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    Amazon Drive, what it is and how it works

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    If you need to store your files online, consider Amazon Drive. Amazon Drive is a free cloud storage app with every Amazon account. You can save documents, photos, videos, and more to Amazon Drive and access them from any device. Amazon Drive is different from Amazon Photos, which only allows you to save photos and videos.

    As computers and phones become more advanced, our files and photos take up more and more storage space. This makes them more difficult to store and even more difficult to transfer between devices. This is where apps like Amazon Drive can help. It's a cloud storage app (like the popular Google Drive) that allows you to store files and photos online and access them from anywhere.

    It comes for free with your Amazon account, up to a point. Here's everything you need to know about Amazon Drive, including how it differs from Amazon Photos, a similar service.

    How to create an Amazon Drive account

    When you create an Amazon account, you get a free Amazon Drive account. This free account gives you 5GB of storage, which you can use for documents, ZIP files, photos, videos, and more.

    To use Amazon Drive, you can visit its website on your Mac or PC or download the mobile app. There is also a mobile app available on both iPhone and Android devices. You will log in with your regular Amazon account. You don't need Prime.

    How to use Amazon Drive

    Uploading a file to Amazon Drive is incredibly simple. Just open the website or app and log in, then tap the blue button Charge. You will be asked which folder you want to place the file in and once you have chosen (or created a new one), it will be uploaded. It supports pretty much any type of file you might want to upload. This includes common extensions like JPEG and PDF, as well as less used files like ISO.

    Once a file is uploaded, find it in the folders to open it. From there, you can download on your device or share it with others. The Share menu gives you the option to copy a link to the file which can be sent via email or SMS or post the file directly to social media.

    How to get more storage on Amazon Drive

    By default, you get 5GB of free storage. This is enough to hold a lot of files, especially if they are just text documents, but it can run out quickly. It's also a lot less than the 15GB Google Drive gives you for free.

    Fortunately, you can increase Amazon Drive storage. Go to this page and select one of the plans listed in Need more storage space? You can get 100GB for $ 1,99 per month, 1TB for $ 6,99, or 2TB for $ 11,99. Most users won't need 100GB, which makes it the best option if you want to upgrade.

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