Cheap TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S | The best of 2022

Now that we have entered the ninth generation of gaming with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, many enthusiasts are rightly thinking of upgrading their gaming stations. The occasion of a new console is excellent for changing the television on which you play, but not everyone needs to have to spend large budgets to get one of the top quality TVs at home. Fortunately online you can find many choices suitable for all budgets, and even those who want to please for the moment can find respectable cheap TV models to play on. If, on the other hand, you don't have budget limits but prefer to play on a 4K monitor, this other guide is for you.

Contrary to what one might think, even the big brands offer models with a lower price and with a decidedly more than acceptable quality. In this our buying guide we will show you some of the best cheap TVs for gaming to the new next-gen experiences already present and the future ones coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Want to make your TV even better for gaming? Accompany it to an excellent soundbar or a gaming ottoman to be more comfortable!

Best cheap TVs for gaming on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

  • LG UHD TV Series 7100
  • SAMSUNG AU7190
  • Hisense 4K
  • PremierTech 32 inch
  • METZ MTC6000
  • LG ‎32LM6300

LG UHD TV Series 7100

Let's start with an LG TV suitable for those who don't want to spend excessive amounts of money but who, at the same time, have a fairly substantial spending budget at their disposal. This TV has all the latest features, starting with one resolution of 4K which goes perfectly with both new generation consoles. In addition, this TV also features Smart technology and includes Alexa features. At a price of less than €450 you will be able to put one of the best models around at home without having to spend an exorbitant amount. Furthermore, this LG model is also available in 3 different versions of 43, 49 and 55 inches respectively.

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Another excellent brand that, in addition to products with decidedly higher prices, also produces excellent cheap TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S is certainly Samsung. The well-known manufacturer, in fact, has for example in its catalog the excellent AU7190 LED TV, with a price starting from around 350 euros for the 43-inch screen model. A price to say the least, for a Smart TV, equipped with 4K screen. THEIn short, if you want to spend little but still have a TV from an excellent brand, the Samsung AU7190 is definitely for you.

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Hisense 4K

If your maximum budget reaches €400, you can bet on this one TV 4K of the Hisense. In addition to a resolution perfectly supported by both PlayStation 5 and the pair of next-gen Microsoft consoles, this TV also allows you to enjoy the HDR technology, which gives in-game images more natural colors at any juncture. Being one Smart TV, moreover, it allows you to download a whole series of applications directly onto the TV once it is connected to the internet. In this case, to stay on the cheapest possible choice proposed by Hisense, we recommend the 43-inch model, which has a more than good size to enjoy all the new next-gen experiences on both consoles.

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PremierTech 32 inch

Let's now move on to a decidedly cheaper choice, also suitable for those who want to keep their budget below €200. Thanks to this PremierTech TV, it is possible to combine your new generation console with a TV that is certainly not top of the range, but very suitable for experiencing all the first experiences that will be released in the first years of life of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This TV features an LED panel which makes the colors on the screen more vivid and realistic.

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If you want to stay on a low budget, but at the same time you are looking for a TV that is cheap, but with a whole host of smart features and in step with the times, your choice can only fall on this METZ smart TV. This model is available in two versions, a 32-inch one and a second 42-inch one. In addition to a number of features related to a Android operating system, this television makes available to users a whole series of applications that can be downloaded through the Google Store. To this must be added an integrated Chromecast, thanks to which photos and videos from local devices, mobile phone and computer screens can be cast to the TV.

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‎LG 32LM6300

Another great choice is the LG ‎32LM6300 TV. Unlike the first model proposed at the beginning of the guide, in this case we are talking about a LED television which stops at Full HD resolution. Obviously, lacking many of the characteristics of the first LG proposed, the price of this TV is going to drop, becoming a possible purchase even for those who do not want to increase the price they will have to spend. For just over €250 you will be able to put a more than excellent TV in your living room also equipped with smart technology and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This model is only available in the 32-inch version.

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How to choose a cheap TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

To best choose the panel that is closest to your needs and the economic budget in your possession, here are some essential features to evaluate during the purchase phase to ensure a good TV.

Size, resolution and HDR

THEpanel width is measured in inches. This is one of the first to keep an eye on before buying a TV that is 4K or lower resolution. The thumbs allow you to understand immediately without too much confusion if that TV matches your location. If you prefer to play at a certain distance from the TV, then you will want to focus on a larger monitor. If, on the other hand, you don't have an extremely large space available, it is also good to aim for a panel that is around 42 inches.

