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Compared to the original game, The Last of Us 2 almost all of its trophies are based on exploration and the collection of collectibles, equipment, upgrades, plus some on rare items that often serve as an easter egg. The "wide linear" structure we talked about in a recent article has allowed Naughty Dog to range in the construction of the environments, thus giving the player the possibility of approaching the same situation in different ways but above all an extended setting to be investigated in search of secrets and / or resources. An example in this sense is downtown Seattle, available to us after the first hours of the game: after retrieving the map in the previous section, which you will collect from an office drawer on your left once you get off the road full of cars, you will have access to another FEDRA gate to unlock. To do this, you will need gasoline to put in the generator and from here you will be called to explore a very large area. Examining it from top to bottom will allow you to unlock the trophy "Tourist by passion", in addition to obtaining collectibles, weapons and extra equipment. In the image below, the complete map.

In total there are ten places to check, including the two linked to the continuation of the story, and Ellie will take care to mark them on the map so as not to confuse them with other areas where it is still possible to find useful objects. It is not necessary to examine them all in a single run, we only lacked one and the trophy was unlocked back there after finishing the game, taking advantage of the chapter selection: the only concern, and this especially applies to the collection of collectibles when you'll have to go back and forth between chapters, it is keep a manual save of the epilogue and do not overwrite it for any reason. Otherwise, all your progress will be erased with it, including individual chapters.

That said, it is possible to find information on the places to explore through documents scattered throughout the area and in a specific case it is necessary to examine one well to retrieve the access key to the other. The only one that could go unnoticed is the one shown in the image below, of the ruins of a building that look the same to many and instead count for the trophy: go up the stairs, break the windows to go around and from there continue upwards so as to consider the area explored. The trophy does not specify that the ten places must be completed by recovering all the objects inside (at which Ellie will cross the area off the map) but if in doubt we suggest you make a clean sweep.

Finally, downtown Seattle offers a small easter egg tied to a trophy: when you explore the bank, the building at the bottom left of the map, you will have access to a vault (the password is in the bag at the foot of the corpse once you enter. in the storage room). Inside, in addition to a handy shotgun, you can retrieve a very familiar ring from one of the drawers in the upper right corner that will unlock the trophy. "From humble origins towards great enterprises". Does it remind you of anyone?

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