Amouranth is the victim of a manipulative, possessive and abusive husband

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The streamer Amouranth, during a live stream on Twitch, made fans part of an episode that was unpleasant to say the least. In fact, the girl made public a private conversation with a man who later turned out to be her husband. The conversation, also reported on Twitter in a series of short videos, shows an episode of verbal violence and threats against the streamer who, in tears, continues to spread the content of the phone call.

Amouranth has revealed that she has a husband, along with revealing his abuse

He has threatened to kill her dogs, take all their money, and forced her to stream.


— GUARD Hunter (@HUN2R) October 16, 2022

In detail, the male voice of the husband, coming from Amouranth's phone, demonstrates all the wrath of the man who heavily threatens his wife. The object of the threats seems to be the man's desire that the marriage remain secret. The goal of all this would be to maintain the streamer's sexy icon image for a purely economic purpose. According to some messages exchanged between the couple and disseminated by the same girl shortly after the phone call, in fact, the husband would have full access to all of her social networks and almost complete control of her finances.

After closing the call, the streamer, visibly upset, vents to the listening fans by summarily explaining the details of the relationship and giving a slightly clearer perspective on the threats received. In addition to targeting Amouranth's dogs with rather harsh words and the promise to kill them if the woman rebelled, her husband's words concern the economic aspect and even the house in which she currently lives. Furthermore, the man allegedly began to squander large sums of money in cryptocurrencies and donations to various entities, with the promise of doing the same to the girl's entire assets.

The identity of the man, at the time of writing, has not been disclosed but will almost certainly emerge in a fairly short time. The news, however, is shocking and shows with all the brutal rawness of a live stream on Twitch what a possessive and abusive husband is capable of doing to his wife.. Finally, Amouranth said that despite an initial change in attitudes, the man would always have had a violent and irascible character.

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