Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

Bloodborne is nothing short of one of the most loved titles of the entire PS4 generation, which has now become a work of worship and ascended to the Olympus of the most loved soulslike genre titles ever, and today we are going to help you with the guide to all the secondary missions present in the title FromSoftware.

Within the game there are many paths to take and choices that can be made, especially when it comes to NPC and precisely side quests, but it is equally true that like any FromSoftware game much of what there is to do or to discover is left to the player himself, and very often it is difficult to understand what to do - and when - to proceed in a secondary mission in the way that we would like to. In this guide we will show you how to behave on every occasion in all the secondary missions of Bloodborne present in the main game, while for those dedicated to the DLC The Old Hunters you can visit the dedicated guide.

ATTENTION: we remind you, despite being a rather old game, that there will be spoilers about Bloodborne in the guide, and consequently we invite you to continue reading only if you have finished the game.

Bloodborne's side missions and how to do them

In Bloodborne, side missions are events optional, not necessary for the completion of the main story. However many of them they hide a lore intrinsic that It will also help you a lot in understanding the whole game world, of those who populate it, and of past and present events. However, they are not that simple, as some missions can only be activated in gods specific moments of the game, and some later stages will be available only after a specific event has taken place.

IMPORTANT: we remind you that very often it will seem that an NPC has finished talking, but in reality still has a lot to say, then keep pressing the button for talk until she starts repeating the same phrases to her.

Gilbert's side quest

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

It is the man who speaks to you from the window in front of the first ever lantern you will find, a Central Yharam, next to the closed gate. The first thing to do is speak with him immediately after lighting the lantern (make sure you have finished all lines of dialogue).

After defeating Father Gascoigne, go back to speak with him until all lines of dialogue are exhausted. As a reward you will get the Flamethrower (here the guide to get all the weapons of Bloodborne).

Go back to him after defeating Rom, the Dull Spider. Unfortunately Gilbert has turned into a hostile beast, you will have to killing it. You will get a rune.

Eileen the Raven side quest

During this questline you will receive different rewards, like some hunter marks and different gestures. You will also receive something if you decide to kill Eileen, but we strongly recommend that you complete her mission.

You will meet Eileen right away after the old lady's house, In 'building that makes from entrance to the sewers by Central Yharnam. From the lady's door, proceed and enter the building, Break the crates on the right to enter a room that serves as an upper floor, walk along it on the right and go out onto the balcony where Eileen is.

In this prima location, talk to Eileen. As always, run out of all lines of dialogue. If you miss it, it will then show up in the second location a Cathedral Ward.

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

To continue the questline, just talk to her at Cathedral Ward: from the lantern, go straight and exit the chapel, you will find it there on the left. Caution: it will not show up immediately, but you will first have to have it opened all three doors in the area of Cathedral Ward (also get the respective crest from the shop in the Hunter's Dream) to make it appear. Talk to her, and will tell you about one clash at the Tomb of Odeon. Try to do all of this PRIMA to face the Vicar Amelia.

Recharge the zone or return to the Hunter's Dream, and then starting from Cathedral Ward go to the Tomb of Odeon (the place of the bossfight with Father Gascoigne). At this stage you have to stay VERY CAREFUL: you will have to help Eileen in the fight against Henryk, tuttavia avoid hitting Eileen, because he may become hostile towards you, thinking you are there to help his opponent. If Eileen dies, the questline will end like this. If you manage to help her successfully, you will move on to the last stage.

After killing Rom the Dull Spider you will find Eileen on the stairs of the Grand Cathedral (the one where you fought the Vicar Amelia), she was wounded and is resting. (to get there you will have to starting from the Cathedral Ward lantern, because that of the Great Cathedral will not be accessible. Talk to her, and assist her in the fight ... but this time she will only see you against the other hunter. Be careful, because it is about an extremely difficult fight, one of the most difficult in the whole game.

