YouTube with a parental-supervised Google account

YouTube with a parental-supervised Google account

Here's how to protect your kids on YouTube with a special Google account. It has become very difficult for parents to regulate the type of information their children interact with online; a whole new generation has grown up online. For this reason, YouTube has announced that teens can now access YouTube through a parent-supervised Google account.

This new choice for teen parents allows them to control the type of content their kids can access on YouTube. Supervised accounts are easy to set up and use, and offer parents a great way to supervise the content their kids interact with.

The supervised YouTube experience promises to order a larger collection of content for your kids while keeping it age appropriate. It's very simple to set up and gives parents a great way to supervise and even limit the type of content they can access.

How the supervised experience on YouTube works

This option was designed for parents who believe their children are ready to move to YouTube and meets the exploration and independence needs of preteens and teens, all in a safe environment.

This option allows parents to choose between three different content settings:

  • Explore : for kids ready to switch to YouTube. This setting includes videos suitable for ages nine and up, including educational content, tutorials, game videos, music videos, and more.
  • Explore more : This option offers content suitable for ages 13 and up. This includes a much larger collection of videos, including live streams.
  • Most of YouTube : This setting includes nearly all videos on YouTube, except for age-restricted content, including videos that may cover sensitive topics that may only be appropriate for teens over the age of 16.

The supervised experience will use a mix of user input (child and parental feedback), machine learning, and human review to determine which videos to make available in each setting.

How to set up and use the YouTube supervised experience

If you want to set up the supervised YouTube experience for your children, you must first sign in to YouTube via a supervised Google Account. If your child doesn't already have one, you can easily create one for him by following these steps:

  • Go to and provide your child's information: name, date of birth, phone number, and so on.
  • Provide the email address of the account that will supervise the new account.
  • Accept the Google privacy policy and terms of service.
  • Accept parental consent.

That's it, your child's Supervised Google Account is up and running.

Now that your child already has a supervised Google Account, all that remains is:

  •  through your child's supervised account.
  • click on Start .
  • Choose who is approving access to the supervised account.
  • Select YouTube (with parental supervision) and click NEXT .
  • Choose a content setting for your child.
  • click on Finish installation .

Now your child can start having a safe and supervised YouTube experience by simply logging in through their supervised account.

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