Best Arcade Driving Video Games | November 2021

Undecided which driving game to buy? Do you want to test your driving skills in road racing cars? This list of the best arcade driving games is for you!

Driving video games: always in the cultural baggage of every gamer, today they are increasingly diversified, ranging from titles arcade in titles purely simulativi.

But which ones to choose? To test your skills, is it better Need For Speed ​​or Assetto Corsa? Don't worry, in this list I'll show you which the best titles from arcade guide are currently on the market!

Best Arcade Driving Video Games - The Adventure Begins!

The kind of arcade guide is the one that includes all video games that do not have a particularly real game physics, with simplified controls, absent tire stresses and all the suspension mechanics reduced to the bone, if not completely canceled.

This translates into one greater simplicity of the title, for the benefit of immediate fun.

If you are looking for a list of the best simulation driving titles instead, take a look here!

The Crew 2 - Best Arcade Driving Video Games

The title is the sequel to The Crew, but it is superior in all respects. The particularity of The Crew 2 it is, in fact, the possibility of change driving mode at any time. You can alternate city racing, vaulting in the air and acrobatics in the water, with an arcade driving system that promises hours and hours of fun. All stuffed with an impressive fleet of cars, motorcycles, boats and planes.

Discover the wild America of the central prairies or explore the most beautiful cities - will you dare to take a coast-to-coast trip from Los Angeles to New York? If you want more details don't forget to view ours review di The Crew 2!

Need For Speed ​​Heat - Best Arcade Driving Video Games

The latest title in the now historic series of Need for Speed allows you to modify your cars with numerous spare parts to increase their performance, as well as modify their aesthetics.

We also find a story mode that acts as a context for the discovery of the city of Palm City, through an arcade driving style that will allow anyone to win on any track without ever losing sight of the fun! For all the details, please read the our review.

Monster Energy Supercross 4 - Best Arcade Driving Video Games

Are you looking for a title in which the protagonists are mud, sweat and motocross? Well, Monster Energy Supercross 4 is for you!

The third chapter developed by Milestone is one of the few videogames that offers this format and, in view of the release of the successor, we do not believe there is a better choice. 

Monster Energy Supercross 3 it is truly amazing: try your hand at races on dirt roads, through mud and vaulting in the air, and master all the bikes available to the fullest! Climb the leaderboards and become the best rider ever in Monster Energy Supercross 3!

Dirt 5- Best Arcade Driving Video Games

A title of rally can not miss in a list of driving video games: this Dirt 5 does not properly fall into the category of simulatives, as many mechanics (if not almost all) fall into the arcade genre.

The ease of steering, light game physics and absolute driving fun make this title ideal for those who want to approach the rally driving genre. All without sacrificing hours and hours of your time to find the best set-up available for each track.

Between a fairly large car park (with even unusual means), the possibility of creating your own track and variable weather conditions, this is THE most fun rally title par excellence!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Best arcade driving video games

Strange to see a title Nintendo in this list of arcade driving titles? Yet every gamer knows that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, here you can read ours review, is one of the funniest arcade driving titles around.

The ability to use in-game items in your favor, the large number of tracks and grands prizes, the historical Nintendo characters and the ability to drift to perfectly tackle a curve will ensure hours and hours of play.

You can also challenge the artificial intelligence or your friends in exciting races, and try to win all the trophies available.

Redout - Best arcade driving video games

Do you like space, futuristic settings and extreme speed? Then Redout is ideal for you! This title, developed by 34BigThings, here is ours review, makes extreme speed its strong point.

An excellent video sector, a purely arcade driving system and tracks immersed in fantastic exotic and futuristic locations allow a Redout to be one of the best driving games of the moment!

Forza Horizon 4 - Best Arcade Driving Video Games

You can't miss this list of the best arcade driving video games Forza Horizon 4! England is the theater of racing and prestigious festivals.

Weather and dynamic seasons are the context for exciting races immersed in the game environment. Furthermore i lots of tracks and the ability to choose between street racing, off-road racing, snow rallying and many other modes will ensure hours and hours of fun. A huge car park and always different routes ensure a Forza Horizon 4 to be one of the best arcade driving titles of the moment!

GRID - Best arcade driving video games

GRID is one of the most successful racing titles of this 2019. In fact, this list of the best arcade driving games could not be missing.

Between numerous variations of tracks, both citizens and non-citizens, a quite large car park, damage to cars quite successful it's a'Aggressive AI, GRID offers a great arcade experience for any type of gamer, whether hardcore or novice. By clicking here, you can also find the our review!

Have fun!

These were the titles chosen by us from among the best arcade driving games currently on the market! What are your favorite driving titles of the moment or of the past? Let us know with a comment!

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