Once you have killed him, go back to talk to Eileen to finish her questline; you will get it as a reward Crest of the Raven Hunter, which will give you access to purchase Eileen's equipment.

ATTENTION: Se salterete i primi tre step, Eileen will disappear after you have defeated Rom. If you have spoken to us, but you will miss the second or third step, she will be the one to hunt you to the Great Cathedral (again after killing Roma).

Child of Yharnam side quest

La little girl from Yharnam others are none other than the daughter of Father Gascoigne, and can be found at Yharnam Central, she too like Gilbert there will speak from a window. How do you get there? After getting off in the sewers, from the larger "square" full of crawling monsters, go up twice le ladders, the first to arrive on a balcony, and the second much longer that will take you out of the sewers and arrive in front of a bridge. Go through it, kill the Troll, and go up the new ladders: you will find yourself in front of a closed gate that you can open with a lever, and right next to it is the window with which you can interact.

First talk to the girl until the lines of dialogue are exhausted, he will give you the Small Carillon, a very useful item for the bossfight against Father Gascoigne.

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

Stage 1 - The little girl

After defeating him, you can explore the bossfight area, which is the Tomb of Odeon. If you go up the stairs and proceed to the balcony, you will see that you can go down to the roof and pick up a shiny object: this is the Red Ornate Brooch.

From this point on they open different possibilities: you can choose se give the girl the Brooch, or choose to hold it back (whether it's having it in inventory, keeping it in stock, or even not collecting it at all):

  • If you choose to give him the spilla, will no longer speak to you, and will eventually leave the house.
  • Se You will NOT give her the Brooch and you have already talked to the woman in the Odeon Chapel for a safe place, you can tell the little girl to reach the place for her safety.

Either way, if you will kill the pig in the sewers, you will get the Red Messenger's Ribbon.

However, there are others for this phase TWO OTHER ALTERNATIVE ROUTES:

  • If you have talked to Iosefka after defeating Father Gascoigne and told you about the place as a safe place, you can send the child to the clinic. The next time you visit the place you will receive an Elixir, however you will not get the red or white ribbon afterwards. If you make this choice, and you enter the clinic later in the game via the Forbidden Woods, you will encounter the little girl inside the clinic… however she has been transformed into a celestial creature. If you kill it, you will get it the rune Odeon Report.
  • If you have chosen NOT to speak to the child again after obtaining the Little Carillon - or you have not spoken to it at all - she will leave the window of her own free will and you will have an outcome similar to that of the clinic, but this time without receiving rewards.

Phase 2 - The big sister

La Older sister will appear in the same window after you have made your choice of GIVE THE BROOCH or did you send the child to the CHAPEL OF ODEON. Go back to the window after killing Rom the Dull Spider, talk to her. He will ask you if you have found her sister. If the you will give the Red Ribbon taken earlier, you will activate a dialogue of her alone are you take a few steps away and go through the gate. Afterwards, reload the area and go back there - the girl will no longer be at the window, but if you look down from the ladder, you will see her body lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Go down the stairs and pick up the White Messenger Ribbon from her body.

Alfred's side mission

You can meet Alfred for the first time in Cathedral Ward, near the chapel which is the entrance to Old Yharnam. To meet him, exit the Odeon Chapel using the door on the left, go down the short stairs, and from the square take the road on the left. Follow it and go down the new stairs. You will find yourself in front of the chapel, guarded outside by enemies and dogs. Get rid of it and go around the whole area passing from the left (watch out for the dogs and the enemy with the rifle). When you have finished your tour (clockwise) you will meet Alfred. Talk to us and decide to collaborate with him. You will get three burning cards and a gesture.

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

NOTE: se you will decide to collaborate with AlfredYou can evoke it to help you against The Bloodthirsty Beast in Old Yharnam (it does not count as a standard summon and you can even summon two other players), but also for the bossfight of the Beast Cleric (You will find a note to summon it with the bell at the bottom of the stairs in front of you, beyond the gate, starting from the Central Yharnam Lamp).

