Bayonetta 1 + 2 review

Nintendo split two, deciding to bring Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on its hybrid: a highway from Heaven to Hell that has all the characteristics of a Route 666, which forces us to hitchhike in view of the Bayonetta 3 exit. Could we have been outdone?

Nominally, Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are two distinct titles. Even in this re-release in stores (and on eShop) for Nintendo Switch we are talking about two titles that exist independently of the other, and independently of the other they can be played, purchased, idolized.


Ma because should you only play one?


Too easy, to say that these are two milestones that must be played until the letters from the keys of the controller are erased, too obvious to make a little fanboysm to justify the choice of treating two different video games in a single article. The truth is that Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are one unicum, a duology that - waiting for a third chapter that will come, like a slap in the face to all those who no longer believed in it - closes perfectly, falling back into itself. A cycle, which we do not perceive as such because we cross it from point A to point B in the role of Cereza, but which in fact sees in [Omissis] the hero, the victim, the prisoner in a loop of suffering and sacrifices.


Precisely for this reason we decided that it was appropriate to face Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 together:

not as a sequel and prequel, but as Opera Omnia of the best Platinum Games productions, even before they were called Platinum Games.

Before the manifestation of the Son and Holy Spirit of the Stilysh Action - the Father, in this case, bears the name of the highest of Poets and a Claymore as tall as himself - one could not be up to the situation. At least, not alone: precisely for this reason, during this review, if you want to keep us company for another 14000 characters, you will find two voices alternating with some in-depth information that fortunately is already in the archive.

A masterpiece of the action genre, which cannot be missing in your gamer curriculum

The Return of the Witch
Bayonetta 2 is in better shape than ever

Let's start immediately from the highlight, that second chapter of the saga that in the not-so-golden years of Wii U was one of the reasons for trying to convince people to buy the unfortunate Nintendo console.
That Bayonetta 2 that stands out on the cover and that in the West is the only one present in physical format in the game package, no one knows for what arcane reason.

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Bayonetta 2

We may lose lines and lines of text to tell you what it is Bayonetta 2, of what it offers, of why it is a title that cannot be missing from your gamer curriculum. But we already did it four years ago, when Cereza returned for the first time on Nintendo consoles also on that occasion accompanied by a remastering of the first chapter.


Why not get lost in useless chatter about plot and gameplay?


Because Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 from this point of view reproduce the exact same experience lived in the days of Wii U (and PS3 / 360). A story to go through and relive, which can finally be played in a row, wherever you want, when you want, if you buy it. The second adventure of Cereza unfortunately uses only 720p, both in docked and portable mode, but guarantees in both cases an incredible fluidity at a stable 60 fps. The provocative forms of the witch appear on both screens showing off in the cut-scenes and in the final Apotheosis with which to execute demons and angels. 

Maybe not quite a pretty sight, but definitely a joy to play.

Because yes, once you grab the pro pad and drag yourself into the Bayonetta environments, separating from the controller is often difficult, and you will soon forget the blurring effect of the environments on your TV. Although they are few and do not affect the plot and gameplay in the least, the Nintendo Switch version is not without news.
At Rodin's shop it is possible to register up to thirty-two amiibo a day, to get the costumes already seen on Wii U or useful objects (including the precious haloes) the general compatibility is with all those released so far, with an eye for those of the main Nintendo sagas and the two dedicated to Bayonetta herself.

The other novelty concerns the Double Apotheosis, the Bayonetta 2 multiplayer sector. As on Wii U, by completing the chapters of the story you will get special tarot cards that will unlock the related challenges to be faced with an online friend. In the version for Nintendo Switch, to keep faith with the mantra "Play when you want, where you want and with whoever you want", it is possible to face Double Apotheosis also locally, with another Switch console. Certainly a minor addition but that can only please.

a safe game

Otherwise, Bayonetta 2 is what we loved four years ago. The title of Platinum Games is perfected in all that series of minimal defects (first of all the dancer camera) with which it had made its debut on other platforms, adding new weapons, new combos and new apotheosis for the most lethal Witch of Umbra ever. Of course, perhaps the Wow effect that struck the lovers of the genre in the first episode is missing, but the mourning is compensated by a greater attention to every detail related to the second adventure of Cereza, a safe game, one of those that if you chew bread and action you will hardly find it difficult to forget or decree mediocre.

