A leak reveals the PSVR2 manual

Beyond games, one of Sony's highlights for 2023 is definitely PSVR 2. The virtual reality viewer is no longer shrouded in mystery and only a few details are missing such as the release date, which the Japanese giant will intend to reveal when the right time is right. probably taking advantage of a dedicated event. Looking forward to discovering all the latest information on the matter, in the early hours of the Spanish morning today the user manual of the headset was leaked.

The leak was posted on Twitter and it seems that it could come from the French (or Canadian) division of PlayStation. There is actually very little to add: it is a classic instruction manual, which you can view in its complete form on ResetEra, but which tells us a lot about the production and above all about the release.

Considering that this is not promotional material but use, it is therefore very likely that PSVR 2 will not suffer any delay. This leak should therefore confirm that the production of the new viewer is now completed and that everything is ready for the 2023 launch. As reported on Twitter, in fact, the same manual would confirm the release for next year, even if obviously there is no indication of the launch date.

BREAKING NEWS: PS VR2 Manuel’s have leaked online and confirm 2023 release date #PSVR2 #PSVR2Launch #PSVR2PreOrders #CountdownPSVR2 pic.twitter.com/CCBlV92vsn

— PSFEED (@PS5Feed) October 15, 2022

PSVR 2 was announced in 2022 and the headset is intended exclusively for PS5. We are sure that once on the market someone will work on some mod or tool to make it compatible with PC, but obviously it is still early to be able to talk about it. However, if you were hoping to use the new headset with older PS4 virtual reality games, we have bad news for you: Sony has indeed confirmed that the new headset it will not be backwards compatible with older software. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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