TikTok, more remote control for parents and messages only for over 16s

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The subject of privacy and security is always very hot, especially when it comes to applications widely used by children and adolescents. After being fined 5,7 million for violating children's privacy rights, TikTok has released a feature that gives parents more control over their children's accounts.

It is called Family Pairing and allows parents to remotely connect to their children's profiles and disable the reception of messages, set usage time limits and enable the so-called "limited content" mode to hide content that may be inappropriate. In short, it is a function that further enhances the Family Safety Mode announced a few months ago.

The big difference is that Family Pairing it does not require physical access to the device which - on the contrary - can be managed remotely. For pairing, children must accept the link from their parents who - in turn - will have to scan the QR code in the digital wellness section of the account they intend to check. The boys still have the option to disable the feature, but in this case the parent will receive a notification and can always request the connection remotely.

Finally, TikTok is introducing another novelty aimed at younger users. Starting from April 30, the exchange of messages can only take place between young people with an age greater than 16 years. All this with a view to avoiding and countering any improper use of the instrument.

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