After the fear, the reassurances: Amouranth would be safe

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During the day yesterday a frightening detail regarding Amouranth's life has emerged on Twitter. The popular Twitch streamer is in fact married, with a husband who has taken control of her life, threatening her and seizing all the earnings that the influencer has made. A story of violence, probably not only psychological, which made us fear the worst for the girl's life, but now she would be safe.

According to PeachJars, streamer and personality very close to Amouranth, the streamer would now be safe. “She needs time to process everything that happened and recover,” PeachJars said online. The concern about the girl's health and life had emerged during the last live, which ended abruptly, and many had certainly thought the worst. As emerges from the words of PeachJars, however, the girl would now be safe and probably away from her abusive husband.

The story shook the community a lot, because it showcased the terrible life to which Amouranth was forced to bind herself with no means of escape, at least until a few hours ago. Clearly there was no shortage of comments online that blamed the victim. In fact, many have stated that the streamer could have denounced the man or not married him. As we well know, the reality is very different and too often the victims are convinced that they are part of the problem. The best situation, in these cases, is obviously not to judge but to offer all possible help to a harassed person, even if not physically.

*that me and others

To add, I’ve met these people and seen their relationship up close and when I say I WHOLEHEARTEDLY trust these people I mean it.
We have all been in the dark but the people that know are with her and supporting her currently

— PeachJars (@PeachJars) October 16, 2022

At the moment, according to the words of PeachJars, Amouranth is facing this moment of his life with the help of a network, although obviously no one can go into detail. Our hope is that the streamer can recover as quickly as possible and be able to leave behind such a dramatic situation.

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