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Outlook is the current name of Microsoft's email service, formerly known as Hotmail, let's see what happened and how the new service works. Hotmail is dead! Long live Outlook! They would say in the Middle Ages. In the summer of 2012, Microsoft launched what would be the beginning of the end of Hotmail and the beginning of the Outlook era. The company launched Outlook in July of the same year and invited users to log in with their email accounts.

With this revamped, Facebook-compatible version of its email service, Microsoft has pursued the dual goal of handling the junk mail received by the majority of Hotmail users and regaining its lost market share from the rapid growth of Google's Gmail. Read also: Gmail, configuration and options

Outlook or Hotmail? All you need to know

Does the expression "Hotmail" confuse you at times? If you're new to email, you may not know the foundation upon which modern email was built. This time we want to show you everything you need to know about Hotmail. Also, you will see the real reasons why you should switch to this free email service.

Two names the best service   

For more than two decades now, Hotmail has reached a historic milestone: it has provided humanity with its first free and personal email. Hence, thanks to its popularity, its use has spread to over 30 different languages. Today it is the best tool for organizing, sending and managing files, information and many other things. It might interest you: How to create an Outlook account, quick and easy

But what should we call it? Outlook or Hotmail? Whatever you want, they are two names for the best service. Alone in 2010, it changed its name to the one it has used until now: Outlook. However, for those who pay homage to this service they will always know you by your eternal name: Hotmail.

Reasons to switch to Hotmail  

The reasons are many and need to be considered. First, Hotmail is today the world's leading e-mail provider. Since it was created, it has undergone various changes, reinventing its essence from time to time to always surprise its customers. And it goes without saying that it has succeeded, the services provided by Hotmail today exceed what it is.

With Hotmail, you can't just send and receive wonderful emails. You also have instant messaging, SkyDrive, Xbox Live and countless services that Microsoft puts in your hands. For example, you can edit documents online via the cloud shared with other users. This is one of the amazing features.

It also goes wherever you want because its mobile application for Smartphone is extremely simple. You just need to log into your Hotmail account once and it will sync automatically.

How secure is my Hotmail account?

With so much insecurity, it is normal to be quite skeptical about the security level of our email account. It is about a completely safe, secure and secure platform from the largest computer company on the planet. But there are measures by which you can add protection to your Hotmail account. With these simple steps you add more security to Hotmail.

For example, you can add another recovery to your email account, it can come from Hotmail or another service. You can also add a confirmation phone number to this. This will make it much more difficult for someone to access your account without your permission. Also, if you have security issues with your Hotmail account, it shows you how to fix it.

What happens if the password is not secure?  

Anyone who creates a session in this or another service has a strong fear of setting a weak password. But in Hotmail the security of your account depends on the creativity with which you can generate the password. So don't simplify, the password in Hotmail supports the use of symbols, numbers, punctuation in addition to letters.

Then a the key is to create a password consisting of multiple elements. In addition, Outlook allows you to change your password as many times as you want to increase security. From time to time it is best to change the password with different symbols and characters. If we do, there is no reason to fear that an intruder will linger on our behalf.

When the account is no longer needed

Sometimes one of the accounts we have may be duplicated or we no longer need it. With Hotmail you can easily close your account, you just need to clarify two things. That it's really you and not someone else trying to get into your account. And secondly, you are not forgetting anything in the account that you will need later on.

When you close your account, you should be aware that the rest of the associated Microsoft services will also be affected. This is why Skype and your contacts, what you have in OneDrive saved and data from Gamer Tag, Xbox Live and others will also be deleted.

How to create a new Outlook account?

Although Hotmail is now, you can create a new email account with the @ domain.

  • Go to the Outlook login page.
  • Go to Outlook sign in and click the button create free account.
  • Enter the desired email address and select @ from the drop-down menu on the right.
  • Click on NEXT.
  • Enter the password you want to use with the new account and click NEXT.
  • Enter your personal information and click NEXT.

How to recover Outlook account?

Microsoft allows you to recover your account even if password reset didn't help.

  • To fill out the recovery form, go to .
  • Select the account Hotmail you want to restore.
  • Enter your contact information.
  • Verifica to be a real human being.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Answer a series of personal questions to help Microsoft decide if you are the rightful owner of the account you want to restore.
  • Click Submit when done.

Note that the recovery process may take some time as Microsoft employees have to manually process each case. The more personal information you provide, the more guaranteed the result of the recovery process will be.

How to delete my Outlook account?

If you want to close your old Hotmail account to make sure no one can access it and read your emails, you can do so by following this link.

  • Enter your login information corresponding to the account you want to delete.
  • Check that you have entered the correct account.
  • Read the information and decide if you really want to cancel any current subscription, cancel any current business or organizational services, delete any active Azure directories, delete your health records, and potentially forfeit your remaining account balance.
  • When you are ready to proceed, click the button NEXT.
  • Your account will be marked for deletion, but it will take 60 days before being permanently closed . In this period, you can reopen your account proving your identity with the security information for your current account.
    how to log in to Hotmail.

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