” flows powerfully in Cal. No, it's not an advertisement, nor the title of a new film in the Star Wars series, but it's still something to keep in mind before opening your wallet in a video game key. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (currently available for less than €9 on Xbox, and included in the Game Pass and with EA Play) was one of the best titles of the past generation of consoles. The product of the guys from Respawn Entertainment has been able to amaze and fascinate from both a playful and thematic point of view, demonstrating that he knows how to best fit into the complex narrative world of Star Wars with great fidelity and respect for the material from which he draws inspiration. Counting that the sequel (directed, probably) has just been announced, well, if you haven't experienced Cal's "escape" yet, now is definitely the best time to do it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

To close our purchase list provides one of the most famous titles of the group, but also perhaps the most misunderstood. The latest installment in BioWare's beloved Dragon Age saga; Inquisition, has divided a lot of critics and fans, resulting in several aspects a controversial product and unable to aim for the same "masterpiece" status as its predecessors. Net of this, however, Inquisiton is certainly an adventure that deserves to be experienced, even considering that it is available for free to all EA Play subscribers and that on Xbox it is possible to buy it for only € 4,99. We loved it, and we hope that you too can still give the Inquisitor and his fantasy epic a chance.

And what do you think of our "Christmas line 2022"? Have we piqued your interest? Which of these titles will you recover and which ones have you already tried? Let's talk about it together and… Merry Christmas to all of you!

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