Timothy and the Mysterious Forest PS4 review: memory in a few bits

I missed the difficulty. I really missed him.

Kibou Entertainment's work, Timothy and the Mysterious Forest, just came out on consoles. I have tried the PS4 version, but being a 1: 1 port there shouldn't be very big differences in the Switch version, if not one, in my opinion, greater convenience for the user in case you decide to buy the title on the Nintendo console.

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I want to make a premise before starting with the review. An important and very personal premise. I am a hardcore gamer. I don't have a sense of proportion when it comes to managing the difficulty. I shoot everything to the max from the first moment because that's how I feel comfortable. However, I am not a fool and I swear to you that I have been thinking for days about this review and how to adapt what may please me, to those who are less sadistic. Timothy and the Mysterius Forest it's a tough game (not artificially), frustrating and incomprehensible some times. Especially for some design choices that are brilliant for me, but which are very far from what we are used to. So, I invite you to read this review while always keeping in mind what kind of person is writing this piece. Having said that, I let you savor the excellent quality of the OST of this title.

François Sivignon · [OST] Timothy And the Mysterious Forest


Memorize. In Timothy and the Mysterious Forest the key to winning is memorization. Maps, enemy movements, texts, objects. All. Whether it's muscle memory or not, everything has to be memorized if you don't want to smash the gamepad against a wall.


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Let's start with the enemies. As I told you earlier, the difficulty in Timothy it is not an artificial difficulty. Simply put, you have no enemies with out-of-scale damage output or unreadable patterns. In Timothy everything will shot you with one shot and everything you will shot with one shot (bosses excluded). Virtually damage communism. “Eh but that's unfair! I am used to having one hundred and fourteen million lives! How will I do my lady. " Impic ... Um, is a question that I asked myself too. My first death was a shock.

I was used to testing patterns, even the extremely legible ones like in this case, before really tackling the area. So when I died with a blow I was dumbfounded for a moment, I picked up the phone and wrote to a friend to make a local mind. After a lonely chat because I have some very dear friends, I said to myself “It's not the game that is at fault, it's me who forgot that once these were the games I ate for hours”. I then picked up the gamepad and I have perfectly memorized the pattern of every single enemy in every single area of ​​the game. So much to never go wrong. And I must tell you that I felt fulfilled like never before.

Places, dialogues and writings

Always remaining on the subject of memorization, the places (which we will see later) must be perfectly memorized especially the dialogues and the writings. This game is chock full of quotes and advice from NPCs or cartels. Nothing, I swear to you nothing is left to chance. If you think and memorize you might as well never die at the first run. Don't be fooled by the apparent difficulty, it is not a trial and error. The game if you are careful is easy. Everything is where it needs to be and everything is memorable. It's a small, short, unassuming game out of scale, then must be gutted to the core. If you do, I assure you that not only will it be an exceptional gym for your memory, but you will find yourself doing other complete runs in peace, watching a video on youtube, or, like me, working on some episode of some high-sounding podcast.

Like in the old games: play and replay for the sheer sake of improving yourself


Explore. The second key to winning in Timothy and the Mysterious Forest is exploration. We don't have any actual checkpoints in the game. In certain places on the map we will have save points. Upon death, the last saved save will be reloaded. So if you have passed an area or collected objects without saving, you will end up back to back.

Objects and Setting

Damnatio Spine: I hate thorns or traps set in video games. I hate them. They are the leading cause of death in video games. In the fury of battle you don't see them and even if you're not in battle they have a pattern that is either too fast or too random to even be guessed at. This is why I go into ecstasy when I see well-made thorns.

For this to memorize and explore. Memorization will help you not die as much you will go through the same areas several times (and you will, I assure you), exploration will help you find all the cool stuff (including secrets, some of which will make your life a lot easier) and will allow you to go without fail when you have to return to bring an object or unlock an area previously inaccessible.

But now let's get to the cool part because that's what interests me the most: the setting. God, you have to explore because the setting is minimal yes, but cool. I am broke from seeing huge and empty maps. Broken. In Timothy and the Mysterious Forest I found some small but very detailed maps. I loved them. Each texture suggested something to me, each shrub a gameplay mechanic. There are the "hated thorns" (read the side discussion please) understandable in a swamp. There are basically some climbing and woody plants coming out of the slime. Some are without thorns, so you can go there without any problems. Others don't. I didn't notice it at the beginning and I didn't understand why I always died there.

Then I waited a few seconds. In rhythm with the footsteps these chubby thorns came out of the holes in the wood, and that's where I screamed. Literally. Ah yes, all done in three colors. Three: Dark green, light green and white. that's enough. Three colors, great.

Lots of details, few colors and Timothy and the Mysterious Forest does the magic


Conclude. The third key to Timothy and the Mysterious Forest is the conclusion. Three to be precise. The game has indeed three endings and if you are as stupid as me, you will have to start a second run for unlock the secret one. So even for the conclusion you need memory and exploration, otherwise it will take you hours to go back to the end and discover the whole story.

With this third part comes the conclusion of this review by Timothy and the Mysterious Forest. The game lasts approximately 6 hours. It's not a title with who knows what claims, so it does what it has to do: amuse. Of course, I have a visceral hatred of dualshock 4 and would have preferred it on the Switch. But net of some lag in the menu and what it is evidently a design error on the final boss porting to Sony consoles(which for some reason has a shorter hit window and dies in one fell swoop, when internet videos of the PC version prove otherwise), the title is a unique and fulfilling experience that I highly recommend to anyone.

Especially if, like me, you need constant challenge, moment by moment.

Rating and Price 8/10 8 € / 8 € Comment Timothy and the Mysterious Forest is a short and funny title. It remembers the old titles for GBA and harks back to those mechanics and that mentality. So a title that we may not be used to and that could be frustrating and difficult if you don't pay attention. I highly recommend it, but as I wrote at the beginning of the article, I love these games and I might not calibrate my experience or my perception on someone less used to such titles. Pros and cons Musica
Level Design
The secrets x Some graphics bugs
x An error porting to PS4
x Menu that lags

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