Xiaomi Mi Band 4C could be the global version of Redmi Band

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Redmi band could arrive in Europe under the name of Xiaomi Mi Band 4C. While not yet official, some recently leaked clues online further reinforce this hypothesis.

It often happens that companies like Xiaomi also bring devices already launched in other markets to Europe changing the name (Xiaomi Mi CC9 came in as Mi 9 Lite). According to what was declared by Xiaomishka, a leaker of Russian origin, the new smartband of the Redmi brand could arrive in Europe as Mi Band 4C.

Il fifth model of the famous wearable device, which could make us wait a little longer, will perhaps be preceded by a variant with a very competitive price. As we had already reported, Redmi Band was launched in China with a price that corresponds to approx 12 / 13 euro. In the European market, the cost may be slightly higher.

The hypothesis that Xiaomi Mi Band 4C is a rebrand of Redmi Band is reinforced by two certifications, accompanied by the same model number (HMSH01GE) and the trade names of the two wearables.

As for the technical specifications, Redmi band presents a 1,08-inch color rectangular, Bluetooth 5.0, several preset activities and charging via USB cable.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the latest version of the smartband that has convinced many consumers, with a color AMOLED screen, is available for purchase on Amazon. You can find it at this address.

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