After that you will have Vicar Amelia killed, Alfred will move from location. You will find it at Cathedral Ward, in a balcony which you can access from the passage on the left starting from the center of the large round square (the arch with a giant guarding it). This is the balcony that leads via the stairs to the entrance to the Forbidden Woods. Talking to Alfred at this location will get you lots of interesting information about the game lore.

After you defeat the Martyr Logarius in Cainhurst (here a video shows you how to get to the castle), you will get the Crown of Illusions: wear it in front of the wall at the end of the bossfight arena and a cutscene will start, which will open you a new location. This is the throne room of the gods vileblood. To the right of the Queen's throne, on a table, you can find the Convocation closed, which is a sealed invitation to Cainhurst Castle. There Alfred's mission is to eliminate the Vilesangue faction for the sake of his master, so that he becomes a true martyr, and to do so he will have to kill the Queen.

Bring the Convocation to Alfred in the second location mentioned (the balcony near the entrance to the Forbidden Woods), so that he has access to Cainhurts. You will receive a gesture, but also it Coat of Arms of the Hunter with Wheel which will give you the opportunity to purchase the Wheel of Logarius. When you return to the throne room, you will find Alfred next to the Queen's body reduced to a pulp. Talk to him and you will receive a gesture. Meanwhile, examine the remains of the Queen for get a part of his flesh still alive, which you will need for another quest.

Finally, to complete the quest, go back to the first location where you met Alfred. You will find his body there, next to the rune Radiance.

Secondary mission of Djura

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

This is not really a secondary mission, however Animals is a character who can become friendly, despite being hostile of deafult. Djura is the hunter with the machine gun who will shoot you as soon as you set foot in Old Yharnam. It is located on the top of the tower of Old Yharnam, and will try in every way to hit you with his weapon as you try to reach him.

If you want him remain hostile and you want to act the old way, try to be as fast as possible, take advantage of the covers, kill the enemies where you can, and run up to the stairs that will make you climb on his tower and then face him (it could be the case of avoid his helper hunter that you will find under the tower, or at least fight us in a safe area luring him where Djura can't shoot you). Face Djura paying attention to his firearm, be agile and try to shorten the distance, perhaps by performing Visceral Attacks. One of the easiest ways to kill him, as he's very tough, is make it fall off the tower (in that case you will find your reward on the tower once you have reloaded the area). If you kill it, you drop 875 Blood Echoes and it Powder Keg Hunter Crest, which will unlock in the shop in Hunter's Dream on Ashen Hunter Set, Lance Rifle and Perforatore.

If you want Djura to be FRIENDLY instead, you will have to take different steps.

  • Kill the Bloodthirsty Beast at the bottom of Old Yharnam (so you'll have to avoid the machine gun shots, and once you get below the tower, don't go up to face Djura). This way they will spawn the jailers (monsters similar to Dementors, with a sack on their shoulders ed.).
  • Use the lantern at the church where you killed the Bloodthirsty Beast, and awaken to the lantern of Cathedral Ward: go out the door straight in front of you, on the right you will find a jailer ... e get killed.
  • You will be taken to the Apogee prison (excellent farming area, for later), and reach the area where the bossfight of the Dark Belva Paarl. Win the bossfight; OR die (in this case awaken to the lantern of the Church of the Buon Calice, where you killed the Bloodthirsty Beast). WARNING, Djura becomes friendly ONLY THE FIRST TIME encounter the Dark Beast Paarl, so avoid going back.
  • Walk back to Djura and go up to his tower (so that you approach him from behind, and not from the main entrance of Old Yarnham from where he could see you). DON'T ATTACK IT, talk to him, and respond to the dialogue with "Save the beasts of Old Yharnam". That way he will be friendly, and will reward you Powder Keg Hunter Crest referred to above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: once he's become friendly, However, Djura can return hostile. Then ARE NOT attack it, ARE NOT give the wrong answer, ARE NOT attack beasts in front of the tower where he can see you, ARE NOT a beast must die in the same area for any other reason.

