Among Us - Complete guide to actions to perform as a Crewmate

    Among Us - Complete guide to actions to perform as a Crewmate

    Among Us, a title that debuted in 2018 that has achieved tremendous success over the last month, puts players in the shoes of Crewmate and the impostors, members of a crew whose task is to survive, and the Imposters, the main danger formed by real player users. Most of the time you will find yourself filling the first role, as lobbies allow a maximum of 10 players with no more than 3 Imposters. So let's see what your chances will be while playing as Crewmate, analyzing all the actions you will be able to perform.

    To orient yourself in the game, you will have a convenient map indicating all the objectives that you will have to complete. These are rather simple mini-games that all Crewmates must complete in order to win the match in Among Us by filling up the Task bar. You can continue the process even if you die, which will allow you to increase the aforementioned bar upon its completion, as you will collaborate with the players still alive even if you will not have any way to communicate with them.

    For the rest, you will obviously have to look around carefully between one Task and another, trying to locate Impostors. In case you have any certainties or suspicions, you can go to the emergency button placed at the spawn of each game, which once pressed will convene an extraordinary meeting aimed at driving the alleged Impostors out of the game. You can also summon the latter after discovering a corpse in a room. The last task concerns instead of Extraordinary and urgent tasks, which are activated when the impostors sabotage some vital plants, and which must be completed as a group before the time runs out, beyond which the game will be automatically lost.

    Hoping that the guide has been useful to you, and that you are ready to fill the role of Crewmate in your games of Among Us, we particularly want to refer you to our specific section, where you can find further in-depth material on this and other titles.

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