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How far can you go in a video game? What is the narrative limit that cannot be crossed? Which topics are taboo and which can be discussed without disturbing the players? Probably the answer to each of these questions is subjective, but the university teacher Luca Dalcò, founder of the LKA team, try to show us his point of view with The Town of Light. We managed, fortunately, to put our hands on a first version of the title and, after having spent our dose of hours in the psychiatric hospital of Volterra, we are ready to tell you about it in our preview. Are you ready? Finally, we remind you that the title will be available on Steam starting February 26, 2016.

The real crazy aren't in the asylum, they're out there!
The Town of Light story is a straight punch to the stomach

We make it clear right away: the main element of The Town of Light is the storytelling. The story follows the story of Kidney, a young girl who is interned in the asylum of Volterra. Through a clever use of flashbacks and flashforwards (narrative method that allows leaps back and forth in time) we will relive the adventures (and misadventures) of Renè, in a story that we are sure will remain etched in the mind of any type of gamer. We warn you: the arguments are very strong (there is also talk of child abuse), but we would like to emphasize how they are treated with extreme skill, elegance and without ever falling into the vulgar. We were seriously impressed by the history of The Town of Light and we can venture to say that it is one of the titles with the best storytelling ever seen to date. Thanks to a sublime directionFurthermore, we can relive some moments of Renè's madness and the developers have managed to make us understand his moods to perfection. If you then add that the intermission films are composed of a series of drawings in a grotesque style, you will understand that the artistic level of this title proves to be among the most interesting in recent years and certainly at the top in terms of excellence.


A nightmare journey
The Town of Light gameplay is obviously developed in function of the narrative

Il gameplay di The Town of Light it is obviously developed in function of the narrative. We will therefore be faced with a title in first person which has the sole purpose of leading us through the memories of the young René. There are no puzzles to solve and there are no enemies to face. Obviously this is not a title dedicated to lovers of particularly elaborate gameplay, but in any case we would like to recommend the work of the LKA to any person with a computer, having seen his strong message and the skill with which it was "communicated". We would like to highlight, however, how i movements of the protagonist sometimes appear woody (especially in the scenes where we will have to push a wheelchair) and how the use of the controller has not yet been properly implemented within the title. We tried to connect an Xbox One pad, but even with the sensitivity at maximum, we could not look around with the necessary speed, making us prefer in a short time to use the classic mouse + keyboard. However, given the non-definitive nature of the title, we are sure that these are systemable elements.


Madness is in the eye of the beholder
The Town of Light soundtrack is something extremely unique and poetic

Technically The Town of Light offers ups and downs. Starting from the "negative" aspects we can highlight how, even with a moderately powerful PC (i7, 8GB of RAM and 4GB of video card) the title is playable only at "medium" quality, while if you try to raise the bar slightly we are faced with heavy frame drops and continuous slowdowns. In any case, even at not very high visual levels, the work of the LKA guys proves to be more pleasant to see, with good polygonal models and most importantly with excellent animations of the hands of the protagonist, able to immerse ourselves more in the game world. The music is simply impeccable who, from the first minute of the game, have been able to kidnap and conquer us, “forcing us” to remain still even just to listen to a few more notes. The dubbing is also fabulous which, on more than one occasion, has managed to emerge and get noticed within the production. We regret not being able to try everything even with an Oculus VR, but we are sure that it can contribute more to getting the player into the game world.

Comment The Town of Light is a title that has been able to surprise us from several points of view. Although it is not yet a finished product, it is clear the care that the developers have used in every single detail and, waiting for a definitive version arriving at the end of the month, we can only invite all gamers to pay attention to this title. because we are sure it will be one of the most interesting productions of this beginning of 2016. Pros and Cons Adult themes, treated with care
Unique atmosphere
Stratospheric sound x Still slightly woody gameplay
x Poor graphics optimization

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