Iosefka secondary mission

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

You will start the game right in Iosefka Clinic, however, you can only interact with her seriously at a later time. Let's start by saying that they actually exist 2 Iosefka, a real one, the one at the beginning of the game who will talk to you from the door in a friendly way, and the impostor who will have a much more "maniac" voice as well as his laughter will be crazy when he invites you to let people into his clinic. The impostor will show up behind the door after you discover Cathedral Ward, and she will start asking you to send the survivors to her. All the people who go to the clinic will be transformed into Celestial Creatures, similar to "aliens".

You can only really enter the Clinic after you have reached the Forbidden Woods, which you will have passed the cave and that you have climbed the long stairs. Once in the clinic you can act in different ways: first of all you can kill all the blue creatures present in the clinic (in the section dedicated to the NPCs that can be sent to the clinic you will read the rewards based on who you will send).

As you proceed into the clinic, you will hear a voice coming from the top of a ladder. This is the Iosefka impostor, who I will ask you to leave. Here, you can choose what to do:

  • If the player will go up the stairs, Iosefka will become hostile and you will hire a fierce and not easy combat. If you kill it, you will get a rune and the quest will end.
  • If the player makes it hostile and it will go without killing her he will no longer be able to speak to us from the door, even if he will send other people to the clinic.
  • If the player leaves and go back to the Hunter's Dream without Iosefka becoming hostile, she will close the doors and she will be able to continue talking to us from the stairs as usual. I will continue to ask you to send survivors to her. If you go through the back again after the phase of the Red Moon has begun (by now you have unlocked the gate and you can avoid the woods), you can go up to the room where it is, this time without it becoming hostile. You will find her on a hospital bed lying on all fours, suffering. At this point you can kill it easily, but before talk to her: you will understand that she is pregnant, and killing her will give you one of the Third Umbilical Cord (object that will serve for the Secret ending).

Patches the Spider side quest

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

Like Djura and the Queen, that of Patches it is not a real secondary mission, however interacting or not with this character can lead to certain events within the game, and knowing them is very important. You can meet Patches almost without realizing it: after killing the Vicar Amelia and entering the forbidden woods, speaking at the door of a hut with red lantern, where you will get the Stone Tonsil. There are actually several other places and houses with the lantern that you can visit, but this is the first available and the easiest to locate.

Then go to Great Cathedral (right where you killed Amelia), and with it behind take the road on the left as soon as you have descended the stairs at the exit. Go all the way and kill the two hunters if you've never faced them before. Continuously go down the stairs and face the enemies, until you enter a church with a large hall that has a plate" in the center. You will be captured by a creature, a lesser Amygdala, and will be transported to the Nightmare Library in 'Aula Magna Building. Just as you step out of the door you were transported to, you will be faced with another door, with Patches speaking to you from the window.

After you talk to us, you will will set a trap (as usual within the Souls ed.) in the Frontier of the Nightmare, and after you follow a trail of shiny coins on the ground it will push you down into the poisonous swamp (a cutscene will activate).

When will you reach the second floor of the Library, you can finally kill the giant (which is exactly above a trap door) and go down the ladder to talk to Patches face to face. When you talk to us, you will get a gesture. You can then talk to us to get one runa. If you kill Patches, you'll get 5453 Blood Echoes and one Great wisdom. You can also avoid killing it if you return to get this item in his room after killing Amygdala. You can get it even if you threw an item at Patches on the Frontier of Nightmare (but he won't drop it later).

