5 Instagram apps that will help you increase your followers

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These five apps will help you create interesting content and get more views and likes on Instagram.

Instagram apps that will help you increase your followers

5 Instagram apps that will help you increase your followers.


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Although it is a lesser known app created by Google, Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps for smartphones. The app provides professional-grade editing tools that are sure to make your Instagram posts stand out. Apart from regular cropping, rotation and color balance, etc. The app has 25 filters and tools to instantly enhance your photos.

It has tools to automatically enhance your photos as needed, but it also offers full manual control. With the interface fully controlled by swipe gestures, Snapseed allows you to enhance each section of the photo separately. Better yet, Snapseed can open and edit RAW photos and export them in their original format.

Download on and.

HashTag per Instagram

Choosing the right hashtags is the key factor in getting more views on Instagram. To help you add the most relevant hashtags, the HashTags app for Instagram should come in handy. The app offers over a hundred categories and subcategories with thousands of hashtags to choose from. Just choose the category the application will show dozens of hashtags to quickly copy and paste on Instagram.

Also, if the app doesn't offer hashtags for your particular post, there is also a button to search for hashtags online. You can also create your own custom hashtags for quick access.

Download on and iOS.

Hyperlapse da Instagram

Another official app from Instagram. (iOS only) allows you to record time lapse videos with amazing stability. Time-lapse videos are recorded with a very low frame rate and then displayed at the normal frame rate. This basically creates a fast moving video of a usually long event. For example, you can view sunset or sunrise in just ten seconds.

This app allows you to record time-lapse videos on the go and automatically stabilize the videos with amazing precision to give a cinematic look. Videos can be speeded up to twelve times faster and easily shared on Instagram directly from the app. If you are interested in recording extended events, then give Hyperlapse a try.

Unfortunately, Instagram's Hyperlapse is not available for Android users. However, you can try. It is also very easy to use and does a great job of stabilizing videos.

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