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    7 Tricks to increase e-commerce sales

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    Online selling is the last bastion of our high-tech society. Having an e-commerce means focusing on an activity that can be very profitable by virtue of the fact that today almost all consumer purchases are made online. So let's try to understand how to increase the sales of an e-commerce.

    Focus on content

    We asked a longtime SEO expert to reveal the best tricks to us, Cristhian Jordan of Webrevolution, web agency a Milano. The first trick to increase the sales of an e-commerce is to focus on the contents of your site. The cards of the products sold must be detailed in detail, otherwise people after observing will not complete the purchase.

    Therefore, if we sell clothing we must indicate the material color, size, as well as if we sell jewels we must indicate the type of material, the type of stones, the length of the chain, the type of links and so on. Furthermore, the contents must be written by professionals in the sector, the so-called copywriters, from an SEO perspective, in order to better index the article on search engines.

    The importance of images

    The images are a good reference point to reach the heart of the clientele. Those who are producers can also opt for natural and personal shots.

    Photos must resume the sold item from every perspective: a nice close-up, a lateral consideration of the object, but also from below the shot does not hurt. The style of the images therefore appears to be important so that the type of object proposed is clear.

    If the photos are blurry, unclear, without light, inevitably the customer will not feel very safe and confident in us.

    The price

    There is no excuse that holds: when we all buy we take care of what we are going to spend. Since the user will have to quickly make the decision to buy or not, it will be natural for him to make a comparison to understand whether our product is convenient or not.

    Therefore it could be a winning move to propose two prices in the card of each object, one of which is crossed out. With this we are not saying that we should make fun of the buyers. On the contrary. What we have to do is indicate an ideal price that we should have collected and cross it in favor of another highly competitive figure, even compared to others who sell the same object.

    The visibility of the truck

    When the user decides to buy, he quickly puts the product in the cart, but often has difficulty seeing it.

    So another fundamental requirement to make the sale easier is to put the cart symbol in plain sight.

    A graphically beautiful, artifact, intricate, and well-assembled site certainly has an eye-catching look. But if use and navigation are to be complicated, better opt for simpler graphics. In this way, every symbol will be visible, including that of the shopping cart.

    Payment methods

    Each customer has a different need, so there can be preferences different in payment methods. Whether it is a bank transfer, PayPal or direct payment by credit card, a valid e-commerce must include all the most popular methods of payment accepted today.

    What matters is being able to demonstrate to users that the well-being of those who buy comes before anything else. If we want the customer to buy once and come back to buy in our store, it is important to favor him in every possible way.

    Delivery times

    What customers want is for their purchase to arrive as quickly as possible. This means that delivery times must be fast. However, if we believe or worse we know that an object can take up to 30 days to arrive at its destination, it must be said to those who buy.

    In general, however, we always put on the shipment a couple of more days. Thus if it arrives earlier, the customer will also boast the speed of delivery and will certainly leave good feedback for us.

    It also wouldn't be a bad idea to propose more types of shipping. In this way the customer will be able to choose based on the expense or on the speed of delivery. A bit like the big sales figures like Amazon do.

    The client's wellbeing above all else

    The client's wall is of paramount importance for better or for worse. Therefore, if our e-commerce is not yet equipped with a system to collect feedback, it is time to integrate it into the site.

    Alternatively, you can also send an email to the customer after delivery to find out whether or not he was satisfied with the product.

    We are talking about a simple system, which is said in virtual jargon social commerce, through which to get an idea of ​​the proposed service, its pros and its possible cons. Almost all sites use this tool to reconstruct customer opinions and thus make them available to those who may become one.

    In this way the store appears much more reliable in the eyes of those who have some hesitation in buying online. And if there is any flaw in the way of selling, constructive criticism can teach you to improve.

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