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Continue our series of guides dedicated to The Last of Us 2: as you have already noticed, the game concentrates almost all the trophies on collectibles, which are almost three hundred including artifacts, coins and more - many without a real purpose while others, such as the entries in the diary, are useful to understand more about Ellie and her inner conflict. Here you will find all the forty-eight collectible cards divided into macro chapters and individual sections. We recommend that you have completed the game once before backtracking (in very easy mode to speed things up) and to keep a manual save of the epilogue, without overwriting it: every time you find the collectibles you need within a section, load the manual save, from there go back to the main menu and continue. Repeat the process each time to keep your progress safe and move from chapter to chapter.


Chapter 2, Awakening, contains two trading cards.

Trading card # 1: Seismicayla
As you follow Jesse around the town, you'll come to a central area where you can pet a dog. Instead of going straight to the Tipsy Bison Bar, take an immediate left to find the card hanging on a notice board.
Trading card # 2: The Keene Twins
Inside the Tipsy Bison Bar, after the cutscene with Maria, don't go out but look at the dart board. The card is next to it.

Chapter 4, Patrol, contains two collectible cards.

Trading card # 1: Tesseracter
When Ellie and Dina leave the building in which they confirmed the patrol ride, you will ride to an explorable area. Get off your horse, reach a house on the far right, go up to the first floor with a pickup and look for the paper on a shelf.
Trading card # 2: Laurent Foucalt, CEO SPARK
In the Biblitoeca, after collecting the pendant of Lights that belonged to Eugene, find the card in a smaller room on the left above a table full of comics.

Seattle - Day 1

Chapter 8, The Gate, contains four trading cards.

Trading card # 1: Motivator
Shortly after the chapter begins, you will see a bus shelter. Dismount and pick up the paper just at one of the walls.
Trading card # 2: The Starfire Kids
After traveling a good part of the freeway, you find it in the same building where the map of downtown Seattle is.
Trading card # 3: Chessmaster
When you reach the area with the first gate to open ("TRESPASSERS KILLED ON SIGHT!") And climbed to get to the other side, don't go down the ladder but look to your left to find one that goes up. At the top you can retrieve the card.
Trading card # 4: Oozer
Same area, once the generator is activated, collect the yellow cable but instead of using it as you should, from where you are, throw it on the other side of the building. Ideally, have him pass behind the sign on the roof and fall back over. You can then use it to climb onto the roof of the building itself and retrieve the paper.

Chapter 9, Center, contains five collectible cards.

Trading card # 1: Doctor Uckmann
Looking at the map you got earlier, third block from the left between Colombia ST and Marion ST. Go up the stairs to the ruins, break the window, go around and continue to the top to collect the card.
Trading card # 2: Das Wort
Valiant Music Shop, between 5th Ave and 6th Ave, check the drawer behind the cash register.
Trading card # 3: Flo
Second block, between Marion ST and Madison ST. While on Madison ST there is a gate that you can go through to find a safe (combination 04-51) and, inside, the card.
Trading card # 4: Big Blue
Ruston Coffee, the top-left building on the map, in a drawer behind the counter.
Trading card # 5: Know It All
Serevena Hotel, upper floor, in the bedside table of the second bedroom.

Chapter 10, Elementary School, contains a collectible card.

Trading card # 1: Cardio
Towards the end, after jumping from a roof to an apartment balcony, check the bedroom nightstand.

Chapter 11, Capitol Hill, contains six trading cards.

Trading card # 1: Kinnard Esq.
Right at the beginning, in the house on the right (number 3) check the drawer in the living room on the ground floor.
Trading card # 2: Rockafella
At the motel, he is in the locked room on the left next to the one with the door wide open. To enter, you have to go around the building and go through the back window.
Trading Card # 3: Doctor Stem
In the library next to the gas station, open the white door (Exit), eliminate the infected and collect the paper on the chest of drawers immediately to the left.
Trading card # 4: Sergeant Frost
Continue to the Bank of Meridian area. In the shop called Olive Street Market, check the lockers for the infected in the building and the humans outside.
Trading card # 5: Candelabra
After seeing the Clicker explode on contact with the trap, check the shelf in the corner of the liquor store it came from.
Trading card # 6: Bizarrebra
In the antique shop next to the gym, in the trap-strewn area. Pay attention to where you step and once inside, check the shelves on the left.

Chapter 12, Channel 13, contains a collectible card.

Trading card # 1: Kimimela
Inside the TV station, after walking around the narrow open ledge, it's on the table in the next office.

Chapter 13, The Tunnels, contains three trading cards.

Trading card # 1: The Imp
After the encounter between humans and Clicker, Ellie and Dina will pass through the door of a train blocking the infected out. Keep going until you have to crawl under another train then, instead of following the red light, move left to another blue train. The paper is underneath, between some garbage bags, quite difficult to see.
Trading card # 2: Dr. Daniela Star
Once past the area where you make your first encounter with the Shamblers, open the first blue door on the right to see a fenced area. You can access it by crawling under a table and from there passing through the hole in the fence, the card is waiting for you there on a table.
Trading card # 3: Bastet
Towards the end of the station, instead of climbing on the red box and continuing with the story, crawl under the train on the left of the same and retrieve the card inside.

Chapter 14, The Theater, contains two trading cards.

