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Are you a fan of management video games? Are you wondering, after yet another game of Anno 2070, if there are new ones to try? You are in the right place. Here is a list of the best management video games available on the market today

Before going into the merits of the list, it is good to specify that this is, in fact, a list and not a ranking. The order where the titles will appear is absolutely random, and any opinions are absolutely personal.

Obviously, making a list of all the best management video games on the market would have been out of the question, so the discriminating element that led me to choose these 5 titles was the release date (I tried to include titles not earlier than 2015), as well as to reviews, ratings and Metacritic. Surely the choice was also influenced by my personal taste and my historical video games, but I hope it can still be of help to those who are always on the hunt for new games to discover and try, not knowing where to turn their heads.

Frostpunk - Best management video games

Let's start immediately with a management software a little different from all the others and suitable for those who want to experience the thrill of difficulty in a post-apocalyptic steampunk-themed setting.

Frost Punk, Published by 11 bit studios, is a game whose purpose is ensure survival of our society in a world that is very difficult to control. Set in what appears to be the XNUMXth century in England destroyed by a glacial apocalypse, Frostpunk opens up to a scenario of tension e high difficulties. And we, we have the task of resurrect the human race and make it survive despite the conditions of the Earth are no longer so congenial.

Released a year ago now, Frostpunk features approx 4 scenarios currently available, one more difficult than the other and others two scenarios in Endless mode. First, it will be necessary analyze what are the primary resources to keep an eye on right away and on which to focus from the very first moments. Yes, why this management system will not be easy at all

The fulcrum from which our society will develop is a coal heat generator. It goes without saying that the carbon it is therefore the first resource to always keep under control. But he is not the only one: also wood e steel are essential for the construction of new buildings, which in turn contribute to the development of society with new research and technologies. A practical example is the creation of Automaton, Or of automated robots who perform any job they are told to perform. Their contribution is crucial, as they help society progress without too much effort, especially during storms.

The game, which is already rather scarce in resources, has a further level of difficulty given by the very low temperatures that keep getting worse, sometimes even reaching -100 degrees. In all of this, our attention will also have to go to the level of Hope and Discontent, which are ultimately the data that guarantee us victory or defeat. And how do you win a game in a Frostpunk scenario? It is not simply a question of managing the resources available, but also i citizens: at some point in the game, when things get further complicated and the temperature drops, citizens will begin to rebel to our government and to form groups of dissidents who will want to return to London. At this point, we will have to try to keep the Hope level high and show dissidents that, although conditions are not easy, it is still possible to survive in this frozen world.

With a score of 84 on e great reviews, Frostpunk has also been awarded several times for the great graphics and soundtrack. Available on Steam at the price of 29.99 euros!

Civilization VI - Best management video games

Although this title is not exactly recent, as launched in the 2016, I could not not include it in the list. Last chapter of Sid Meier's Civilization saga, developed and published by Firaxis, Aspyr e 2K, it is a must for lovers of management with a historical theme, which boasts well 88 points your 

We are talking about Civilization VI, latest chapter in the franchise of Sid Meier's Civilization which has some differences from its previous chapters.

I would start from new city concept that the developers have attempted to give to this 4x management software, as the focus of the early stages of the game. Cities in Civilization VI can be broken down into specialized districts and each of them occupies a space on the map. Each district guarantees the city of bonusFor example, the commercial hub grants more trade routes, the campus district grants more Science points, and so on. The same thing is guaranteed by city-state: there are several scattered throughout the map and discovered slowly by ours Esploratori throughout the course of the game. Sending Emissaries in a city-state and reaching the maximum number of Emissaries it can receive, the same number is obtained bonus: Culture points, Science points, money etc. But what are all these points for

In Civilization VI it is possible win a match in several ways and below different aspects: the cultural victory it is the most difficult type of victory to pursue, as it would be necessary to create a more influential culture than the others; then there are the scientific victory, reachable by doing more and more research and developing one's own civilization, moving on to more “classic” victories such as victory by domination is that religious

With the new ones expansions are added more and more leader, but the core game is itself already very varied in the choice of leaders that you can use. It passes by Trajan, leader dell’Roman Empire, the Hojo Tokimune of the Japanese Empire. Every leader and every civilization has gods specific and unique bonuses for that civilization. For example, the Roman Empire has a peculiar military unit at its disposal: the Legion; the Chinese Empire has the ability to build the Wall of China around its cities and so on.

In short, although the game may be a bit slow at first, keep in mind that this can work to your advantage by allowing you to think calmly on which aspects to improve about your cities and ghear the soundtrack that changes according to the progress of the game. Also the cartoon graphics, in my opinion, deserves to give a chance to this strategic management software available on Nintendo Switch and on Steam at the price of 59.99 euro.

