Bayonetta: Kamiya intends to continue the series indefinitely

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The not too recent release of Bayonetta 3 has lifted the spirits of a community that has never stopped supporting this series. In perfect harmony with this particular love come the recent declarations of Hideki Kamiya about the future, and his intentions towards the narrative universe still in the game.

  • According to what was recently reported by, Kamiya has every intention of carry on the Bayonetta franchise endlessly, both through more direct works and through spin-offs and side stories. These statements belong to a recent interview that the author gave to IGN.

    All of this is perfectly consistent with the recent announcements over the course of the The Game Awards 2022, in which the spin-off prequel was revealed Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, anticipating the mood that confirmed his commitment and future visions in the interview (certainly much less "cuddly" than the recent spin-off), and inviting fans to trust his words.

    From his point of view there are still many stories to tell within the narrative universe of Bayonetta, underlining that if it were up to him would also come to 9 main chapters. Not only parallel stories therefore, but also and above all central events in the overall plot.

    For the moment, obviously, we still don't start too many details regarding the future of this series, except that Kamiya's intentions would be to build a new story focusing on the character of Jeanne, one of her trusted friends. In conclusion, we invite you to retrieve our review of Bayonetta 3, a title very close to Nintendo, at least based on the words of deep gratitude from its own author.

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