Trading card # 1: Mortem
Ground floor behind the counter, break through the glass cabinets to find the paper in the bottom shelf.
Trading card # 2: Beyond
First floor, at the end of the corridor next to the balcony.

Chapter 15, Birthday Present, contains two trading cards.

Trading card # 1: The Nighthawk
After entering the museum, in the exhibition hall, to the right of the Dimetrodon.
Trading card # 2: Saura
In the Natural History Center, after Joel helps Ellie through a window, you find her in the room with the moose and wolf statues.

Seattle - Day 2

Chapter 16, Hillcrest, contains five trading cards.

Carta collezionabile # 1: Rich
Immediately at the beginning, turn around, reach a car in the muddy water and smash the window to retrieve the card.
Trading card # 2: Sahir the Sorcerer
With the "Used & Rare Books" in front of you, turn left and go down the grassy street (opposite the muddy pool where you saw the men leave in the jeep in the cut scene). Follow it to the end, climb on the dumpster and you will arrive at the "Caroline Paper Co." shop: inside, on some cardboard boxes behind the counter, there is paper.
Trading card # 3: Naledi the Youthful
After using a dumpster to jump over a building and continue the story, you will drop into a room with a workbench. The card is in the right corner, under a white bicycle.
Trading card # 4: Brainstorm
When Ellie catches a glimpse of black smoke in the distance and has to jump over a fence to a backyard, check out the children's playhouse in that backyard.
Trading card # 5: Reverb
After you get the bow and practice the targets, jump over the next wall to land in another large area full of humans and dogs. Enter the last building on the right hand side. Upstairs are two bedrooms, crawl under the bed in the second to find the card well hidden at the bottom.

Chapter 17, In Search of Strings, contains a collectible card.

Trading card # 1: The Austinger
Tommy and Ellie will split up at the bar, Joel will take over from his brother. Ride until you are forced to dismount and after climbing over the wall, at the end of the road on your left you will see a "U-Move" container. Step over it and check the inside of the car at the bottom to find the card.

Chapter 18, The Seraphites, contains six collectible cards.

Trading card # 1: Randy Styles
Inside the "Quickmart" supermarket, check the shelf next to the cash register.
Trading card # 2: Shift
Inside the "Conference Center" go upstairs via the elevators, first break the windows and then the glass canopies outside, throw the rope to create a safe passage to the other side and access the blocked room . The card is on the sofa to the right.
Trading card # 3: Star Sign
After passing the overpass on the main road (immediately after the taxi), turn left to reach a long apartment building. Use the truck parked in front of the locked main entrance to access the roof of the building, jump to the balcony on the right and break the windows to enter the locked room. The paper is in the bedroom, on the nightstand.
Trading card # 4: Arch-Enemy
After a very short cutscene in which you locate the hospital in the distance and Ellie notes something in the diary, you will enter the Seattle Conference Center. Go down to the ground floor through the scaffolding and behind you you will see a locked room. Destroy the windows on the side, and climb inside to find a collectible card in the drawer on the right.
Trading card # 5: Doppelganger
After suffering the first attack of the Hyenas, enter the "Garden Suites 113" apartment complex. Go up one floor and go around the corridor to find the card in the corner on the floor.
Trading card # 6: Bhat M'Andarr
About three quarters of the way through the chapter, after meeting the Hyena armed with a pickaxe, you will climb to a roof from which Ellie will once again be able to see the hospital in the distance. Go down the ladder until you drop into the water, exit on the left to reach "Weston's Pharmacy". The card is to the left of the entrance on the counter display.

Seattle - Day 3

Chapter 20, Towards the Aquarium, contains four trading cards.

Trading card # 1: Esquire
At the beginning of the chapter, left before going through the red curtain behind the scenes.
Trading card # 2: Blizzard
Inside the "WDL" Shipping & Packaging, open the door in front of you and then go to the second door on the right, blocked by a pile of debris that you can crawl under. Do this to retrieve the card.
Trading card # 3: Tanager
Inside the "Kingston's Bookstore", once you get down to the ground floor there is some rubble near the security gate under which you can pass. Do this to find a well-hidden card on a shelf.
Trading card # 4: Tatuaje
Towards the end of the chapter, after a cutscene, you will have access to a dark building. Go down one floor and check behind the wooden table over which you have to jump to continue with the story, a few seconds without having to lift some metal pipes. Do not raise them before you have retrieved the paper because there is no way to go back.

Chapter 21, The Sunken City, contains two trading cards.

Trading card # 1: Seff-L'ho'phad
At the beginning, reached the first point where you are forced to stop the boat to open a chain gate. Before you do that, check the desk drawer in the dark room on the right.
Trading card # 2: Khazakh Bright
After the obligatory battle with the Bloater in the arcade, lift the shutter of the "Prize Zone" and enter to find the card under the cash register.

Santa Barbara

Chapter 43, Inland, contains a collectible card.

Trading card # 1: CBB-73
After climbing into a house with a Clicker on the roof, the card is on the table in the upstairs bedroom.

Chapter 44, The Resort, contains a collectible card.

Trading card # 1: Sparkthug
After the cutscene where you see the prisoners escorted by a group of armed men, enter the complex and continue until you enter a building. Immediately to your right, behind the table, is the last collectible card.

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