Asus: the next gaming smartphone will once again focus on the battery

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The ROG Phone 3, just like the ROG Phone II, makes the battery its strong point thanks to a 6000mAh unit that guarantees an unparalleled duration. According to rumors leaked in recent weeks, the next Rog Phone 4 from ASUS will still be able to count on a lot of autonomy.

To date, very few smartphones are able to offer such high capacities and in most cases they stop at 5000mAh, so solutions like those offered by Asus for its ROG Phone family are absolutely to be appreciated. Considering that the same battery has been used by the Taiwanese house consecutively for three generations, it will hardly change even in the near future if not for even more important solutions. The biggest difference, however, that could distinguish the previous models from the future ones could be identified in the charging mode, which could be much faster.

According to Digital Chat Station, the ASUS device will support wired fast charging from 60 or even 65 Watts. This should allow users to charge the 6000mAh dual-cell battery much faster than its predecessor, the ROG Phone 3, whose in-box charger stops at 30W.

Compared to the other gaming smartphones that will be announced during the year by the various manufacturers, such as, for example, the Black Shark 4 and the Red Magic 6, the fast recharge offered by the Asus device would still be much slower. The two smartphones examined, compared, they would be able to support super fast charging at 120W. However, the battery capacity would be much lower on these models, considering that there are rumors of the presence of a unit, in both cases from 4500mAh.

In these cases one wonders whether it is more important to have a battery that allows a longer time of use, especially on this kind of devices, where the gaming part should play the leading role, or whether to bet everything on a flash recharge. In terms of duration over time, which solution would guarantee to keep the battery healthy? We can say that in principle fast charging, when used, puts the battery under constant stress and in the long run it could shorten its duration. Therefore, if on the one hand these technologies would help the user, on the other there would be no lack of criticalities. The choice is therefore more of a personal kind.

The ROG Phone 4 should then also support reverse wired charging, with Quick Charge 4 and Power Delivery. The launch, which has already been confirmed, would be expected for the first quarter of 2021, much earlier than last year for the previous generation. Just like other top-of-the-line phones, too the next ASUS smartphone could count on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor with 5G support. The display, of the AMOLED type, would reach a refresh rate of 144Hz and it cannot be excluded that it may be even higher while on the software side, Android 11 will master it.

The gaming smartphone, the Black Shark 3 is available on Amazon at an additional discount, for a few hours only.

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