Apex Legends: Welcome to Broken Moon!

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Apex Legends fans, mark November 1, 2022 in your calendar: this will be the day when Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts will release the new update of the Battle Royale, Eclipse, which will transport you directly to Broken Moon. Over the last few days we have witnessed a long presentation from the developer and now we are ready to tell you all the news of this substantial update.

Welcome to Broken Moon

In the Apex Legends universe, Broken Moon is a terraforming project commissioned by the Celo Recovery Council, as a result of a meteor impact in 2708. With the help of the Boreas Science Division, the moon became habitable in 2715 and to help fund even more colonization, the government signed a contract with the Syndicate to bring Apex games right to the moon.

In terms of size, Broken Moon is very similar to World's Edge. There are different types of terrains, some extra terrestrial and some extremely familiar. There are locations such as fairy gardens and giant terraforming machines. There are also zip lines, which allow you to move very quickly from one side of the ring to the other. “The zip lines are fantastic and perfect for being able to move from one point of interest to another very quickly”.

New points of interest have also been added to Broken Moon, which can be reached precisely with the zip lines, or the cableways we mentioned above. The unedited POIs are very large and offer a very comfortable landing spot for teams, giving them time to take the loot before the manhunt begins.

From gardens to large urban environments

Clearly Broken Moon brings with it a number of decidedly interesting new locations to discover. You pass by the Stasis Net Array area, which features a giant structure in the center with multiple escape routes up to the Atmostations, which features several research buildings that make for a great landing area, with players being able to storm the central structure. The Perpetual Core is certainly our new favorite zone: a huge energy source for this moon, which will be the scene of great battles and landings.

There are obviously more peaceful locations, like the Bionomics, with their circular structures and gameplay which also focuses on the rooftops. The Eternal Gardens offer enviable views, with a giant tower in the center that serves as a memorial to the tragic incident that has occurred over the years. Perfect as a crossroads to escape or change area very quickly.

Is that all?

Yes for now. We can't anticipate anything else for a few more days… be patient! Apex Legends – Eclipse will arrive on November 1, 2022, for all platforms. The update will obviously be free and will introduce players to these new, fantastic places, as well as this new piece of history that adds to the already substantial lore of the title.

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