Cities: Skylines - Best management video games

If, on the other hand, you are the type who prefer to manage their resources on one smaller scale, my advice is to throw yourself into a more "simple" (so to speak) city-builder. Here too, I could have included several titles, but just to give an idea and differentiate the range of games offered in this list, here you are Cities: Skylines.

In fact this is not a very recent game of its own, considering it was initially released by Paradox Interactive e Colossal order in 2015 on Steam, then in 2017 it arrived on PS4 and Xbox One, and only from September 2018 is it also available for Nintendo Switch.

In Cities: Skylines you will dress as the mayor of your city. City that you will have to do to grow up e develop more and more, with the help of the tutorial menu which during the course of the game will give you some clues as to how improve the streets, neighborhoods and so on. Fans of the city-builder genre will surely notice the resemblance to SimCity. To enrich even more the gaming experience of Cities: Skylines on Steam are present various mod, some for a fee and some for free.

A peculiar aspect of this city-builder is given by the attempt by the developers to create a sort of social networks that makes us interact (one way) with citizens. Through messages on a "fake" Twitter, we will become aware of issues which we did not immediately notice in our city through the gripes of the inhabitants or, if necessary, we will be praised by them congratulations.

Don't expect to run an entire city without any problem, However! As in real life, the stores will begin to ask for more skilled labor, the problem of waste trying not to fill our beautiful little town with landfills, but not even to install factories near the inhabited centers.

The only flaw of this interesting management is the non-availability of the Spanish language on the Steam version, available for 27.99 euros. The price is a bit higher on consoles, around 40 euros, but that guarantees you the quality of HD and the Spanish language.

Stellaris - Best management video games

For lovers of space and the sci-fi genre, another 4x management software that I propose is Stellaris, also developed by Paradox Interactive in 2016 and available on Steam, PS4, Xbox and in the future probably also on Nintendo Switch. 

Perhaps this, unlike the previous ones, it is more strategic than managerial. Stellaris is based on the creation of a new civilization in space, complete with a choice of Razz, mother planet e stars available in ours native galaxy. To the whole sci-fi component, we add the fundamental elements of any self-respecting real-time strategy: diplomacy, business, political and socio-political. In short, a Civilization… bigger.

Since our civilization is located on another planet other than Earth and perhaps in another galaxy, one of the aspects to be taken into consideration most is the scientific research. Space is full of pitfalls e mysteries they can too dangerous for our survival, so don't forget to carry on research e technologies for your scientists to study and experiment! For example, after having discovered a new planet of our solar system it is important to ponder the decision of explore it further.

One of the peculiarities of Stellaris, in addition to the minimal but effective graphics, is the narration: in this strategic / management 4x history has a fundamental relevance and by playing it you will feel like you are watching a movie set in space, making you enjoy even more the setting and the strategies you put in place.

Stellaris is a game very complex, it must be said: strategy, diplomacy e research to be discovered with breathlessness they are not really the basis of a relaxing game, to play "5 minutes and then I go back to studying". Indeed, a match can go on for days and days. On the other hand it is about manage a planet or an entire galaxy!

Again, the PC version available on Steam does not support the Spanish language, so if you are not comfortable with English you may find yourself with some further difficulties. Stellaris is available on PC and console at a price of 39.99 euros.

Tropico 6 - Best management video games

Last but not least, to conclude the list, I add Tropico 6. Developed by Limbic entertainment and published by Kalypso Media, here is the last chapter of the Tropico saga, available starting from 29 March.

This saga has remained in the hearts of management lovers since particolare e one in a kind. E Tropico 6 it does not seem to be outdone its predecessors. 

For those unfamiliar with the genre, in this management software we are in the shoes of a Caribbean dictator, El Presidente, to have to manage entire archipelagos of Central America, with all the consequences of the case. Deportations, rigged elections... a Narcos-style management software, let's say. Indeed, the style of the Tropico is to be more funny, ironic and also cynical compared to all the other strategic / management companies on the market.

Tropico 6 features a very complex policy management and that has a real impact on the gameplay as well as on the progress of the game. Unfortunately, as the launch is expected in a few days, we still don't know anything about it to be able to comment on the game further.

We remind you that Tropico 6 will be available from 29 March on Steam, yes this summer also on consoles.

Have fun!

We have finally come to the end of this list of best management video games to try. I hope that you have found it interesting and inspiring, that you have discovered titles that you did not know or that at least entertained you.

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