Would you buy a “Switch” with Snapdragon CPU and Android? Qualcomm thinks so

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It seems that Qualcomm is preparing to enter the fierce console market with a device that will directly collide with the Nintendo Switch. The device, whose images were previewed by the American colleagues of Android Police, would have many points in common with the portable console by Nintendo and would have some really interesting specs!

The details about this new portable console made by Qualcomm in person they are more than you might imagine, a sign that it shouldn't be long before launch. According to the source, the design of the console would closely resemble that of the famous handheld console from Nintendo, with gods separable joypads from the Joycon-style console body.

What remains of the console after separating the pads closely resembles a smartphone albeit definitely more bulky and thick. This decision, however, is motivated by a technical choice: Qualcomm believes that its SoCs can release considerably more power and be more efficient in this form-factor thanks to the greater ability to manage and dissipate the heat generated.

Qualcomm handheld console should use ua battery with a capacity of 6000mAh, which can be recharged via the door USB Type-C with proprietary Quick Quick Charge technology. The American company is expected to rely on a premium supplier in the world of controllers to design and manufacture the gamepads, although the source has not been able to verify the name of this supplier.

The size of the display is not yet confirmed, although the ever vigilant Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers claims it is a panel from 6,65 ″ diagonal.

The console shouldn't be dissimilar to ROG Phone 5 with Kunai 3 pad

The console will have available uno slot SD for memory expansion e it can be connected to an external display although it is currently unclear whether this is via the same charging port or a dedicated mini HDMI port.

Android 12 with a custom launcher it will be the operating system and will have full support for the suite of apps and Google Play services. Qualcomm currently also hopes to support theEpic Games Store on their laptop at launch, which means the long-awaited Android app may finally be close to release. The American company also has plans to build its own exclusive content portal.

It is unclear whether Qualcomm also plans to announce partnerships with companies engaged in streaming gaming cloud services such as Stadia o GeForce NOW, however, being Android I doubt there could be any limitations in the installation and use of these apps.

The launch would be scheduled for the first months of 2022, this could mean that it would find a place on board the console the next generation high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. Being Qualcomm, obviously there will be the possibility to connect to the internet through the 5G networks, although apparently the company seems to want to use the now well-known modem Snapdragon X55 which is not the most recent announced by the brand.

The price Qualcomm is aiming for for the console would be about 300 dollars, although it has not yet been confirmed whether that figure could include separable joycons and 5G connectivity or if these are components that can be purchased at an extra price.

Speaking of sales volumes, Qualcomm would have no illusions of surpassing Nintendo: the company's expectations are not of immediate commercial success. Rather, Qualcomm hopes to inspire its partners to explore new form-factors as the line between "mobile" and "console" gaming is increasingly blurred.

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