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    5 tips if you need to redo the electrical system

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    Inside the home it may be necessary to redo the electrical system. There are many reasons that can lead to this need, such as the age of apartments and buildings.

    Redoing the electrical system can allow your meter to remain constantly attached, in safety. It also happens that the electrician is forced to intervene if the customer perceives strong smells of burnt plastic and sparks coming from the sockets.

    Today, the electrical systems from scratch are very efficient, respectful of the environment, but above all safe if made to perfection.

    Especially today, technology has incredibly advanced, such that it is possible to create an efficient and innovative latest generation electrical system if we think about the aspect concerning home automation.

    So in the case of old buildings and obsolete systems, refurbishing could be a perfect solution to have maximum peace of mind and maximum efficiency at home.

    Furthermore, updating the electrical system also means complying with the various regulations currently in force, which govern the matter in terms of construction, safety and energy saving, both for the technical innovations that have invested the market, making it more accessible and less costly.

    Whatever your need, if you have to or want to redo the electrical system, follow these tips below, remembering that by relying on a good professional, and carrying out a work to perfection, you can thus obtain a respectable result. in full safety and everything will be guaranteed for years and certified.

    Avoid the "do-it-yourself" electrical system

    The first piece of advice we suggest is to avoid DIY. As good as you may be with manual work, you can't mess around with electricity, especially if you don't have much experience with a state-of-the-art electrical system.

    Of course, doing it alone means saving, but in certain contexts, especially when playing with our safety and that of our loved ones, the last thought must be the economic advantage.

    Furthermore, as we will also see later, in our legal system there are sector regulations that must be respected, and doing it yourself could lead to a lack of compliance with the law with consequent high fines.

    Observe the electrical installation regulations

    The Spanish law requires compliance with certain regulations, according to which the power lines must be divided in order to create easily manageable sectors: one line should be dedicated only to the kitchen, another to the bathrooms, yet another to the lights, a ' other struggling ... and so on.

    This is a rule that has its own reasons and its own logic given that in every apartment there are devices with large energy consumption, which risk creating overloads.

    In the bathroom due to the use of water, it is essential that there is another line to ensure maximum safety in case of contact between electricity and water. These precautions save life and therefore cannot be neglected and left to chance.

    What interventions to do

    But let's get to the heart of the question, what are the interventions to be done to refurbish the electrical system? These are invasive but necessary interventions. We often find professionals trying to speed them up by removing the old electrical panel, tearing the wires and plugging the existing pipes, but this is not recommended.

    Rather it would be wise to eliminate the pipes that are present (except for those that are under the floor), and replace them with the ones we have previously described.

    It is necessary to remove the old electrical panel and the old junction boxes (which could also require breaking the wall to build the traces. For this reason, in addition to an electrician, a bricklayer and a painter must also be contacted).

    Install the new pipes and refurbish the wall

    After preparing the tracks, the electrician will go to install the new pipes, inside the compartment of the electrical panel.

    The pipes will also run through the junction boxes and the fruit boxes. After this step the professional will be able to close the traces, and masons and painters will be able to intervene to fix plaster and any plasterboard and all the finishes.

    From here on it will be possible to re-insert all the cables and install the new electrical panel, always trying to respect the steps just explained. Finally, you can change plates and switches (we recommend the classic Bticino Magic Series, with a high quality / price ratio).

    Choose a good professional

    Last but not least, we want to invite you to choose a good professional, that is an electrician who can work closely with the bricklayer, and possibly the painter, who will put the wall back in order if necessary.

    In this regard, to carry out a work in a workmanlike manner, we suggest you hire electricians who are experts in the sector, who have the qualifications to certify the systems. On the other hand, stay away from those who say that they will then ask a colleague.

    It is important to rely on someone who can issue you the conformity declaration of the electrical system, which must be delivered in common and who will allow you to have access to the deductions.

    As a rule, a draft, a sketch of the plant must be attached to this certificate, and all the materials used and a copy of the Chamber of Commerce certificate of the company responsible for the refurbishment of the plant must also be listed.

    If you rely on non-certified companies, in addition to running the risk of having to pay heavy administrative fines, you will also lose the 50% deductions to which you are entitled.

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