An Android compatible Bluetooth watch made of steel that will surprise you

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Lo smartwatch CatShin is a men's and women's watch ideal for those who love to dedicate themselves to fitness. Equipped with a pedometer and heart rate monitor, it is waterproof but has many other advantages that are useful in carrying out physical activity, starting with the calorie calculation tool.

Technology and fashion go hand in hand in this model, which is also appreciated for its stainless steel strap, synonymous with elegance and at the same time resistance to wear. The quality of the materials guarantees maximum longevity, with the 2.5D tempered glass, the round plastic case and the combination of zinc alloy.

The main features of CatShin

The technical specifications highlight one 1.09 inch TFT-LCD screen which offers a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels; you can choose between 7 different backgrounds, but what is most striking is that this smartwatch is even available in 24 different languages, among which of course there is the Spanish.

In short, a smart watch in the true sense of the word, with settings that can be changed and modified as needed. The screen also turns on automatically as soon as the wrist is turned.


Looking at the design of CatShin, one cannot help but be impressed in a positive way by its peculiarities: a multifunctional design which allows, among other things, to keep blood pressure monitored, but also to check heart rate and count steps.

Sleep monitoring is another feature not to be forgotten, but the list of functions of this smart watch is really long: ranging from alarm reminders to messages, from searching for the watch to music control, without forgetting the timer. In short, there is something for all tastes and needs.

How to choose the right model

When looking for a smartwatch, even the aesthetic performance must be taken into consideration for a satisfactory purchase. Well, it is possible to choose - in this case - between the pink silicone straps, those in silver steel and those in gold steel.

As for the Sport mode, then, there are six options available, depending on the activity in which you want to try your hand: here, therefore, the Exercise mode, the Run mode, the Rope mode to jump, the Swing mode, the Hiking mode and the Walk mode. The data that is collected can be shown not only on the watch, but also on the connected app and downloaded to your smartphone.

The Bluetooth connection

CatShin proposes itself as a waterproof watch and resistant, ideal for everyday life: a faithful companion for everyday life. Its characteristics mean that there is no need to take it off when washing your hands or even when taking a shower, provided you do not expose it to jets of boiling water. No problem even when you go swimming or walking in the rain.

But how exactly does this smartwatch work? Thanks to the availability of the high speed Bluetooth connection a slight vibration is produced as soon as a call arrives, but also when there are notifications from Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social network, including Whatsapp.

Why choose this watch

As you can guess, therefore, there are so many good reasons to choose this smartwatch, but the list is not over yet. For the battery from 140 mAh, for example, the charging time is a couple of hours, bearing in mind that with a full charge you can get to a full month in stand by or up to five days of use.

CatShin is compatible with all major smartphones with an Android operating system starting from version 4.4 or an iOS operating system starting from version 9.0. Whether you have a model of Sony brand, HTC brand, Samsung brand (and so on) you can match the smartwatch without problems.

What's in the box

Within the CatShin packaging along with the watch you will find an instruction manual, a charging cable and a tempered film for the screen. To connect a mobile phone, all you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth of the smartphone and smartwatch; then you scan the QR code on the manual that allows you to download the app and to install it, obviously for free. At this point, to connect the smartphone, simply click on the application, not before verifying that there are no other accounts that impose limitations.

A smartwatch to use every day

Through the app you can control the monitoring data sports and health activities; sleep monitoring is able to distinguish between the phases of wakefulness, light sleep and deep sleep, while the pedometer allows both count the steps than to calculate the calories that are burned.

Here, in short, a smartwatch full of functions, with intelligent sensors that offer the possibility of keeping track of fitness information throughout the day.

to know more

For more details or to read a complete review of this smartwatch, you can refer to the information on the website, created by Diego Gualdoni. This portal is a reference point for all those who are looking for valuable advice and useful information in anticipation of buying a new watch.

You can find, for example, information on the choice of brands, tips on men's watches to give as gifts and a lot of news and reviews. It is a real guide in which the theme of men's watches is investigated and deepened at 360 degrees.

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