Xiaomi, why do your smartphones still not have 100W charging?

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A few months ago, Xiaomi surprised everyone by showing 100W fast charging in action. According to reports from the company, the technology named Super charge turbo it would allow you to fully recharge a smartphone with a 100 mAh battery in just 4000 minutes. A huge advantage for users, but it does involve some technical difficulties. The General Manager of Redmi, Lu Weibing, thought about explaining what they are through a post on the popular Chinese social network Weibo.

There are five points listed. The first problem concerns the battery capacity. Such a fast charging entails a major loss of battery capacity which for Xiaomi would be about 20% compared to the typical one at 30W. This means that - for example - a 5.000 mAh battery will have a similar capacity to a 4.000 mAh one. In this way, therefore, it is necessary to use a much larger unit.

To manage such a large flow of electricity, a new functioning charging architecture needs to be developed. To this is added the discourse on performance. Before implementing 100W charging, the company must understand not only how to make it technically accessible but also how to make it sustainable in the long term. In practice, we need to study how to prevent the battery from wearing out too quickly.

Weibing also mentions the issue of the safety of the other components. It is therefore necessary that the voltage of the future technology does not negatively impact the operation of other parts of a smartphone such as the motherboard. Finally, compatibility with other types of charging. The manufacturer is trying to figure out how to make 100W wired charging compatible with wireless charging.

Anyway, technology seems to have reached a certain maturity and could be ready for mass production. Despite the difficulties listed, in short, 100W charging could debut already during this 2020. We'll see.

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