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If you have decided to upgrade the operating system of Huawei P Smart 2022, restore factory settings of Huawei P Smart Z 2022 or install a new ROM, the first thing you need to do is backup yours Huawei P Smart 2022 to avoid any kind of data loss, such as photos, videos, music and more.

You need to perform a full backup before performing any risky activity so that you can restore your data in case of unwanted events. Also, you should regularly backup your phone data so that even if you delete something accidentally, you have a chance to restore it.

Huawei phones have some excellent features including the built-in backup app. In this article, we will show you how to use this feature and introduce you to two third party software that could backup and restore Huawei P Smart 2022.

Come fare Backup Huawei P Smart Z 2022

Method 1: Backup Huawei P Smart Z 2022 with default backup function

As mentioned above, Huawei phones have their own backup and restore app that can be used to back up the entire phone. You can use it to restore files on your smartphone. Follow the steps below to back up the Huawei P Smart Z 2022.

1 pass: Find the “Backup” app on the Huawei phone menu.

2 pass: tap "Backup" and choose where to save the backup file. For example: internal or external memory or computer.

3 pass- Select the file types you want to backup and finally save it in the output folder.

4 pass: To restore from the same backup file, simply tap “Restore”, then locate the file and retrieve the files.

Warning: Backup data consumes the phone memory considerably, so it is not the ideal solution for Huawei phones with insufficient memory capacity.

Method 2: Backup on Huawei P Smart Z 2022 con Huawei HiSuite

Huawei HiSuite is a desktop utility available exclusively for Huawei users. It can perform many tasks and one of them is backing up your smartphone. So, first you will need to download and install HiSuite on your computer and then follow these steps.

1 pass: Connect your Huawei phone to the PC and activate the USB debugging mode on your smartphone.

2 pass: Click “Backup” and choose the file types you want to backup such as pictures, contacts, messages, etc.

3 pass: After selecting the data types, click “Backup” again and all the data will be saved on your computer in the desired destination folder.

4 pass: To restore this data, again from HiSuite main interface, click “Restore”, then locate the backup file on your computer and click “Restore” again to restore all files and data.

We just finished seeing how to do the backup on Huawei P Smart Z 2022. If you have any questions, please use the comment box below.

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