Bayonetta vs Cereza
What was missing, according to Pietro Iacullo


What is it missed to get to 10?

Okay, Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are the virtuous circle of storytelling, gameplay and style that we have told you up to this point. Ying and Yang, Lumen and Umbra, Male and Female… In short, two halves of something that together bring the experience at a higher level, to the point of making us try envy - where until the announcement of this work of porting on Switch we felt only disdain - towards all those lucky wretches who have not yet put their hand to the two titles, and are preparing to do so for the first time now. Yet if you cheated and immediately ran to the box below, mindful of the "single" evaluations we had given to the Wii U versions of the two titles (let's pretend that the act of lese majesty of our Antonino Lupo, when he dealt with the PC version , does not exist), you will have noticed that something is wrong, that there is no Perfect Score here.




The motivation - needless to say - is twofold. On the one hand, the choice was dictated by the fact that, it must be recognized, both titles something is missing to reach the infamous 10. On the other hand, although we can only applaud and thank Nintendo for this re-release, there are some compromises that those who are following the Switch affair on our pages and through the words of those who are writing, can already imagine.

But let's go in order: what was missing in January 2010 in Bayonetta, the feminine ideal of Hideki Kamiya and the playful ideal of the writer?

Genius and recklessness, until the second chapter brought order ...

Something was missing equilibrium, as - and we are sorry to admit it - the aforementioned Antonino complained last April. Sections exaggeratedly over the top and filled to the brim with quotes, in the mechanics, in the dialogues and even in the introductory video to the past of those who have remained Bayonetta as such, but which came to touch the proverbial pissed out of the jar. A lot of backtracking, in the first place, to go in search not only of secondary weapons and collectibles - on which we will return in a moment, talking about the limits of Switch - but also trivially necessary to play all the verses of each chapter, going backwards to find the notes that the score provided to be skipped at the first performance. An undoubtedly old school design choice and, if desired, also well placed in the mood of the production, which wanted to represent the ideal and spiritual sequel to the original Devil May Cry (where this trend was similarly recognized), but which was going to weigh down the formula in an artificial way. It is no coincidence that the second chapter plays much less on this aspect and is smoother but equally satisfying pad in hand, because let's face it: as much as it can give satisfaction to find a quarter of LP Angelico in a niche at the beginning of the level which up to a certain verse is empty, what really interests us is playing that damn LP. Possibly, right in the face of some angel who haughtily decides to come to blows with Cereza. In the second chapter some sections where Platinum Games wanted to diversify will also find less space, going to make the verse to other genres - from racing games to shoot 'em ups - that had not always succeeded with the hole. Route 666 it is still one of the sections today more memorable that you can play, capable of condensing in a few minutes all the character of the production and of the madmen who worked behind it. Of the section that instead makes the verse to After Burner, putting us astride a missile while we have to make our way through a hell of angels and bullets, the most memorable feature is the sound accompaniment of the piece, whose playful rendering is not up to the soundtrack or the rest of the production. A desire to overdo it which, even in this case, Bayonetta 2 has filed and caged on a less imaginative but more concrete track - and ultimately successful.

The problem with Bayonetta 2 is that, however, we are talking about a chapter 2 ...

… But without the romance of the first time

Undoubtedly more solid, certainly more successful, quietly richer - also from the point of view of the battle system. But it came after the sensations and sensuality of the first chapter, which remains that proverbial first love that is never forgotten, despite its flaws and its impetuosity dictated by inexperience. In the mind of who is writing, who was lucky enough to follow the "road to" at the time towards the review of Bayonetta 2 (and of that period retains a very fictional memory), the second chapter of Platinum Games' Opera Omnia is the only case, in five years of indie video game criticism, in which he heard the need to have other decimals available in addition to half a vote. Under that review you still find a 9.5, but the writer still reads it as a 9.4: nuances, but which explain what was missing from the second chapter to get to perfection.

