Can you use PayPal on Amazon?

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Is it possible to pay with PayPal on Amazon? Not directly, but there are some workarounds. While you can't use PayPal to pay for Amazon purchases directly, there are some things you can do. Amazon does not allow you to pay with PayPal when you make purchases.
However, you can use your PayPal Prepaid Card or PayPal API Key to make purchases on Amazon. You can also use PayPal to purchase an Amazon gift card and then make purchases on Amazon.

In the world of online shopping, Amazon and PayPal are widely used. However, if you've tried using your PayPal balance to buy something on Amazon, you'll already know that PayPal isn't an accepted payment method. Of course, you can transfer your PayPal balance to your bank account to use those funds however you like, but if you're planning on using it to buy stuff on Amazon, there are a few workarounds you can use.

Can you use PayPal on Amazon?

Amazon does not allow you to pay directly with PayPal, but you can use the PayPal Cash Card or the PayPal API Key to make purchases. You can also use PayPal to purchase Amazon gift cards. Here's how to do it.  

Pay with PayPal Cash card

The PayPal prepaid card is a debit card that withdraws funds from your PayPal account and works everywhere (online and brick-and-mortar stores) and accepts Mastercard payments (like Amazon). Since this is a debit card, not a credit card, you must have a PayPal account balance to use a PayPal prepaid card.

To request a PayPal prepaid card, go to this link, log into your PayPal account and follow the on-screen instructions. While there is no credit check in the application process, please note that PayPal does charge fees for adding money to your account.

Once your PayPal prepaid card is approved, you can use it as a payment method on Amazon as you would any other credit or debit card.

Use the PayPal API key

The PayPal API Key is a virtual card that gives you access to your PayPal account when you shop online from sellers who accept Mastercard. It is similar to the PayPal Cash Card with the fundamental difference that there is no physical card; just a card number, expiration date and security code. Essentially, it's a virtual card number that allows you to use your PayPal balance with online merchants who don't directly accept PayPal as a payment method.

To request the PayPal key, log into your PayPal account and look for the PayPal API key option. As this is a new product, it is not yet available to everyone at the moment. Once approved for PayPal Key, you can use it to pay with PayPal on Amazon like a regular credit or debit card.

Buy Amazon Gift Cards

One of the easiest ways to use PayPal to shop on Amazon is to purchase Amazon gift cards with your PayPal account. You can purchase an Amazon gift card from a site like using your PayPal balance and then use that gift card to shop on Amazon as normal. Just be sure to verify that the site you are purchasing the gift card from is safe and secure.

How to delete or close PayPal account

Why does Amazon not accept PayPal?

There are two main reasons Amazon doesn't work with PayPal. First, PayPal was historically part of eBay, one of Amazon's direct competitors. From 2002 to 2015, PayPal and eBay collaborated together. PayPal has since become an independent brand, but their partnership with eBay remains strong.

Second, PayPal is a direct competitor to Amazon's payment service, the rather blunt name Amazon Pay. Just like with PayPal, Amazon Pay is accepted by numerous third-party retailers, allowing you to use Amazon payment methods beyond Amazon's orbit.

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