Bayonetta 3: Taylor accuses journalists of protecting Platinum Games

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Speaking of Bayonetta 3, in these days some controversies related to the voice actress of her protagonist have fueled the reflections of the sector and the community, bringing to the surface some details that have aroused a general curiosity. Starting from all of this Hellena Taylor he has recently released some new statements on the matter, highlighting his point of view and clarifying some information that has continued to fuel discussions in recent days.

It has come to my attention that some people are calling me a liar and golddigger. I feel the need to defend myself and my reputation in the industry. See thread #PlatinumGames #Nintendo #Bayonetta #Bayonetta3 #Bayonutters #Boycott #NintendoEurope #NintendoAmerica #NintendoJapan

— Hellena Taylor (@hellenataylor) October 24, 2022

More precisely, the voice actress has published a series of tweets on the Bayonetta 3 issue, making it clear, among other things, that the information regarding payments that has surfaced in recent days (those according to which Platinum Games would have offered her approximately $3.000 and $4.000 per four-hour session for at least five recording sessions, with the his counteroffer for $250.000) are “total fabrications” and “ridiculous fictions”.

To all this must be added new details, reported by her, according to which Platinum had initially offered her $ 10.000 for the role, increasing the amount, followed by $ 15.000 after she wrote directly to the developer Hideki Kamiya, also underlining, among other things , the presence of some people who “are trying to cast a shadow and discredit what I say. The industry is powerful, they also have powerful journalists”.

Obviously, this situation has had a direct impact on the community of enthusiasts, paving the way for a series of reflections on the creative side of a sector that has never been too open about it. And while Jennifer Hale takes Hellena Taylor's place as the new voice actress of Bayonetta 3, in the new statements published by the company and by the substitute artist, an attempt is made to reassure fans about the situation. These new details are certainly food for thought, shedding light on usually unnoticed aspects of the manufacturing process. It remains important to note how other professionals in the dubbing sector have also responded to the situation, highlighting a phenomenon that should not be underestimated.

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