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Bayonetta 2: behind the characters of the review

All right, but beyond that, many of you will come close to the two chapters as virgins, so they might even be bored reading the delusions above.

For all of them, however, there is some discordant note, which depends on Nintendo Swtich.

Let's be clear, these are defects on which it is possible - indeed, it must - postpone, but that they exist. The two games work great in portable mode, so much so that there would be temptation to tell you never to connect the Switch to its dock station… Because for example, the first Bayonetta on your home TV shows some wrinkles. Or rather, the graphic equivalent of wrinkles, that is a certain aliasing that in certain contexts is impossible not to notice. Much better on the console's 720p screen in portable mode, though in this case you have to deal with JoyCon: it is useless to go around it, to enjoy the experience at its best this is the case for connecting a Pro Controller, capable of showing off two analog sticks with a more comfortable and precise stroke and two triggers more comfortable to hold.


There would be temptation to tell you not to connect the Switch to the TV (in the case of the first chapter, at least) ... But then you remember its dancer camera, perhaps the biggest flaw in production.


On the five inches of the console in portable mode, the annoyance, of course, intensifies, and although everything remains extremely playable, you always have that feeling of having compromised to play the experience on the move. Because it has actually been done, and in an armchair with a Pro Controller in hand, things work much better.

It's the Mario Odyssey Effect: without the right controller, you feel like a second-rate citizen

The house mascot epic worked best using JoyCons disconnected from the central unit, Bayonetta works best played with the traditional gamepad. It is not a big deal and it was physiological that "play as if you were at home" was ultimately an impossible promise to keep 100%, but video games are above all experience and in a review, according to whoever is jotting this paragraph down, the experience is the important part of the review.

Why you MUST buy Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2

Although you do not agree with what has been said above Super Mario Odyssey (but there will soon be an opportunity to discuss it) there is no doubt that the core experience of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, to better understand that of aiming for Pure Platinum as an evaluation, is not designed for the portable form of Nintendo Switch. Although in the second chapter on the small screen everything is visually solid, Bayonetta's frenzy of fighting does not suit the Joycons, resulting in an obstacle to the best scores. 

But basically we don't give a damn.

Because, thanks to the dual nature of Nintendo Switch, nothing prevents us from playing it for pure entertainment in tablet form, and then aim for the best ratings on TV, reinforcing once again the concept of experience quoted a few lines above. Maybe even letting younger players discover it, thanks to the touch mode fished out directly from Wii U. Maybe here, not to those too young, or you would risk finding the bathroom occupied for too long.
Bayonetta is still a concentrate of freshness and, at the cost of seeming repetitive, a title you absolutely must have on your console. An excellence in the panorama of Stylish Action, a smoothie of fun, pop quotes and adrenaline-fueled battles. A protagonist you can only fall in love with and a multi-faceted cast of supporting actors full of surprises.

An experience to live.

Bayonetta 2 + Bayonetta (DL code) - Nintendo Switch
On amazon: 59,99 € buy Verdict 9.5 / 10 It is a bit like 19 Comment If you have resisted so far, you will have understood that the two Platinum Games titles are essential in your collection. If you shivered in front of the approximately 2300 words and ran for cover in the box, you will have understood from the vote that the game is worth the race. If you were still skeptical, or have already given Cereza and associates a chance in the past and left disappointed, we hope to have changed your mind. Bayonetta 1 + 2 thrills again, still being fresh in gameplay (a little less visually) and damn addicting today. There remains some hesitation about the controls in the laptop of this version for Nintendo Switch, but with the right compromise you get an honest result. If these lines were enough for you, go to the eShop, Amazon, the store or wherever you like and hunt for the money, don't you want to arrive unprepared for the third chapter? Pros and cons Once again at the top of the action
Compelling and comprehensive narrative
Outstanding soundtrack
Very fluid even in portable x First to badly aged screen
x They give the best behind tv and pro controllers
x Few extras from the 2014 versions

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