Monster Hunter Rise - Endemic Fauna Guide

Monster Hunter Rise - Endemic Fauna Guide

In this guide dedicated to Endemic Fauna di Monster hunter rise we will help you understand how each creature works. The Monster Hunter series has always characterized the world with materials or animals useful to create all kinds of tools, from equipment to various upgrades.

Where to find Endemic Fauna in Monster Hunter Rise? Here is the guide 

Monster Hunter Rise introduces many new endemic creatures to track down and use on the field to get the better of the main monster. Below is the list of everything you will find inside the game.

Antidobra: if you are poisoned and without antidotes, the Antidobra will save your life. Use it to cure poison and temporarily be immune. These creatures will be difficult to catch, but rest assured they won't even attack you.

Blastoad: In Monster Hunter World, hitting a Blastoad caused a small explosion that damaged monsters and hunters alike. Well, its functionality in this game is the same, only you can also throw it as if it were a bomb.

Butterflame: it is a cute insect that flutters quietly, when you hit it it will unleash a red cloud that will increase the attack damage for a limited time.

Clothfly: like the Butterflame, it will take care of temporarily increasing your defense.

Cutterfly: Its purpose is to increase the chances of inflicting status effects on monsters and obtaining critical hits with melee weapons.

Escuregot: This cute snail can be killed to heal damage.

Firebeetle: Much like the Blastoad, the Firebeetle can be thrown at a target to engulf it in flames, dealing fire damage.

Greater Wirebug: this insect hides inside the Jewel Lilly, which is a flower with white petals. The Greater Wirebug v will allow you to make huge jumps in the map.

Be kind to me: The Mud Beetle works like the Fire Beetle, except that it inflicts Mud, which slows the target and accelerates the consumption of stamina.

Peepersects: These practical little butterflies slow down the use of resistance. Very useful if you have a long way to go or for heavy gun users.

Puppet Spider: this cute little spider will be very useful to allow you to ride monsters.

Rock Lizard: it will not give you any specific bonuses, but if hit it will throw up a very useful material.

Stinkmink: if hit, its stench will attract nearby monsters.

Thunderbeetle: This beetle is also a bomb, use it to stun enemies.

Trapbugs: scatter it on the ground to injure the legs of the monster and make it run away.

wire bug: This is probably the most important endemic fauna included in Monster Hunter Rise, as it will allow you a new set of moves. The silk thread secreted by the Wirebug is incredibly strong and can be used for climbing and swinging in the environment.

The guide dedicated to the Endemic Fauna of Monster Hunter Rise is over, if you need further advice on the game we refer you to our guides section. Instead, for more information on the title Capcom, our card dedicated to the game will be for you.

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