An Nvidia AI learns to play Minecraft, and gets rewarded!

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Whenever we talk about Minecraft again, we do it by emphasizing the whole series of creations made by fans of this great title. Thanks to the extreme freedom offered by the Mojang sandbox, we can say with certainty that, today, almost anything can be done thanks to this cubed experience, and to prove it now there is also aartificial intelligence by Nvidia.

  • The AI ​​in question was capable of learning to play Minecraft, and to make matters worse she was also able to take home an award for what she did. The artificial intelligence is called MineDojo and it is a program created by NVIDIA that is able to play the famous Mojang sandbox. To teach this AI the rudiments of the title, the developers behind this project set about analyzing over 730.000 YouTube videos, 7.000 wiki pages, 340.000 Reddit posts, and 6,6 million Reddit comments explaining the game and its mechanics.

    Thanks to this search for information, those who worked on the AI ​​managed to create an interaction model called MineCLIP, which correlates videos that include a series of actions performed in Minecraft. Consequentially, a player can instruct MineDojo what to do inside the sandbox thanks to a simple language that allows the AI ​​to make some decisions such as: discovering a pyramid in the desert or building a portal.

    “While other academics have been training other AIs in games like StarCraft, Dota, and CS:Go for decades, they've only ever specialized in limited skills. Therefore, NVIDIA researchers have thought of Minecraft, the most popular game in the world, to create a scalable artificial intelligence capable of successfully playing and performing a wide variety of actions”, this is what Nvidia explained about its project , which has won an award at the last NeurIPS Awards 2022.

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