Arma 3 is too realistic, but don't use it to spread fake news

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Very often, video games, aim to offer photorealism on a graphic level. This is the case of Arma 3, a military simulator with very realistic graphics that has very often misled journalists and communication experts, who from the rush to report news on wars and clashes have used footage from the game produced by Bohemia Interactive, branding them as simple archive images. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine and other open fronts in many countries around the world, these mistakes are repeating themselves at an incredible speed and it is the developer and publisher who are asking to stop.

  • “We have already tried to fight the spread of this content especially on YouTube, but it is not very effective. For every video that gets deleted from social media, ten more are uploaded every day. We have decided to collaborate openly with newspapers and fact-checkers such as AFP and Reuters to help prevent the spread of fake news." the words of the PR Manager of the development team Pavel Křižka.

    Bohemia Interactive's call to responsibility however, it does not concern only the media, but also all those who upload videos to YouTube pretending to be real war situations. In short, the invitation from the development team is quite clear: be good and don't use Arma 3 to spread fake news about any type of conflict.

    This appeal from the development team is unlikely to stop the situation: who wants to continue creating fake news will do the same. The hope, however, is that the media will now be more careful in relaunching videos and images, especially with the active collaboration of some fact-checkers. To find out if the situation will improve, however, it will still take quite some time. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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