Missione secondary di Annalise, Regina dei Vilesangue

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

This is not a real quest, however Annalize is the Queen of the Felbloods, Or a faction leader. If you have completed Alfred's quest and the Queen is dead, you can use the Queen's flesh that you collected from her corpse to get her back to life. To do this, you will have to go toAltar of Despair, the place where you killed Drunkenness Daughter of the Cosmos (after exploring Cathedral Ward Superiore, killed theHeavenly Emissary and entered through the church window to find the secret elevator).

With the queen alive, you can perform the gesture of kneel down, and you can enter the Covenant of the Felsbloods. He will not speak to you unless you kneel, whether you are already part of the covenant or not. Once you enter the Pact of Felbloods, you will get it Coat of arms of Cainhurst, which gives you access to the Set of Cainhurst e all'arma Chikage. Also, as part of the bargain, every time you kill a hunter (including Alfred, if you switch to the Fleshblood Covenant) PRIMA to hand him the Convocation) you will get a Blood residue, which if given to the Queen will give you a gesture.

All NPCs to be sent to the Odeon Chapel or Iosefka Clinic

There are survivors in Bloodborne that you can interact with, and "send them to a safe place", and each of them can be of use to the player in a different way. In order to inform them of safe places, you must clearly have discovered them first, then you must have already talked to the woman in red inside the Odeon Chapel at Cathedral Ward, and with Yosefka from the clinic door after killing Father Gascoigne.

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

  • Old woman: You can find it at Yharnam Central, speaking at the door near the entrance to the sewers. If you choose to send her to Iosefka, this will reward you with two mystical mists and an intuition point. The woman will become a celestial creature that you can meet later in the clinic, and that she will drop a sedative if killed. If you choose to send it to Odeon Chapel, at first she will be ungrateful, but gradually she will start to lose her mind, and as you progress through the game, talking to her, she will give you sedatives, first one, then 2 and then 3. If when you talk to her again you will choose the option that requires more sedatives, the woman will venture out to get you more, but the second time she does, she will be killed.
  • Arianna: You will meet her at Cathedral Ward. As soon as you enter the gate that was closed and that you opened with the coat of arms purchased in the Hunter's Dream, go left, go down the stairs and arrive at the bottom. Turn left and talk to him at the door. Arianna will ask you for a safe place after you have killed three bosses. This is not recommended, but you can choose to say nothing or send it to the Iosefka Clinic: if you do, you will receive an intuition point and two mystical mists, and you can meet her later in the clinic transformed into a celestial creature (if killed she will drop her Shoes). The choice recommended is to send it to the Odeon Chapel: when you speak to her in the Chapel, she will teach you a gesture, and he will offer you his blood. After you kill Micolash the Nightmare Lord, Arianna will move in the sewers under the Odeon Chapel (the door to the Odeon Tomb). There he will give birth to a baby, and you will have to kill both of them to get the Arianna's shoes it's a Third Umbilical Cord (object that will serve for the Secret ending).

ATTENTION: the quest line can be endangered by 2 other NPCs, namely the Mysterious Beggar and Adella. The Beggar, if sent to the Chapel, he will kill all NPCs one after the other, while Adella will become jealous if you accept Ariadne's blood at least 3 times, it could kill her.

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

  • Skeptical man: You will meet this man a Cathedral Ward, speaking at the window in front of the door of Arianna's house. After the player has interacted with Ariadne, the man will respond if you talk to him, and ask you what lie you have for him. Even with him you will have to choose the destination, but since it is a person who does not trust hunters - much less you - he will do exactly the opposite of what you advise him. To do this go to the Odeon Chapel then, suggest that he go to the Iosefka clinic. Throughout the time he is in the Chapel, you can talk to him and he will give you clues about the other NPCs present ... but remember that the truth is always the opposite of what he says. If the Skeptical Man goes to the clinic, you will find him as a Heavenly Creature when you enter, and he will drop you. 3 acrid blood mixtures (same drop you will get if he dies in the Chapel).
  • Adella: it is a nun of the Church of the cure, and can be found by exploring the prisons of the Apogee prison. As mentioned earlier for the Djura quest, to be taken to the prison you will have to kill the Bloodthirsty Beast, and then be killed by a sacked jailer just outside the Odeon Chapel. When you meet Adella, she will be crying. To make sure she talks to her and trusts you, you must wear a church dress (black or white), but they are also good for the set of the Choir, that of Gascoigne and others connected to the church. Once done, you can send it like the others or to Odeon Chapel, To Iosefka Clinicthe do not give her any information.

