YouTube Music: Google's music streaming service how it works

YouTube Music: Google's music streaming service how it works

YouTube Music: Google's music streaming service how it works. YouTube Music, it's the new one music streaming service launched by Google.

What is YouTube Music

An alternative solution for listening to music online, allowing you to play singles, albums and playlists using the Internet connection or by downloading them for offline listening.

YouTube Music includes videos and all the content that can be found only and exclusively on YouTube, such as remixes, live performances and covers.

Possible background playback and offline download of songs. These are intended for those who choose to take out a paid subscription.

Youtube Music prices

YouTube Music is available in two versions: one totally, with ads, and one for a fee, which costs 9,99 euro / month which has no advertising while listening and allows background playback and content download.

YouTube Music Premium is free to try for 3 months without automatic renewal restrictions after the trial period.

Piano Family price of 14,99 euro / month offers all the Premium benefits of the service but can be shared with you are familiar resident in the same house.

, at the cost of 11,99 euro / month includes YouTube Music Premium and the classic YouTube view without advertising content plus the ability to download and play movies in the background.

Also in the case of this YouTube Premium subscription, the family variant at the price of 17,99 euro / month.

How to download and use YouTube Music?

YouTube Music: Google's music streaming service how it works

YouTube Music is available at computer e mobile devices. The service can be used on any browser from the official page.

Or by downloading the YouTube Music app available for and for.

It is necessary to have a Google account to be able to access the service.

Once you have downloaded the app on your device you will be asked to log in with your Google account or use it only as a music player with the files on your device.

By logging in you can decide whether to buy the premium version or continue to use Youtube music for free with the basic version. the choice is yours.

How to deactivate YouTube Music Premium subscription

If you have used the YouTube Music Premium service but you are not satisfied and you want to terminate your subscription plan you can do it at any time through these steps that we are going to explain to you.

  • Connect to the dedicated YouTube Music.
  • Click Unsubscribe  in the section Paid subscriptions.
  • Confirmation Yes, cancel notice that appears on the screen.
  • Then press on Close in response to the further warning that appears.

Keep in mind that even if you cancel your subscription to the service, you can still continue to take advantage of all the benefits of the subscription you subscribed to until the billing period ends.

You can also disable the service from the mobile app, by pressing on tua photo top right, on the item Paid subscriptions, on the wording Manage that you find next to your subscription and then on the item to unsubscribe in the menu that appears.

How to switch YouTube Music membership

From the same page listed above for the deactivation of the service you can choose to replace your current subscription with the Family plan or with YouTube Premium:

Click on the button [...] that you find in correspondence with your current subscription

Select the item from the menu that opens Upgrade to the family plan or Upgrade to YouTube Premium according to your needs.

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