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    What is a QR code, what it is used for and how it works

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    Il QR code also called as QR code for some years he has entered with arrogance on every purchased object, from book covers, to the various product packaging, to the car doors of the painters. A simple barcode that has truly spread to every product or service purchased, but what is the QR code and why is it so widespread?

    What is the QR code?

    QR code is an abbreviation for QuickResponse Code, a two-dimensional coding system created by the Japanese Denso Wave in 1994. The system composed of a matrix of small black modules arranged inside a square, allows you to store any type of information, data that can be encoded through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

    There are several applications that allow you to read QR codes, in fact, it is enough to have a smartphone or tablet and a program suitable for reading the code. Simply approaching the electronic device by framing the QR code, and waiting a few seconds, it is possible to decode the information contained in the QR code.

    QR codes can also contain videos, links to web pages, images, and to read this information simply download one of the different applications on the Store Google Play.

    In addition to the applications that allow you to read all QR codes that we find in every product or service, it is possible to create new ones easily. The creation of this type of two-dimensional codes is really within everyone's reach, just find a program that can generate the QR code with the url of your site, but also of the fan page, or even with the phone number or your own mail.

    One of the most popular sites for creating QR codes is Shopify, which only after entering a few data on the site allows you to easily generate and for free a QR code that you can use with peace of mind, whether to track an inventory or to create IDs for documents and products.

    In fact, just follow the three steps carefully to generate QR codes. In the first phase you will be asked to enter your email address, while in the second phase you will have to indicate the type of data or if the site URL, telephone number, SMS or normal text, and finally in the last phase you will have to indicate the content for thus create the personalized QR code.

    Why is the QR code a marketing strategy?

    After having explained thoroughly what is Qr code, how it works, how it lends itself to various uses to convey all the information, it is essential to try to explain in what its innovation is achieved and why it can help to increase the advertising of a company.

    La QR code technology makes it possible to create a sort of bridge between online and offline communication. Usually when users surf the net using the various hyperlinks they create a sort of information track, expanding their web experience indefinitely, a type of interaction that in a certain way is also reproduced through the technology of QR codes.

    And it is precisely this mechanism that is reproduced by the QR code that is the basis of its success, that is the possibility of offering users a specific content to a specific target, as well as the opportunity to contextualize the product but directly by creating a link that comes closest with i new consumers of the digital age.

    The use of the QR code has absolutely no constraints or limits, as it is possible by scanning a QR code to collect useful information on a specific product, to be able to view a website, but also used for advertising, promotion, or for promotional coupons.

    Various magazines allow the reader to be able to enjoy some added value content with respect to certain services, and certainly the advertising in the press uses the QR code in a rather widespread way that framing it conveys the reader directly to the site where it will also be possible to view various additional contents, or perhaps participate in forums and competitions.

    The use of the QR code represents for the user an absolutely new, dynamic but above all interactive experience, which guarantees ease and immediacy to be able to access a site, or simply find information on a product.

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