Once you have made sure that your chosen TV fits within the space available to you, a key thing to check is what is its resolution. Unless your budget is really tight, and in this case we recommend the always excellent resolution of 1920 pixels on the horizontal side by 1080 on the vertical side also known as Full HD, our suggestion is to opt for a TV below such a view equipped with a panel Ultra HD 4K, i.e. 3840×2160 pixels. Although TVs with 8K resolution exist in circulation, equal to 7680×4320 pixels, in fact, they are still few contents can exploit them and above all they are characterized by demanding prices, which clash with the idea of ​​good quality cheap Gaming TVs

THEHDR finally, it is a technology that for some years now has been well present in many of the televisions that can be purchased. This feature allows you to see even more vivid and realistic colors, giving your gaming experiences a truly well-blended overview. In addition to this, the colors of your favorite game worlds also benefit from the activation of HDR. Thanks to significantly darker black tones, and greater brilliance on the brightest colors, by activating HDR on TVs that support this function you can enjoy truly pleasing to the eye experiences.


After having dwelled on the dimensions, resolutions and technologies of a good TV, the time has finally come to dedicate ourselves to what is most likely the most important feature of all and synonymous with quality in such a product, even when it comes to cheap TVs . We are of course talking about the panel and its type, i.e. the absolute protagonist of any television or screen in general.

There are currently different technologies on the market, some of which are also owned by a single company, but which can ultimately be divided into three macro-categories: LCD, LED, and, infine, OLED. The latter is certainly the best technology on the market in terms of visual rendering, even if unfortunately they are characterized by often demanding prices. In short, unless you have large and indispensable offers, if you are looking for the best cheap gaming TVs, you should fall back on LCD or LED panels, or other very similar technologies such as QLED.

Televisions with an LCD panel are generally cheaper and, although they are able to return a good level of color and contrast, they cannot achieve the same realism as a LED, where the blacks are deeper and sharper and the overall quality is better. The viewing angle is also better in the LEDs, with a more lateral positioning which, unlike an LCD screen, does not affect the overall experience that much. A difference in performance which, of course, is also reflected in the price of the devices, with TVs with LED panels that are often and willingly sold at a higher price, although in the end both types of televisions remain at a price usually all in all content.

Hz, variable refresh rate e Low latency

How to tell if TV supports 120 fps? How many Hz do PS5 and Xbox Series X need? Certainly legitimate questions and which is a good and right thing to ask yourself when choosing one of the best cheap gaming TVs for the new consoles and non-games. Although most games run between 30 and 60 frames per second, in fact, flagship platforms from Sony and Microsoft are capable of even achieve higher framerates with certain titles. How many Hz does the PS5 and Xbox Series X have? A question that is also due, albeit inaccurate. The Hz are in fact a characteristic not of the consoles, but of the television, which with its updating capacity can support or not the framerate of today's gaming platforms. A good Gaming TV should therefore be able to reach 120Hz to make the most of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Two technologies in particular make a Gaming TV even more performing and allow you to obtain even better performance in terms of game fluidity: the Variable refresh rate and the mode Low latency. The first, also known by the acronym VRR, is the dynamic refresh rate of the screen, which allows you to severely limit the screen tearing of the various games, while the Low latency mode is an option that reduces the screen latency of the various inputs, making everything more fluid and immediate, with a good value in this respect that can be considered less than 20 ms. In short, make sure that they are both present on the product you have chosen, will guarantee you an even better experience with both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, as well as with any future consoles.

Smart TV

In addition to these characteristics, the presence and possible use of technology must also be considered SmartTV present in the model. Smart televisions allow you to connect to the network and then download a whole series of extra videogame applications that can be combined with the gaming experience offered by the Sony and Microsoft consoles. For example, thanks to a smart TV it is possible to add various video streaming services to your device such as: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and many other applications.


The real doubt that grips all of us, however, is mainly one: How much does a gaming TV cost? The answer obviously depends, as it varies based on a long series of factors, such as the brand of the device, the type of panel, the dimensions and so on, thus being able go from a few hundred euros up to over 2000.

In this article, as you can also guess from the title itself, however, we have decided to focus on products for all budgets, able to be attractive for all those who do not want to give up too much quality without spending a fortune. In short, gaming TVs that certainly do not exceed 500 euros, with therefore an eye to the wallet but without ever forgetting the quality.

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