I will send it to the Cappella will teach you a gesture and he will give you his blood. Beware of ARE NOT accept Ariadne's blood three times, otherwise the nun will kill the prostitute out of jealousy. If Adella kills Arianna and the nun is still alive, after the Red Moon you will find it outside the chapel and it will turn against the hunter because of his madness.

If you will send her to the clinic will become a celestial creature, and Iosefka will reward you with an intuition point and 2 mystical mists. If you kill her, vi will drop a rune.

If you don't give her any information, you will find it died on a ladder in the Hidden Village of Yahar'Gul, next to some dogs. You can recover the rune from his corpse.

  • Suspicious beggar: you will meet him next to mutilated bodies on the balcony of a building in the Forbidden Woods (the one where you will find the cannon). If you don't talk to us before he gets there Red Moon, you will lose it for the rest of the game. He too will ask you for a safe place, but he will have an ulterior motive: if you send him to the Odeon Chapel, he will start killing all the NPCs present one after the other. If you will send it to the Iosefka Clinic he will become like the others a Celestial Creature, and when killed he will drop there Rune of the beast. You can also decide to attack it directly when you meet it; it will not be a simple confrontation, because it will turn into an abominable beast really difficult to throw down on the first try (we recommend take advantage of the entrance of the stairs come safe zone).

Bloodborne - Guide to all side missions and NPCs

Chronological table of the phases to be completed in the secondary missions

This table will help you, together with all the information we have given you, to maintain a sort of linearity with the actions to be performed, so as not to miss any. Keep an eye out for survivor variants too!

You have left the clinic Gilbert Talk to Gilbert at the window
You have left the clinic Eileen Meet Eileen in the building that is the entrance to the sewers
You have left the clinic Female child Talk to the little girl at the window after being in the sewers
You killed Father Gascoigne Gilbert Talk to Gilbert at the window
You killed Father Gascoigne Survivors Talk to Iosefka at the Clinic and the woman in red in the Chapel
Killed Gascoigne / spoken woman in red Female child Go back to the baby and make your choice
Entrati a Cathedral Ward Alfred Talk to Alfred near the church that is the entrance to Old Yharnam
Entrati a Cathedral Ward Survivors Talk to survivors (see conditions in the appropriate section)
Entrati a Old Yharnam Animals Avoid the shots and don't kill him
Open Great Cathedral gate Eileen Talk to Eileen and then help her in the fight
Once faced the Beast Paarl Animals Reach Djura behind you and talk to us (see conditions in the section)
Vicar Amelia killed Alfred Talk to us near the entrance to the Forbidden Woods
Stone tonsil / Forbidden Woods reached Patches Talk to Patches at the door
Reached Forbidden Woods Iosefka Enter the clinic, listen to Iosefka and leave
Entered the Frontier of the Nightmare Patches Fall into Patches' trap
Martyr Logarius killed Annalize Put on the crown, enter, choose the fate of the Felbloods
Trovata the Regina dei Vilesangue Alfred Give the Closed Convocation to Alfred and return to the throne room
Rom the Dull Spider killed Gilbert Go back to Gilbert, kill him
Rom the Dull Spider killed Eileen Help Eileen in the fight at the Great Cathedral
Rom the Dull Spider killed Older sister Give the red bow to the older sister and proceed to get the white
Reached second floor Aula Magna building Patches Kill the giant, descend, talk to Patches and choose his destiny
Red Moon Iosefka Go back to the Clinic, kill Iosefka
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