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In this article we will see all the methods that can be used for call transfer from landline to mobile. The difference between the home phone and the mobile phone is in the name: the home phone does not move. If you are expecting an important call at home and you know you will not be there, you can always set up call forwarding so that calls from your landline reach your mobile.

Today we will tell you how to activate landline to mobile call forwarding, so that incoming calls are forwarded to your mobile. This is useful to make sure you don't miss an important call when you leave the house or go on vacation.

First we will see what happens when you make a call forwarding and if you have to pay something to activate the function or not, and then we will go into detail on how to configure call forwarding, both for all calls and for those with certain conditions.

What happens when calls are diverted

Call forwarding is a service offered by the vast majority of telephone operators so that calls arriving at one phone are automatically diverted to another phone number. This service has been available for years regardless of whether it is a telephone number on a mobile phone or on a landline.

This forwarding is invisible and free for the caller, who will be charged for the call as if it were a call to a landline and will not know in advance that the call has been forwarded.

For those who receive the call and those who activate the forwarding, the call can be billed from landline to mobile according to the plan they have contracted for. In other words, in the case of person A who has diverted calls from his landline to his mobile, when person B calls him, he is billed for the normal call to a landline.

Person A is billed for mobile calling, which may be included in their plan if they have unlimited calls or a set of minutes per month. As for the service itself, the activation of call forwarding is a free service in most cases, although it is worth checking in advance with your telephone operator to make sure.

Call transfer from landline to mobile

When it comes to diverting calls, you can choose to divert all or some calls. In the first case, all calls to one phone number will automatically be forwarded to another regardless of whether the line is in use or not.

There are three main ways to activate call forwarding from a landline to a mobile phone: by calling the customer service of the telephone company, through the line management control panel (if any) and by dialing a special code on the phone. The latter method is the most universal and is compatible with the vast majority of telephone companies.

 divert all calls, you must first take the landline and wait for the dial tone. Then, type * 21 * (don't forget the asterisks), followed by your mobile number and #. That is, if your mobile number is 616123456, then dial * 21 * 616123456 #. When you're done, hang up the phone. This is the summary of the process for diverting all calls:

  • Pick up the phone
  • Wait for the beep
  • Type * 21 * followed by your mobile number with # at the end
  • Hook up

Call transfer from landline to mobile on conditions

In addition to forwarding all calls, you can also activate selective forwarding of calls, which happens only when certain conditions are met. With this type of forwarding enabled, calls will continue to ring normally on the landline, but will be forwarded to the specified mobile phone when certain conditions are met.

There are three conditions available: when the phone is disconnected, when the line is busy or when there is no answer. To set up selective call forwarding with any of these conditions, you must use a different code. This is the process for activating landline-to-mobile call forwarding with conditions:

  • Answer the phone
  • Wait for the ringtone to sound
  • To divert when the phone is switched off, enter * 62 *
  • To divert when the line is busy, dial * 67 *
  • To divert when you don't answer, dial * 61 *
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Digita #
  • Hook up

That is, if you want to divert calls from landline to mobile when the line is busy, you have to pick up the phone, wait for it to ring and enter * 67 * 616123456 #, if your mobile number is 616123456. Note that some telephone operators use two asterisks at the beginning instead of one.

Call transfer from landline to mobile with the main Spanish operators

  • TIM call transfer
  • Vodafone call transfer
  • Wind call transfer

Disable call forwarding

To disable call forwarding it is necessary to use the same numeric code, changing the asterisks to # and without typing any telephone number. In other words, the code varies depending on whether all calls have been diverted or just some. In summary, these are the codes to disable call forwarding:

  • # 21 #, to deactivate the forwarding of all calls
  • # 62 #, to deactivate call forwarding when the phone is switched off
  • # 67 #, to deactivate call forwarding when the line is busy
  • # 61 #, to disable call forwarding when not answered

Again, note that some telephone operators use a code that adds an additional # at the beginning, so it would be ## 21 #, ## 62 #, ## 67 # and ## 61 # respectively.

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